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Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

I am amazed at the emphasis RSE puts on finding one's card on the field, and the huge amount of time that RSE students spend on this. This is an easy thing that anyone can do without getting into an altered state.

It's common knowledge in metaphysics that a thin strand of energy runs between us and every person, animal, object, or place that we feel connected to. I'm not sure I remember how to spell it, but I'll spell it as an acacord. I've even heard Oprah mention it, so it's getting out into the mainstream.

In the late 1970s, before I ever heard of Ramtha, I studied at a metaphysical school in Chicago called Arche International (which, by the way, had a definite set number of classes, and then you graduated--they didn't want followers). They taught us how to find lost objects by following the acacord. For example, the other students would sit in a circle and I would give them something of mine such as my housekey. Then I'd leave the room and one of the students would pocket the key. I'd return to the room and feel pulled by the acacord, and go right up to the person who had my key.

By the way, Arche taught us psychic development so we wouldn't get all mystical about it and so we could use it for practical purposes. As part of this, they taught us how to take our consciousness to another location so that, for example, a parent away from home could check on their children.

Arche also taught us in pairs to "read" images we received from our partners, another thing they taught long before RSE began. I once did this with a partner I didn't know at all, and I saw in great detail an entire situation that they had gone through. I saw their house, the detailed layout of their land, their children playing on a swingset, and I saw them run out and grab their children when a tornado came near their house. Everything I saw had happened just as I described it!

None of what we did entailed special breathing or getting into an altered state. Arche taught us that psychic (the term used back then) development wasn't that big of a deal, and that after the psychic abilities develop, come spiritual "gifts" that are much more worthy of developing. If you see my post on Mind Sight, it sounds like Hopkins had spontaneously developed some of those spiritual gifts.

Here are 2 real-life examples of how I've used this without ever learning it at RSE.

1) I was caring for a friend's cows while he was away. While the cows were out in the pasture, I dropped a large, sharp knife somewhere on the muddy floor of the barn. I had to find the knife before the cows came into the barn. I looked everywhere...no success...then I closed my eyes, let myself feel the pull of the energy between me and the knife, opened my eyes, and walked right up to the knife. At the time I did this, I'd left RSE already and didn't know RSE students were learning to find cards.

2) Several years had passed since I'd lent a small envelope of photos to my mom, and now I needed them back. She's the Packrat Queen, with piles of papers stacked 4 or more feet high all over her bedroom, which doubles as her office. All she could tell me was that the photos were somewhere in that room. I stood at the doorway, closed my eyes, felt the pull of the energy cord, walked right up to one tall stack, put my hand right in the middle of the stack where I felt the pull, and drew out the envelope of photos.

It took me a series of about 6 classes--each just a couple of hours--to learn to do all this, not years and thousands of dollars.

By the way, the best book I've ever found for demystifying intuition is Cracking the Intuition Code by my friend Gail Ferguson. She approaches intuition as just another one of the senses that we all have. Most of us don't pay attention to all the information we get using our intuitive sense, so her book has lot of examples of the different forms that intuition can take. Gail's success rate is so high that her approach is known as the Ferguson technique in Europe, and she gets called by police departments and government officials from around the world when a plane goes down somewhere, or a person is missing. I've never heard of any RSE student who has developed their abilities to that level.

The RSE students I know, who have spent years and thousands of dollars finding their cards on those fences, are still living in lack. Maybe on a subconscious level, they know that they are not supposed to develop abilities greater than JZ?

More to the point, the earlier years of Ramtha's teaching were about getting us to look at ourselves and others and to "behold God." There was no focus on abilities or manifesting. When it came to past-life experiences, Ramtha said "look but don't stare." (I'm getting into the realm of my other thread on Early Ramtha vs. Current Ramtha, so I'll stop for now.)

I hope this thread is of some value to this site.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

THANK YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

thank you so much for your post - and thanks for sharing - I will check out your friends book "Cracking the Intuition Code" - I sometimes do that focusing and find things but don't realy know how I am doing it.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

forgive me, I do not wish to find a card, nor do I want to pay to do so. I really enjoyed your post, and would like to share 2 seperate live saving experiences I have had, due to INTUITION.

Most recent: I was digging holes, at a neighbors planting 15 trees. Had 8 out of 15 in, when I noticed a few yellow jackets bussing around. Didn't think much about it, even though I am stamatically allergic to bees. With out warning, a voice in my head, said: calmly walk away. When this clear voice comes out of no where, you tend to listen without thinking. I layed down my tools, and calmly walked up the driveway about 25 yards. As I was going up the driveway, I was thinking, what am i doing? then the voice, and I turned and looked were I was working seconds before, only to see a 8' by 8' wall of bees, right above were I was digging. I could not begin to explain the emotions I was feeling. Forever Will Listen to My Inner Voice. FYI! their was a ground nest, there for about 3 years.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

I am pretty sure I read Gails book a few years ago, or she may have another one because the title doesn't ring a bell. Either way the book I read, that I believe was hers, was great. It gave detailed exercises, simple ones that you could do daily to hone in your intitive sense.
What I remember most about it was that the most important aspect of the whole thing revolves around trust. Trusting yourself.
I like the strand of energy running between everything idea, our "grid" so-to-speak. And if there are "strands" between us and say... our lost set of keys, there surely is a strong strand between us and our God. Trust.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

I was at a New Agey conference here in Los Angeles, JZ was there as well as the rest of the what the bleep crew ( along with Dr Alpert who told his story of having been duped and misrepresented and explained Why according to QM we do not create our own reality.
In any case, when JZ spoke she orchestrated partnering up with another and the first time sending and retriving one way then the other.

When I was sending to my partner, I had drawn a picture of a dog. She drew a house.

When she was sending to me she drew a dog, I drew a cup-cake.

When she saw that we had both drawn a dog she got very excite. I said, but not at the time either of us were supposed to get it. Guess what, she came out with some time line crap and how it was just out of sync.

JZ asked every one to bring their pictures up and they were displayed on the stage. There were approximately 80 people and many cards had the some object on them (when I say many, I mean as many might be expected) 80-90% of the pictures fell within a group of 12 items, house, flower, butterfly, plane, dog, sun, ocean, tree, etc..
Jz knows this from her many events, she knows it is not the "remote viewing, but the odds of getting a match yet she would never have the truth act.

Those in school may have even higher odds to get matches. Not that they are remote viewing but that they have had the importance of certain things implanted at different times. The void, the triangles etc.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Thank-you thank-you for this post. THIS is what Im talking about.

I am eyes wide open now!!

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

>Thank-you thank-you for this post. THIS is what Im talking about. <

I agree. Just stating the facts of what we know and have experienced with RSE speaks for itself. Between us we could probably write a voluminous book, and each take one chapter and author it.

Oh, the Tangled Web ...

GREAT posts, and I wish I could stay awake to post more, but I'm fading..... 2:30 a.m.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Farm girl, thanks for such a dramatic example of intuition! Three times in my life I heard an inner voice so "loud" that I looked around to see who had spoken. Two of those experiences changed my life's direction. All three instances happened before RSE became a school.

You said you had 2 examples...I'd love to hear the second one.

Now, as to the people at the Bleep conference who rationalized that they had succeeded at JZ's exercise of sending and receiving because both of them drew a dog...

SO MUCH RATIONALIZATION GOES ON AMONG RSE STUDENTS! HERE'S AN EXAMPLE: Back in the late 1980s, when "Ramtha" had us do our first exercise at manifesting gold in our hand, we were just opening our eyes after the exercise when a dear friend of mine sitting next to me excitedly told me, "Look, look!" She was pointing right in front of her, at a small round circle of thin plastic, like a large hole that had been punched out of a clear plastic bag. She picked it up off the ground and said, "See what I manifested!" She felt she was on her way at manifesting gold in her hand because of this piece of debris that she wouldn't have had any reason to notice before the exercise began. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN IN RSE FROM THE LATE 1980s THROUGH TO TODAY, AND NOT ONE OF THOSE I KNOW HAVE EVER MANIFESTED EVEN A PENNY MATERIALIZING IN THEIR HAND, LET ALONE A GOLD COIN.

Every human being manifests through thought and emotion and action, and every person can develop their intuitive sense just as we all can develop our hearing, touch, etc. But when RSE presents these things as secret teachings and when RSE students have spent so much time and money doing their disciplines, it can be hard for them to admit that the abilities they've developed aren't any more powerful than those displayed by those not involved in the teachings. Why hard to admit? Because RSE teaches its students to turn off the natural inclination of the mind to ask questions. NEVER DOUBT is the motto, even when doubt is their common-sense reasoning saying, "Something doesn't feel right," "Something doesn't add up," or "That's a contradiction!"

I have no doubt that some RSE students become quite adept at finding lots of cards, or performing in blindfolded archery, etc. But when Farm Girl's inner voice saved her life, now THAT was impressive... and we ALL have that voice, we all have intuition. JZ can't copyright or trademark it, and it doesn't take years and thousands of dollars to benefit from it. Just pay attention to it, as Farm Girl did... that's the SECRET!

Oh, I just love sharing stories about intuition! I know that isn't the purpose of this website, but if anyone ever wants to get together and swap stories, that would be fun!

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??


Thank you for mentioning, that Intuition is Free.
Important Information. ps. i like intuition stories

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Hi Farm Girl,
I'd like to hear your 2nd story when you get a chance to write.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

One-2nd Intuition story: 12 years ago, I was driving at night, in a rain and wind storm along Lake Cresent.I was tired and just wanted to get to Port Angeles and my hotel room. In a hurry going about 45 mph, when I should have been traveling about 25, per weather conditions, I heard a male voice coming from the crew cab of my pick-up say, slow down! Well 12 years ago, I did not listen to anyone, so I shook off the voice. Again, the voice slow down, only a little louder than the first time, shook off the voice and started going faster, I guess I was freaked out The 3rd time the voice screamed at me SLOW DOWN! I actually turned my hear toward the crew cab, and said ALLRIGHT ALREADY! and started pumping the brake. As I slowed to about 25mph, I saw a HUGE GREEN THING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, STILL RECOILING from the fall.

What was it? Only a huge old growth tree, that had blown down right in front of me, as big around as my truck. So freaked out from the voice, that I thought someone was going to ambush me, this all happened so fast, I did not know what to think. I jumped out of my truck to get a better look. The tree got caught by another tree on the other side of the road, and way hanging there. I wanted OUT, so I pulled the small branches to clear the other lane, so I could go under the tree. yes, I hit the gas, and prayed the tree would hold just till I cleared. The tree held, and i raced on to my hotel room, took hours to process what had happened. Inner voice I LOVE YOU

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Nice post, Farm Girl!

Since we just had Valentine's Day, here's one that happened to my friend Joe. It was registration day at a large university in a major U.S. city, and he was in a huge room filled with other first-year students. He looked across the room at a woman standing WITH HER BACK TO HIM, and he knew immediately that this was the woman he would marry. There was just that instant recognition. They have been happily married more than 30 years now.

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??


I have a similar story to share to the one you just posted. I was with my boyfriend (at that time), in the mall. We stopped at a store where another guy was working, that I had recently met. I still remember that day. I brought boyfriend to meet this other guy ... from a distance ... and I told boyfriend (ouch) that I was going to marry him.....not boyfriend/him.......the OTHER him. And I did. It may sound mean, but it wasn't. We were pretty much done, anyway. I knew when I was introduced to hubby, that he was the one. He had the same reaction.

We were very young, and everyone said it would never last. Well, we have our days, you know, LOL !!!! But despite the naysayers, we also just celebrated MANY years of marriage a few weeks ago.

What is this force that drives these things ? What is the force that drives mother's intuition ? Or anyone's ?

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Sorry....I have gotten far off topic. Let me address the thread topic with my two cents...

"Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??"

Simply put, NO.
Not only is it not worth it, it's not NECESSARY for growing wise. LIVING life is.

(Hey Joe, how's the snow ? In email from a friend in Maine, she said she has it halfway up her windows !)

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

the black and blue college should be thankful the retreat in not in Maine!!!!! or upstate New York

Re: Is finding one's card worth years and $$$$??

Why not just go camping for 2 weeks alone with no one and save your money.

I would say you will know more about self alone then with a big group at the Ram's Villa.