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reFOCUS is a support and referral network for former members of closed, high demand groups, relationships or cults. You will find some excellent articles on recovery on our web site: http://www.refocus.org and we offer a *free* internet newsletter on recovery ... to request a subscription: refocuscarol@att.net
Your web site is excellent. After you check out our web site, I would request that you link to us.
Thank you!
Carol Giambalvo
President, reFOCUS

Re: Recovery

Thank you Carol - I feel I am doing ok but every so often I feel confused and disoriented - I am a person who doesn't get depressed easily and can get out of sad moods quickly but I am having a little trouble doing that after the retreat. Even my passion that gives me so much joy doesn't seem to work - it seems as though my deep passionate feelings are somewhere out there and not in me - I want that back. I will go to the site you mentioned. Thanks again and also to all the wonderful people on this site.

Re: Recovery

Welcome Carol Giambalvo and Marching on within,

Thank you for your encouragement.

I finally had some time to check out the website
www.refocus.com... Thank you so much Carol for an excellent resource and support website that encompasses some of the broader issues of abusive and controlling organizations in our society. I noticed you provide some support locations in the USA,Australia and Sweden that are open not only to former members of cults but to families of cult members.


Re: Recovery (and links)


Thanks for taking the time to post here at EMF, especially with such helpful information. I've taken some time to list some of the highlights of your website for our readers' convenience.

There is some excellent educational information there!

Biderman's Chart of Coercion

Post Cult Trauma Syndrome

Characteristics of a Destructive Cult

The Conversion Process

Dr. Margaret Singer’s List of Thought Reform

Dr. Robert J. Lifton's Criteria for Thought Reform

Having Healthy BOUNDARIES

Articles & Essays