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The RSE Path into Duality and the Destruction of Happiness

The early teachings of Ramtha were to follow the path of joy. The correct individual path to follow was to take an opportunity if “something leaps out of your chest.” They were opportunities brought into fruition by concepts of enthusiasm that occupied the mind. It is a logical enough concept for what is life without personal happiness?

Prior to RSE my concepts of enthusiasm ALWAYS were bought into fruition. The promises made by RSE that got me there….such as ceasing aging, never being diseased or unwell again, regenerating limbs or body parts, getting younger instead of older and never having financial restrictions again have never come into fruition.

In my own case RSE completely destroyed my former life that was reasonably happy.

I have observed it has destroyed plenty of others. I personally know people who no longer have their own homes. In some cases they no longer have a car and in other cases their education is minimal as they were housewives prior to attending RSE and they have no finances to get any additional training.

Many, including myself no longer have access to the former preferred employment that brought the most happiness taking into account that the unknown has not come into fruition. . JZ Knight herself is constantly giving a repetition of seminars and being a corporate executive…..hardly a life of the unknown.

My preferred occupation above all was my current life…..a fine wool merino farmer,
I did many other things such as propagating indigenous species of vegetation to revegetate the farm and then designing the shelter belts/wildlife corridors. I enjoyed mustering with my Border collie sheep dog. A good working dog was worth a man’s wages annually. I trained him and we both did an excellent job. I also grew our own food organically, milked the cow, assisted with cattlework (we had a few hundred Herefords) and other farm jobs.

Since my past was destroyed nothing of value has ever replaced it. I cannot labour in my preferred occupation because it needs a lot of assets to begin with. The promised Fabulous Wealth never arrives except for people who are in a high income occupations anyway. My expertise is many years experience in agricultural science, organic growing, environmental science and formal qualifications in Horticulture.

There is plenty of work available for this kind of expertise but very little money to pay for it. I can work in government owned wilderness areas. It is a secondary choice in the absence of assets. Rangers these days rely almost completely on volunteer labour as the government will not give them funding. They would love to have my 30 years of expertise available to them at no cost to them but considerable travelling costs to me.

Graduates of environmental science in this country in general cannot find paid work. There are too many graduates for the positions available. Work in the agricultural sector in this country is very low paid and generally not available. Farmers would love to employ people but they cannot afford it. The horticultural sector likewise has in general very low paid, unskilled occupations unless you are the manager of the business, which requires a lot of assets. The long -term drought in this country has also affected positions available.

Most of inhabitants of Australia live in the city. It is a country almost the size of the USA but with only about 22 million inhabitants. Labour in rural areas is hard to get as a rule and what available is usually far less pay than in the city. Ramtha stated to the Australian audience to go “behind the mountains that are blue. ” I lived in this area for a couple of years. Some of the locals travel 3 1/2 hours to Sydney for work as very little is available locally. They then have a temporary residence for the working week and come home to their wife on weekends.

I went to the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service for a while to see if they could find me employment….any sort of employment. They could not. (This is after having learnt the art of manifestation and having been a student of RSE for over 10 years)
I found out that skilled people who have not been in their qualified employment for a while cannot reenter the workforce easily as they lack up to date experience and there is too much competition for them to be preferred for employment. This is relevant because I know of cases where people have moved to Yelm and cannot engage their preferred occupation as they are there unlawfully. If they went back to Australia it is unlikely they would find a job.

The early teachings were, “Do what makes you happy and you will never have a problem with gold ever.” Wonderful teaching that does not take into account the enormous differences in the pay structure for different occupations. The reality is most students “manifest” through their occupation.

It is thoroughly irresponsible for RSE to give forth international education without having any idea whatsoever of the labor market in those countries.

The RSE administration ASSUMES that Ramtha's teachings at the very least provide employment for people. They do not. Their occupation of assimilating people all over the world provides sufficient finances for THEM and likewise foreign assimilators get reasonable renumeration.

The address of “do whatever it takes” Has thrust large numbers of students into a dualistic prison. To take an opportunity of child care when your heart is in astrophysics is to live in a duality. One is supposed to “follow” one’s heart. It is logical to live a happy life according to one’s own vision. Ramtha’s address of “do whatever it takes” has resulted in the destruction of many lives and the loss of objective vision in the student body.

There is no interest in the occupation that many have had to take as a product of RSE. Many people in the Yelm area are not engaged in employment that makes them happy. They are just hanging out for “one fine morn” when they will no longer be a prisoner and a slave........

It is a life not well lived but rather subverted by insidiousness on the podium. The address delivered of “have a light heart” and “life is a gift” kicks the reasoning process in and students gain comfort in thinking they are “learning” something. All the while inside they are very unhappy.

The concepts of enthusiasm that occupy the mind in the arena vanish into the ethers when one walks out the door.

The finances to get back on the right path for personal preference are not even available for many because the promised abundance never comes into fruition. The only place it comes to fruition with any consistency is in the RSE coffers.

Perhaps like the conqueror of old who bust open the granaries of Atlatia the best avenue of joy is to bust open the RSE coffers.......my latest concept of enthusiasm that occupies the mind......


Re: The RSE Path into Duality and the Destruction of Happiness

Right on, Christel.

I'd like to add that the teachings repeatedly, for years on end, told students that they should be willing to give it all up and to make the school and teachings "the number one thing in your life", no matter what. If anyone gave a student negative energy about being there, then get that person out of your life because they would never understand you or what you were doing because they were the ignorant swine; do not cast your pearls before them. Leave them. It's an alone journey, anyway.

Does this all sound like a familiar broken record playing in your head ?

This is the brainwashing that goes on at RSE. I know. I heard it. MANY times. Fortunately for me, my maternal instinct was so strong that I refused to leave my children. Instead, I would come home and blurt out everything to my family about what I learned. That's just me. I also addressed my DOUBTS with my family. That is what kept me from doing what many others did - left their families, their jobs, gave up all of their money........because.......WE WERE TOLD IT WAS A SEVEN YEAR SCHOOL TO ENLIGHTENMENT.

It's NOT. When 7 years came and went, "Ramtha" announced (yelling) to the students, who were wondering why we weren't at least christed beings by this 7th year, that we weren't good enough, so the school would go on indefinitely until we "got it".

I got it, JZ. I graduated. I'm FREE.

Re: The RSE Path into Duality and the Destruction of Happiness

Whatcha, Yes. It was supposed to be a seven year school. Ramtha also said you could CHANGE ANYTHING in your life you did not like or REVERSE ANYTHING if you did not like your decision.

I tried this. I made a card on reversing my personal situation as it was quite evident happiness was not in the "unknown" for me. I found the card. It did not work.

You were fortunate that you did not take the risk and leave your family like so many others. At least you have a life left. Your life is quite likely to have been very stressful had you done so.

Many previously married women have found it tremendously stressful to suddenly be cast into the work force....some without skills.....no longer in their youth. Others that have occupational skills have the burden of bills living on a single income and have to work harder, more hours just to cover the costs of living. Trying to raise children on top of it would be a disaster.

I have observed a lot of wasted lives...........

The clock ticks on with no enlightenment in sight.....

Empty words........

Re: The RSE Path into Duality and the Destruction of Happiness

Yes, that's true. We were told we could manifest ANYTHING. There were no strings attached to that.

Then in the last years...the teaching changed to say you cannot have anything. You can only have what you are frequency specific with.

Such nonsense. That basically translates into what has already been stated on this forum; everywhere you go, there you are.

So there is no sense walking the field for a gazillion hours trying to convince yourself that you are something you are NOT. It's only focus on something that you LACK. Duh.

I'm into living my life. I'm so done with giving my power away to some teaching that changes the rules in the middle of the game. I wish I had woken up earlier than I did, to the truth of the hypocrisy in it all. But, I didn't.

So JZ is so evolved now, that her dream is to become a billionaire. But it won't be with my financial contribution anymore. That's done.

Re: The RSE Path into Duality and the Destruction of Happiness

The Path of Joy is a personal thing not an outward thing.

You can BE in the presence of many things you do not agree with but Happiness and Joy... can still be present.

Happiness and Joy are INNER expressions... and STAND ALONE.. without the human personality.

Duality... has only to do with the Ego/Personality.