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Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

In a previous post, Margaret said, "... bypassing physical death. This was one of the major "selling points" of the school & disciplines. Also, Blue Body was supposed to cure any disease & restore the body to a healthy state."

I can also say that I was there, too. We were told that focus on the color blue would heal and restore ANY disease to a normal, healthy state. We even used the color to work on healing other people, and even pets/animals, too. We were even told we could bring them back from the dead ! (Margaret, remember that??)

We were also told that we were going to live to be at least 200 years old in THIS lifetime. It's easy to promise these things, or dangle the carrot, when you can't substantiate it. The fact that the CEO is AGING. Her Gag Order that folks were pressured into signing with no advance notice, even addressed the legalities of the teachings for 21 years after her death. Hmmm...

Margaret, do you remember Ramtha saying he was going to leave, and he was going to take JZ with him ? The way it was presented was that, she was going to ascend and go with him.

More discrepancies.

Re: Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

so... it's like when JZ dies, it'll be an asscencion and when we die... well we're just dead!
Oh, (hohoho) thats a good one, I like that.
21 years after her death, if she just turned around and got RIGHT back into a new (babeish) body then... in 21 years she'd be legally able take over her old teachings and start teaching them again.
Its best to pre-pave the way for ALL the possible options, dont ya think, just in case.
We know he didnt take her with him, I mean he sure seems GONE. Or maybe did, now THAT really make sone think. Talk about making known the unknown!!!

Re: Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

Hey Watcha, yes, I remember very clearly about the "raising the dead"; even remember a woman he called on to share her story she supposedly "raised" her dead fish. I also remember the living 200 yrs, and that when he leaves he'd take JZ with him. He even taunted us that if we want to go with him when he leaves, we needed to clear out our "dead mules" etc. Along with this, a friend who was at an event several yrs. ago, mentioned that JZ told them about reincarnating in Africa the next time around. I do accept the info. I received (visions & responses to my Soul) that she's got a contract with unsavory characters. She's acting; however, some of it is from unsavory sources that also come in. Oh well (sigh), that's just my truth, nothing I can "prove".

Re: Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

Thanks for the post. It was worth a hearty laugh!

Margaret & Dance,
It's true, JZ/R did speak about her dying in this body and reincarnating in Africa. That was also tied into a time period when she was unhappy about some of the goings-on at the school.
Just like the Audrey ordeal. JZ was SO affected/upset/distraught over Audrey's alleged cheating, that she was ready to shut the school down and move to France and be done with it all. "Ramtha" told us this, too, saying he supported her and said, "Let's go."

My, my, my. It seems that Our Beloved God Warrior Ascended Master Ramtha is affected by the rantings of an emotional woman ???

Okay, now I am confused. I thought he transcended his human emotional body ???? Please splain, Lucy!

Re: Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

Another question about this...Ive noticed alot of the current Masters selling lines of new Bio-(you-name-it) anti aging products, WHY? I mean aren;t lotions and poitons just more of the same (old cosmetic) hype?? Or is this the Future Now new Technologies we were told to pull from our frontal lobe Genius minds????
So the whole anti-aging thing can be taken care of in the form of a gel or foam???? Is this REALLY the anti-aging we were learning to accomplish in RSE? If so then Clairol, Avon, Olay, and Revlon must have schools somewhere that I havent heard of....
Like how do they justify this in their minds??????

Re: Healing and Anti-Aging and Ascension

Good point, Dance.
"Ramtha" has said many times that EVERYTHING should come from our mind. He didn't give any caveats on that. Nothing against using a product, but folks ought to just call it what it is, not being able to manifest youthfulness without external trappings. That would at least be honest. As we know, there are so many discrepancies between what is said and what is done in the life of the channel, or students.

It seems to me that if some ascended master were for real, they would, as Christel has said many times, DEMONSTRATE their ability. What does it say about anyone, who asks others to give credence to their words, when they have not even demonstrated their ability of having genuinely experienced what they are saying.

"Ramtha" could have materialized and dematerialized in front of an audience, or better yet, in a location outside of the ranch, where it would not be expected at all. He could have materialized, even if he refused to testify, during Jeff Knight's legal battles with JZ.

I'm sure there are plenty of things that he could have done (all the disciplines) to lend validity to them.

No. Just do what I tell you to do and do not ask questions.