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Question for the Ladies?

In 1986 the main reason I turned away from the Rams Teachings was Jz's "Look". (I know this is small minded and judgemental etc. but its true) I mean she just didnt appear to me to be someone who I would look to for spiritual teachings... to much makeup, hair-dye, to glitzey, "The Look" was to put together for me.
I was more into the natural earth-mother path...
After actually reading the work,(years later) listeneing to it, etc. I felt different, and I saw my own (earlier) judgement as something I could get past now. (20 yrs hope I learned SOMETHIN')
BUT after going to events and seeing the actaul student body and hearing the "Ram" go on and on and on and on
about body issues it strikes me as a HUGE descrepancy that the CHANNEL spends SO much effort to keep "The Look" while the rest of the students, especially the women are told to GET OVER IT. It almost feels like she HAS to be the "Babe" or she gets... let say...PISSY about it.
I of course am only drawing on my own experience as an attractive person, when I WORK at it, and just good 'ol me when I dont, and getting older in our society as a woman, which can at times feel pretty painful.
So how is it that WE are supposed to GET IT AND live it, yet JZ wont and doesn't?

Re: Question for the Ladies?

It is a discrepancy that JZ has put SO much attention on her looks, when female students are told they should be beyond concern with their looks. You are not the first to comment or wonder about this !

When JZ had gained a LOT of weight during the last 90's, early 2000's, it was blamed on Ramtha as a reaction to so much wine drinking. So, he's not able to drink like a drunken sailor, and ALSO control the weight of the body ? Is he a limited Goddy? Hmm.

Apparently, JZ does still care about her looks, because she has been losing weight, dieting, and dressing snazzy when she comes out to talk to an audience at the ranch, whilst the students are sitting there, grungy, stinky, unkempt, and it's all supposed to be okay. Maybe it is okay. But, it's also, as you said, a huge discrepancy.

Re: Question for the Ladies?

Yeah, it felt real screwy to watch.Its like the whole thing about living in the hole (UG) how can you get all the hair-spray, polish, lotions and potions, eyeliner, etc. in that UG too?

Re: Question for the Ladies?

Re: Question for the Ladies?

You all forgot to mention the fact that JZ has had at least 3 plastic surgeries...

Re: Question for the Ladies?

''''You all forgot to mention the fact that JZ has had at least 3 plastic surgeries...''''

I wondered about this myself. Here I thought her 'youthful' appearance was due to all of her neighborhood walks. Duh. At primary on the field, she was all dolled up as R-tha while admonishing us after we walked and slid through inches and inches of slick mud and into the creek many without waders. There she as R-tha appeared and made a remark ''''well maybe you just like the way I look.''' I looked around and saw the inner beauty of the people regardless of how misled-people with pure hears shine without makeup or combed hair. Then I wondered, bugger. I know I look good too with my makeup on as do so many other women-so what's the deal here? No time. No time to do anything except the very basics as eating, eliminating and sleeping and very little at that. Yes imo she wants to be the 'babe.' What about all the younger babes who are there with perfect skin and no surgery? Will she put them out somehow? No amount of cosmetic surgery can bypass the beauty of youth.
Methinks she needs to get her boots on and do some walking in the mud with the rest of her people.

Re: Question for the Ladies?

Oh, yeah, it's totally obvious she's had work done... Think of all the older female celebrities who've had facelifts(Raquel Welch, Cher, Oprah), they all have that same "cat eye" look and positively NO bags, dark circles or wrinkles under their eyes. Almost everyone, including babies, has wrinkles or bags under their eyes. It naturally occurs when you move the facial muscles to smile.
Also, do you think her bee-stung lips are just that? Heck no, that's the power of collagen injections, or quite possibly lipid redistribution (that's when they take fat from one part or your body and surgically put it somewhere else). Also, notice how her face is all smooth, but her neck still has crinkles in it? Classic signs of plastic surgery.

Re: Question for the Ladies?

Thank you for posting this, it is so true. I have always thought to myself, Ramtha speaks about not caring about the body and I would think to myself, JZ comes out here with nice clothes on and people in the audience looks homeless. I remember one day before we had outside showers, I would go early in the morning and clean up in the bathroom and one day a person came in and said to me why are you so concern with your body, it happen several times during that event, people ask me and they said the same thing, Ramtha told them not to worry about how they look. I could not understand it when JZ was totally into how she dress and her looks.

It is really strange a teacher would tell people something like that and they would listen.

Re: Question for the Ladies?

JZ gets rid of anyone that threatens her. Just take a look at the staff - has JZ hired anyone more "glamorous" than herself?

And if anyone has more talent (Joe Dispenza and Audrey Wolfe/Grandmother come to mind) she gets rid of them when she realizes they may receive some of "her" attention.