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The Path

Ramtha: "THE path is the path that brings you joy."
Joseph Campbell - "Follow your bliss".
Campbell was not very well known in the general public when Judy started dancing as Ramtha.
In the 'early days' 'til '89 all that we accomplished, all that brought us joy was to be attributed to God, not our ego/higher self/enlightened self or even christed self - but to the God within.

Re: The Path

And So Be That!
I like hearing about the "early days" as it seems that was more in keeping with what I had hoped it would be like when I packed up and moved my whole kit-&-Kaboodle here to Yelm.
Now, "The Path" of Bliss and Joy is calling us back Home(in more ways than one!). I am so grateful for this opportunity to have come full circle with the school, and grateful we came here because without the "total" experience I wouldn't have gotton the "total" picture!
It's soooo COOL when I allow it to unfold!

Re: The Path

point of clarification, Grace - Joseph Campbell is, and was, very well known as a respected academic in the early JZ years. What a shame more people outside academia didn't read his anthropological insights before joining rse - they might have realized how much of judy's work was copied from other sources and saved themselves and their families a lot of pain and money. The message is good; the messenger often is not. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Re: The Path

YES! I had read tons of stuff by many others but didnt NOTICE that Rams "stuff" just kind of follows everyone (elses) timeline, as in it comes out as a "teaching" AFTER someone (else) has published it. I thought it was great that RSE's teaching encompassed so many others too, of course also not noticing the strange dicotomies and descrepancies... until futher research of my own...
Great marketing technique though...

Re: The Path

yes, Maryann, Campbell was well known in academic circles. It was probably Bill Moyer that brought him to public attention. One of the regrets in my life was not going to Sarah Lawrence (isn't that where he taught?).
Thank you for participating here.