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Hollow Reed

Reading all our our posts and the "threads" of our lives that brought us to this point, this place...
So many people each with their own varied path thru this labyrinth of "taechers"...
The "Channelers" in particular have always interested me deeply. I once read about asking to be a hollow reed thru which the Holy Spirit flows and that always struck me as me deepest desire. That desire has led me on a stange and wonderous journey.
My "path" started with Edgar Cayce, after years of plam reading, tarot reading, astrology, and other forms of divination...
I came accross the Seth work and delved into it deeply.
A Course in Miracles came like a lightening bolt into my experience and for 4 years I was a devoted student, as devoted as I could be at the time. A wonderous body of work with no "personality" behind it.My dog-eared copy sits today on the kitchen table, still a daily resource.
Then,I had a dream.
Bartholomew came to me and I spent 15+ years following the teachings, meeting Mary Margaret and having no questions go unanswered, no ego involvement from the "teacher". In all their work I think there may have beeen 1-2 references to Bartholomews "life".
Nothing in Barts work contradicted ACIM or Seth.
Bart "left" in early 1995 and to allow Mary Margaret to move on and finish her "work" for this incarnation. We were saddened, I came accross a few of Barts "students" at my first gathering at the Ranch.(notibly they were in the chow hall while the others were in the cold rain blowing for hours, I finally said ENOUGH and low and behold, I found some old friends...
In 1986 or 87 I came accross a Ram book, saw JZ's picture, read a bit and turned far away. There seemed to be a BIG decrepancy, somewhere. I really never thought about it much... then.
After Bart "left" in 95 I felt a huge loss. Many changes occured in my situation and for a few years I just listened and read over and over and wanted dearly to feel a porgressive "connection" once again. I didnt need to "go live there" and besides in all the teachings I had embraced so far... there was no "there" to go to. (I thought)
Many other channeled works came to me and some were grand and felt wholly true. Emmanueal, The Conversations books, I have deep love for these.
I recognize that I had a deep and driving "need", it was esculating over the decade 95-05, it really was beginning to feel like desperation. Desperate to be in continuous, constant,communion with (my source???) the deeper parts of my being, to really have experiencial, CONSTANT, knowledge of who I am.
The Bleep movie actaully broke open a portal in my brain, I literally felt a change occur in my system. I watched in 16, 20, 25 times...
I did some research to find out that many of the people involved in the making of this work were from the RSE school.
I came accross some of Rams old videos and after making it thru my resistance to the odd"presentation" I started to hear an underlieing truth.
Soooo... feeling impelled to BE WITH entities of like mind. I came here. (It was a BIT more complicated than that but I forgo that story here)
And in the MIDST of my serious questioning about what I was seeing in the school, I was brought to the body of work by Abraham. My partner and I both have found this work to be totally resonate with our way of being and it has been SUCH a blessing for me personally. The day I ordered our first book from Ester and Jerry Hicks, the woman who answered the phone said her name was Bart. A sigh of relief came over me.
We're not gonna go "live there" (where they live). Once was enough for me in that regard. Actaully we've decided to go home.
I still desire to be the Hollow Reed thru which the love of my inner being can flow outwards to all the creation I see and am blending with. I still want deeply to "channel" my own inner source in each moment of this life. I am still on the journey.
I like hearing about all your divergent paths as we all come together for the same goal of union with our own sense of the divine. Thank you so much for being here for me to help heal some of the painful parts of my RSE experience, beacause pain is NOT where I am headed. It is what I can, and am, leaving behind.
I'd be interested in hearing your "timelines" thru the wonderous webs we've woven.
THAT'S a GREAT Title for a book!!!
The Wonderous Webs We've Woven.

Re: Hollow Reed

Hey come on gang, its gonna be a pretty short book at this rate! Its Sunday??