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RSE The Enlightened Reich?

It is essential to discuss what drew us into RSE.
What was the process and “seduction” that convinced us to suspend our disbelief?
and surrender our critical thinking minds along with our resources, the lives of our children,
and our hearts, into the hands of JZ Knight/RSEInc…that in my mind is
an affront to the very meaning enlightenment and spiritually.
What makes former RSE staff members remain silent when they know first hand the fraud of “Ramtha”
and the corruptions inside RSE?
What made us accept “Ramtha” as genuine and a spokesperson for our conscience?
What froze our hearts into silence and our minds into obedience when we joined the ranks of RSE masters believing we were destined to seed a new world order of healing and enlightenment?
Why would we accept being blindfolded “including the elderly” and run into each other from opposite sides of a field?
And even then.. not rip those blinders off and help those that were injured?
My point is………
We must look at the cause of the disease as much as its effects
if we are to heal from the RSE experience and protect our communities and planet
from predatory organizations.. be they government or religious.
I have no doubt that in a more enlightened society JZ Knight would be cared for in a mental hospital instead of being encouraged and revered.

I hope this thread will seriously discuss these issues…


Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

I believed the Fuhrer on stage was worthy of trust. I personally was absent during the truth teachings/ wine ceremonies and only found out the extent of the descent into the profane relatively recently.

The filth in language and thinking on this planet is everywhere. It is a culture of death. No intelligent thinking could conclude that it is enlightenment to support the downhill spiral by espousing filth in front of people of all ages and influencing children as a role model.

The Great Wise Educator used to say if it does not make you happy get rid of it. Either it makes a whole lot of people happy to observe the profanities issuing from Ramtha's mouth, or they are being thrust into a greater duality than they were in prior by putting up with listening to it.

In my observation students no longer understand to listen to their own opinion because the influence of the education confuses them sufficiently so they deny it.

I met a student who actually had a living arrangement that made them happy. They lived in the Yelm area part time. They went to an event and "had a profound realization" that what made them happy was a comfort zone. That is how far gone some of them are.

Life is about bringing concepts of enthusiasm that occupy the mind into fruition. This person had quite obviously brought about a suitable part time residence in the area. Their permanent reseidence was in another country.

An address to 1000 people is totally inappropriate unless it is individually clarified. People are making very poor, stupid choices in life becasue a mass delivery does not suit them. They then rely on equally confused peers for guidance and the primary educator is never available for personal assistance.

It is of little use to get any advice from the appointed incarnate teachers as two of them got the sack and the others cannot prove they undertand what is taught because the substantiation in their lives is absent.

The fuhrer has supremacists that apperently need to defend this obnoxious structure at all costs because the fuhrer himself is apparently unable to do it even though theoretically he has unlimited power.

The teacher and his militia are Masters of excuses. Perhaps some future generation will unearth the Sacred writings........

How to put people continuously in the past and get away with it.

Article 3005, subsection 43 excuse for earth changes not happening on time..........

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Perhaps the Sacred writings could be better titled:


(How to formulate excuses in order to manipulate people into thinking the teachings work )

Article 7, subsection 5 - When cards found on the namefield do not bring a material reality into fruition then tell the people that all you get for your effort is a two dimensional reality instead of the 3 dimensional one offered in the first place. The teachings are of course progressive and thus this essential piece of information(at $1000 USD per week)
was not "given" because the people were not ready to hear it. This convinces them to keep attending in order to get more when they are worthy of it.

Article 7, subsection 6 - When Grandmother's expertise on the field quite obviously does not create a beneficial material reality then it is convenient to accuse her of a criminal offence so that the student body will be unaware that in reality her adeptness does not create her life.

Atricle 7, subsection 8 - When Dr. Joe finds that lawful constructions on the planet override his education then it is best to make an example of him and tell everyone he has his own agenda against the organization. This of course implies that the rest of the student body is so pure that they find it objectionable and offensive and makes them convinced they are special. Thank God THEY understand the education.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Hi DAvid & All. I've delved deeply into myself & my mind to know why I suspended disbelief. For me the basis of it was formed as a small child. I lived with an abusive father, whose verbal & emotional abuse was a way of life. Another main influence was the CAtholic church. In learning what Bruce Lipton has taught, we are literally sponges & absorb this as children, with no ability to discern. Since abuse was a way of life, when I went into the operating room & experienced abuse from a number of surgeons, that was another form. My program from my mother was "just put up with it for the time your there", also from childhood, that of the martyr mentality. When I 1st made the decision to go to RSE, it was because when Ramtha told JZ in her kitchen "You be God; all be God", it spoke to me as truth. I saw the earlier Ramtha on the videos, one that was loving & kind. When I came into the school in Sept. 1989, the personality had already changed; the abusive being was at times showing its "ass". However, because abuse was an "expected way of life", I didn't realize that yelling & criticizing was verbal abuse. This was learned later, when I recognized it from listening to educational shows & books. I feel from myself & the friends I've had & met in RSE, most of them fit this; most came from abusive backgrounds & had some kind of abusive relationships. It was easy to suspend my disbelief when all I knew of God was what I was taught in the Catholic Church, which was extremely ignorant, & I felt disconnected from divine love.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Right on McMillan. It is also my suspicion that many involved at Judy's place have come from some sort of abusive background. Or -- one of the life lessons we share is how not to give up our power. Often our parents demonstrated that lesson for us.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

How wonderfully ODD! Just 2 nights ago a friend lent me a video copy of Trance Formation of America, listed the website for a link on another thread. Its unbelievably appalling, hard to watch and get thru. BUT after it was over, as it brought up ALOT of my old "issues", I was talking with my partner and I thought...
What IS the common denominator between all the RSE "Masters" (that I have met or know) and the one thing that stuck out the most was EXACTLY what we are talking about here. ABUSE.
Why would we suspend belief? Why would we overlook so many decsrepancies? Why would we SO DEEPLY want to be told we are Gods and LOVED, yet not recognize that we are being treated not with love at all?(Unless we had a neronet running Love=Abuse, just like in the Bleep)
I was only in the school briefly compared to most of you, but man-o-man I can see the writing on the wall.
Of course I wanted to be part of a loud raccous, ROCKIN" group of Radical FEW!!! Of course I wanted to have a way to channel all that pent up energy and really MAKE STATEMENT with my life...
Rise UP out of the MIRE!!! And ASCEND!!!
Somewhere somehow we will find a way to access all the beautiful DYNAMIC energy we all have in our lovely souls, AND express it, in JOY. We just made another WRONG turn to believe that JZ, who is also in the same boat (by the way ), could "lead" us... she could only lead us as far as she herself has gone, which is obviously not as far as we had hoped.
At the last "event" we attended, it was a "teaching" by JZ (Fall 2006)and in the end of it she started talking about us all needing to deal with our childhood "issues", and I went WHOA!! Been there, done that.. but it sure made me wonder what I was doing in the arena, and what I was doing here in general. WHAT WAS I DOING???????????
Yes, I agree, many, most, maybe ALL of the RSE student body has come from an abusive background, and it's probably for certain that is why we choose to overlook all the abusiveness of the "teacher", once again HOPING we were wrong and this was Love afterall.
It wasnt.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Hi All: Hey, Dance..., you got it right on alright. Thanks for the connection Love=abuse; I hadn't made that connection clearly before. That made a clear picture for me to clarify this. Thanks Graced for your verification that those were also observations you made. There is a website I recommend for those still dealing with "stuff" that's unhealed. It's Gary Craig's, "Emotional Freedom Technique". The basis for this "energy psychology" technique is to think (not wallow in) about the issue or circumstance causing discomfort while gently tapping a sequential set of points on the meridians. He explains that when we've had an uncomfortable issue/trauma, that a meridian (electrical circuit)is tripped & shuts down causing the "negative emotion". The main thing is in chronic stress (that which goes on without relief for weeks, months, to years) will end up keeping the circuit tripped, never allowing it to reset itself to let electrical energy back in to that circuit & what it feeds. The process of thinking about the issue & tapping the points will cause the meridian, the electrical circuit, to open & relieve the stressed state. I've been working with many "spiritual" & psychological modalities for release for a number of years, & still the old anxieties wouldn't release. It makes sense that the new "energy psychology" techniques are accessing & changing these patterns better & quicker. I've been using this for about 2-1/2 wks. now & am feeling changes in my emotional & physical status. I don't know if I'll be able to change everything on my own with this, but it definitely is a useful tool. The basic manual is free to download from the website; his main idea is for as many people as possible to benefit & help themselves be "free" of unpleasant emotional baggage. Also, this can be used to enhance skills we want to: sports, confidence, etc. I was a nurse for 27 yrs., am a certified hypnotherapist; I've been questing for tools that are easy, simple, quick to change these parts of people's lives. I've continued to do a lot of reading, learning, etc. to continue to expand my understanding of the mind/body relationship, which will be an ongoing process in my life. Blessings to all of you! M.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Thanks M. McMillan. I just went to the website and ordered the free manual, looks like a nice program and like the people really want to assist others...

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

HI all,

In reading your post, in particular, you have pointed out how students are always blamed, and/or told, that they are the ones who have failed when the teachings don't work. Some of us have accepted that - for a time. No longer, of course.

But, my point is this; in psychology, there is a term called "blaming the victim". This is exactly the manipulative tactic that is used at RSE. If we are ALL to blame for our failings, then it also is true that we are ALL accountable for our actions/choices.

Unfortunately for JZ/RSE, that includes her. They cannot rightly "blame the victim/student" for the failings of the teacher. If the teacher cannot/does not get the teaching across, it's time to look in the mirror, and nowhere else.

The problem is that, in arriving at these conclusions that the teachings don't work, "Ramtha" fans the flames of "blame the victim" psychology that motivates those who deny any social responsibility for them not working; namely JZ and "himself".

As long as the students are lacking in self-worth, self-esteem, and the lack of belief that they are DUE accountability, this will continue.

The students think they are free thinkers and open minded. But, they're not. They are tightly bound prisoners in the mind of RSE approved DOGMA.

The rest of us, get FREE ! We graduate.

Thank you for reading (insert humor)The World of RSE according to Whatchamacallit.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Thank you everyone for your posts and for keeping this thread on topic.
it would be interesting to know the percentage of RSE “students” who have been victims of childhood abuse? I was also terribly abused as a young boy, the details of which I will not going into now but.. childhood abuse especially of
JZ Knight is a key to understand the issues of accountability in RSE.
I agree with M. McMillan.."thank you for your post"..
Our ability to discern abuse from love has been severely compromised, with the doctrines of JZ Knight compounding the confusion and pain , it is interesting to observe that of all the abuses that are also called the “ Great initiate tests”..
not once did I observe “Ramtha” or Judith participating.. Except for Lording and scorning.. it over everybody else.
I will always put “Ramtha” in brackets to signify my belief that “he” is an extension of Judith's twisted and sick mind.
I titled this thread.. RSE The Enlightened Reich? Because so much of the abuse is accepted in the belief that some good will come of it, the humiliation and self-sacrifice part of the course. This aura of supernatural power is a something Judith knows well how manipulate to instill conformity and fear.
It saddens me is to watch hundreds of vibrant and sincere people arriving in Yelm for the latest event believing they have found a way to help themselves heal from the abuses they have also suffered, they believe they have found a place not only to heal themselves but also help put an end to the abuse by so-called humanity.
Soon there is little room for discernment of abuse with the so called "Great initiate test's" slowly eroding compassion and empathy and critical thinking..
to the point that even when an RSE student becomes very ill or injured,
the slogan “There are no victims in this world” adds poison to the wound,
the student is blamed for “Creating that reality”…
and viewed as collateral damage of The Great Work…
Old age is judged as an ugly disease, death being a failure of a human life.
When I question about student suicides I am blithely told they had a propensity for suicide before joining RSE, When I question the deaths of prominent students I am told they are now dancing with “Ramtha” on the 32nd Universe….or they have just reincarnated as Baby “Amaroosh” so and so..
Manifesting to become a billionaire is far more important... Just jump into that SUV and go shop in Bellevue..

To try and understand and discuss these critical questions it is vital to know this is not about blame and shame,
not even towards JZ Knight and her cohorts.
Undoubtedly there are has been severe abuse in RSE and it continues today, That people's lives are still being ruined in the name of Love and enlightenment.
Our reaching for accountability and healing will mean navigating through a minefield of anger, fear and blame, the only way to survive through to the other side is with compassion, honesty and love, the power of evil is held in its shadows, but seen in its true power.. is much like a frightened child…
Yet the child needs to know its boundaries and needs learn accountability for its actions...
and above all it needs to know it is loved.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

Great post David. I was not abused as a child or prior to RSE. I sought to rectify the things in my life that are not rectifiable by anyone.....perpetual good health, reversing aging, absence of death and living a miraculous life.

Obviously no one knows how to achieve that beyond a minimal degree so I believed Ramtha was a capable teacher who knew how to do it and to teach me. I did not think at the time that such an idea could be publicly presented and such sums of money taken if it was a fraud. Such people I thought would be behind bars. Living a reasonably remote existence in the bush amongst the kangaroos did not make me very streetwise.

My life had a reasonably happy prior to RSE. I was abused after attendance however it was not evident for quite some time to me because of all of the excuses supported by the fraternity who still come out with the line "The latest teachings are the best ever. They are the most advanced." This profound insight has occurred to many ever since the beginning.

Liars should be held accountable for the words they speak and the money they steal.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

"I did not think at the time that such an idea could be publicly presented and such sums of money taken if it was a fraud"

Also being amongst throngs of adoring “Ramtha” devotees who were well educated and seemingly “grounded”.. professional people… from every walks of society…
Doctors, Surgeons, Social workers, Priests, Artists, Teachers, PhD’s. everywhere..
psychologically this contributed in letting my guard down, and suspending disbelief..

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

"We should listen to the voice of conscience. It does not take nearly as much courage as one might think to admit to our mistakes and learn from them. Human beings are in this world to learn and to change themselves in learning.

Traudl Junge

Hitler's secretary.

Re: RSE The Enlightened Reich?

proof that truth exsists everywhere...