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The Teachings of Carlos. Video link

CARLOS… The “channel” created by James Randi


Or search Google video … Carlos and James Randi

Re: The Teachings of Carlos. Video link

thanks David, we just finished watching this. If I were an Aussie Id be proud to have this event happen in my country, kind of a "Prophectic" event in disquise. I wonder if it had any effect on RSE in Austrailia? anybody know?
At least they wre hoping that their media would pick up on it. In the good 'ol USA we know our media is already "bought" and it would go unmentioned.
Thanks again,Dance

Re: The Teachings of Carlos. Video link

I cannot watch it really well as I am on dial up and the video keeps stopping.

I am unaware if it has had any impact on RSE in Australia. I am not in contact with current students.
I would consider it unlikely.

Both Ramtha and Mafu have been on TV here. Mafu was on for an hour in the evening (prime time). This was about the early 90's. Jeff Knight was also on TV here.
Jeff's TV inteview did not appear to have any effect on RSE at all. he stated that RSE was a cult.

Amazing the similarities. Australia and New Zealand are too far away from the USA for some to travel to the USA if they want to reside here. The RSE program here is not as often as the USA. The market is wide open for another imposter to profit handsomely.