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Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

I once heard a rumour that Ramtha was being transmitted into JZs brain from some advanced CIA type Special Ops Satelite Technology. Also that RSE made some pact with the military to be allowed to stay open in exchange for the School[student body] to be Used by them somehow. Anybody have a comment/story on this. Sorry Im not too clear on Details. I love this forum and the other factnet. I think its great to be hearing all these newsflashes, rather than waiting for some current student to accidently say too much. And for us all to speak freely finally in public.
thanks everyone

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

Hi SeesAllSides! I have a post that is under "My personal insights" on this sight. The insights I received from "within" go along with the idea that "Judy" has a contract with unsavory characters. In addition to what I wrote in that post, I was also shown that "whoever" she has a contract with are allowed to use students for experiments.

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

If you go to spybusters.com, you start to get an education (or further one) about just how much technology can be used.
I've wondered if there is some sort of think tank behind JZ, and yes, as some sort of human experiment. Whatever it is, I hope it gets fully exposed. It doesn't make sense to me, the number of things that happen to students that would elicit deep compassion from most human beings, and at that school, and from JZ, there are very cold hearts, indeed. A major clue is when adults will forgo what they may usually not allow their children to be exposed to, and in the audience, all reasoning goes out the window and those children of all ages, are subject to what I consider to be abuse. There have been instances of parents leaving tiny children(under age 5) ALONE in tents or in the arena, while they disappear when the kid is asleep, to do field work. These kids wake up and have no parent in sight and a number of them have freaked out crying, not knowing where to find a PARENT. Hello ?

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

I recall at the event when JZ Talked about having a photographic memory.. that she was approached by the CIA to work with then... and she did... I can not remember what event it was in the 80's sometime.

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

Would like to know more about any CIA connections to JZ. Is there info to subsantiate this in any way ?

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

I listened to the Legacy series DVD's. In one of the early one's Ramtha stated that the CIA requested all information they could get on Ramtha and JZ Knight.

Re: Channelled Transmissions from Satelite?

We just finished watching an older video "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, their website:http://trance-formation.com/
It'll take me awhile to assimilate this. Like pieces of a puzzle this video makes alot kind-of fall into place. There probably is more to the RSE story than we know.