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Cold Mind Bleeding Heart

Years ago I was given the image and concept/Ideal of the 'enlighened'person - the intertwined balance of thought - full 'knowing', and compassion/love -- of the bright red blood on the cold white snow. To know that each person is a 'Christ'/Budha/non existent; and by recognizing feeling acknowledging the suffering in each person, the heart is opened and Love flows.
It is not everyone's Ideal.
Many who have left Judy's business have achieved the 'cold mind', they are knowledgeable on many levels. I too was in that phase when I first left.
My perspective - and that of many contemporary teachers - is that we are here; and called here to be that intertwined balance of knowledge and Love; that this 'era' of nonexistent time is about opening of the heart. Clearly our contemporary world has reached the point of being able to manipulate matter to the nano level. So what? Look what has been achieved with such mastery - a polluted self destructive planet and uncountable misery in the lives of the majority of its inhabitants. So what if you can find a card or manifest a shovel, go to another dimension and dwell beyond time and space - so what. Here we are. Since we are wherever we are, no matter what dimension/plane/reality - a closed heart is a closed heart.
Pamela - if you want to experience a true Budhist, a true teacher, listen to a brief message given by Thich Nhat Hahn prior to a peace rally. Listening to twice changed my life, shifted my reality, lifted me into an epiphanous 'gotit-ness'. (I found it 'by accident' on the internet - a search for audio and his name should bring up the talk.
Until we recognize and acknowledge the suffering we have experienced and others are experiencing, until our hearts are opened, there is not healing - no matter how far we 'get on' with our lives. It took me 13 years to 'get' that.

Re: Cold Mind Bleeding Heart

Interesting post.

I was looking at the RSE website and I'd like to know how they get away with that advertising. For one thing, the time commitment of going to the school to become a remarkable life (what an insult to anyone who hasn't been there - they are NOT a remarkable life? says who ?)
Anyway, it used to take only 8 days, and now it's only 4 days.

One of the things the sales pitch says it is that in four days you learn to do remote view. first of all, people have been teaching remote view for a LONG time. why is rse's take on it any different ? anyway, it CLAIMS that a student will learn to have the mind of a manifesting prophet with remote view.

isn't that false advertising ? i do not know of one student ever, who after one beginner event, had mastery of remote viewing.

telling students that they can do their work on the field and that is intentionally creating their reality so that they will experience it instantly????

oh, really ? so has that toyota materialized out of the void onto the field, yet ?
so misleading.

and where's the big ship that's gonna take you for a ride to see the stars ??????? the big guy himself is supposed to be coordinating that event. WHEN? hahaha

communication between 2 minds learned in 4 days??? isn't that misleading ? they aren't going to MASTER IT, they are going to LEARN IT. go read a book. it's much cheaper, the accomodations are better in the comfort of your own armchair, and no travel expenses are required, nevermind the cost of tuition.

just wondering about these things ...

Re: Cold Mind Bleeding Heart

The remote view web-site is a pretty cool place to practice for FREE, daily if you want.
I think the entire beginers event could be live-streamed for say...$550.00 and get 'er done in ...a day. I too felt like hey wait a minute, if 4 days gives you a remarkable life, and I was one of the fortunate ones who had the 8 day deal, then our lives are... extraordinarily remarkable? right?
As for "Cold Mind Bleeding Heart" it just reminds me that the "early" work of "The Ram" had heart.
Something has ascended, or just ended.