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Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

The following is a response by Mr. Kaukl, a lawyer employed by JZ Knight Incorporated, regarding an objection lodged with the Department of the Attorney General.
The response was to an objection put forward against the “Conditions of Participation” agreement that students are required to sign before being permitted entry into an event.
The documentation is changed periodically and some students are essentially forced to sign it. Students that have made travel arrangements and taken time off work are hardly in a position to refuse to sign it if they disagree with the latest version, which is presented at the door just prior to the event.
Every section of the document must be initialled with a signature at the end.
It is normal practice that a signature is a lawfully binding agreement and yet in the words of Mr. Kaukl, the lawyer employed by JZK Inc. it is merely a request made to students.
Mr. Kaukl’s words:

(2) Requirement that students execute a confidentiality agreement.
The confidentiality agreement merely requests that students acknowledge that
certain materials provided them are protected by copyright and registered
trademarks. Like any other person possessing valuable intellectual property
rights, Ms. Knight is entitled to protect those rights. Far from being a questionable practice, this is a norm that permeates all industries that deal in intellectual property.

Here is section 7:

These Conditions of Participation will remain in effect and enforceable for the life of JZ Knight, plus 21 years.

Inasmuch as a violation of these conditions would cause damage to the School in an amount that is difficult or impossible to estimate, you agree that these conditions may be enforced by equitable proceedings, including court injunction. Further, you agree that all income you receive from activities in violation of these Conditions of Participation will be paid to JZK, Inc. as compensation for the damages that JZK, Inc. incurs because of such breach (whether JZK, Inc. can establish the amount of such damages), unless JZK, Inc. can establish that its damages are greater than this amount. Initials:

A portion of section 2 states:

You further agree not to Teach or Disseminate anything you BELIEVE you received from Ramtha in a dream, a vision or discipline, or any other source.
Initials: _

The section addressing the issue of copyright is only one of seven sections that the student must sign. Mr. Kaukl puts it that it is merely acknowledging JZ Knight's property thus implying it is not a lawfully binding agreement. It is a crafty little piece of legal speak.

The portion of section two above shows just how controlled the student body really is. George Orwell’s Brave new World. Watch out the thought police will get you.

I personally have never heard of a contract that is enforceable for 21 years after the person’s death. Who is going to take offenders to court? Mr. Kaukl perhaps if he outlives JZ Knight????

The words above obviously indicate that JZ Knight is reincarnating. It is a popular misconception that she is either a very advanced student, or a Christ depending on whom you speak to. There is a great discrepancy between what is presented to the audience and what is presented to Mr. Kaukl.

The whole document denies the rights of the students.

The entire “Conditions of Participation” document has been posted on FACTNet under the Ramtha's School of Enlightenment section, subheading of "Gag Order."

Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

It is normal practice in any form of education that once the student becomes proficient and passes certain levels then they are permitted to either use their education, or teach it to others. After all they have paid a hefty price for it and have invested a lot of time and effort and need to earn income from it one way or another.

Not so with RSE. All of the education is copyrighted and remains the property of JZK Inc. Only authorized students are permitted to get an income from any aspect of the teachings. Only current students to my knowledge ever get authorization and that effectively prohibits anyone leaving the organization and trying to recoup some of their investment.

RSE does not provide an educational service to the student body. RSE RULES the student body. There is evidence available that offenders who are considered to breach copyright or other Conditions of Participation are threatened with legal action as in the recent case published in the Nisqually Valley News. (local Yelm newspaper)

That hardly amounts to "a mere need to acknowledge the rights of Ms. Knight. When former teachers of RSE have outlived their usefulness to the organization they too are prohibited from using any of their abilities to make an income from their knowledge. All their years of effort and service to the organization, bringing in huge amounts of dollars amounts to naught. Parts of the Conditions of Participation Agreement I would consider deny the rights given to students under the USA Constitution which grants the right of free speech.

There is plenty of available evidence that the teachings of RSE do not work for anyone as the proof for accomplishing the minimum level of the fourth seal is not visibly substantiated even in Ms. Knight.

On this basis the Sacred Copyrighted Material is useless anyway but the above exhibits the controlling attitude of the organization towards its students. The RSE organization authorizes and approves of Mr. Kaukl's response. It appears that they have ways and means of dominating people and silencing them.

Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

An extremely important post.. Thank You..
We have been advised that the “Conditions of Participation” agreement is not legally binding…
We are seeking legal advice to clarify this..
and will post the findings here ASAP.


Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

Arena Overfill

In response to an objection lodged the Department of the Attorney General regarding the overfill of the arena, Mr. Kaukl, attorney for JZK Inc. has stated the following:

Mr. Kaukl’s response to the Attorney General is the following:

(1) Violation of arena occupancy restrictions.
It is Ms. Knight's policy to strictly comply with all governmental laws and regulations. She has, over the years, created a cordial relationship with Thurston
County and City of Yelm officials through this cooperative policy. I am not personally aware of any violation of occupancy restrictions, but if in fact an investigation of such a complaint is undertaken and develops a finding that such a violation occurred, I am confident that it was not done at Ms. Knight's instigation and that she will immediately institute appropriate measures to prevent reoccurrence of the violation. A fire code violation is hardly an unfair or deceptive trade practice, which the Consumer Protection Act is concerned with.

Everyone who has attended RSE knows that the arena has been occupied by numbers exceeding the seating limit on a very regular basis. If more than 999 are willing to pay to attend then they are accordingly accommodated.

Mr. Kaukl effectively states that he is not aware of any such breach as though his client does not inform him. He also considers that the CEO of RSE is not the instigator of it. If the owner of the company is not the instigator of multiple safety regulation breaches then I wonder just who does he consider is accountable? Perhaps he considers an ancient warrior cannot be taken to the jury.

A fire code violation in this case is in my opinion an unfair business practice because students are not given any discount for attendance under conditions that are like being in a can of sardines. The price is the same for the discomfort.

The representative of the Thurston County Fire Marshal refuses to communicate the outcome of the investigation and refuses to confirm the lawfully permitted numbers. It can be concluded that 999 is the limit because he would not have carried out an investigation if greater numbers were lawful. The RSE administration actually has the audacity to state on their website that the arena accommodates 2000 people.

Bobby May, of the Fire Marshal’s office, was offered assistance from another ex student in his investigation. He never contacted the student. His refusal to be respectful and even acknowledge the outcome of the investigation could be concluded he has either been lied to or he has an “arrangement” with RSE for mutual benefit. It certainly is indicative of corruption.

Mr. Kaukl’s clever words could be construed as. His response is just plain dishonest. Either he has also been lied to, or his response benefits his wallet and he thinks he can get away with it. Mr. Kaukl’s fees have presumably been paid for by the hard labour of RSE students.

RES needs a license to operate a business in Thurston County and violations of local regulations could result in the license not being renewed. Don’t count on Ramtha to protect you. He used to state that no one would ever die at an event. Someone known to David McCarthy DID die at an event in the last two years.

The world does not need another preacher, another guru, another teacher. What the world needs is TRUTH. Spoken by the Wise One. It would be a start if the RSE organization exemplified the teachings in the observation of others.

The objection lodged to the Attorney General is under this subheading on this message board and a better summary is under the subheading of RSE Legal Issues.

Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice


Didn't Kaukl or JZ say in their response, that RSE is a religion, so the Attorney General needs to back off and get out of territory that's not his business ?

Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

Whatchamacallit, Basically yes. He did say so. Here is an excerpt of the response:

"As a threshold matter, it is my informed opinion that Ms. Knight's School, at which the Teachings of Ramtha are presented, is religious in nature and hence
beyond the regulatory authority of the Attorney General. Although Ms. Knight does not represent that the School is an established religion, the body of
Teachings developed through her over the last several decades and regularly presented at the School represent, collectively, a spiritual belief system related to man's place in the universe and his relationship with God. As such, I believe the advocacy of the Teachings are clearly protected by Article 1, S 1 1 of the Washington State Constitution"

Here is another excerpt:

"Without prejudice to Ms. Knight's position that her activities fall beyond the penumbra of the Attorney General's authority, I will respond to those complaints Ms. Ricke articulates sufficiently to identify. For the most part, her criticisms parallel similar complaints advanced by others who over the years have been ideologically opposed to the School's Teachings."

It is just plain ridiculous to allude to a student who has attended classes for about 8 years as "ideologically opposed."

No rational thinker could formulate the conclusion that someone against the concepts presented would give their finances for attending that amount of time if they were opposed to the concepts presented. It is plain dishonest.

He states that it is his "belief" that the jurisdiction falls beyond the Department of the Attorney General.

It appears that Ms. Knight has informed him that it does in fact fall beyond the AG's jurisdiction.

RSE laughs all the way to the bank while they use a strategy that they profess to be totally against in order to get away with it.

Re: Fictitious Ideas fo Subverting the Course of Justice

He states that it is his "belief" that the jurisdiction falls beyond the Department of the Attorney General.

It appears that Ms. Knight has informed him that it does in fact fall beyond the AG's jurisdiction.

An addtional comment to the above. It is absolutely ludicrous that the client, Ms. Knight, is presented as the expert on the matter when it is the attorney that is employed to give his legal expertise on the subject.
It is such a foolish construction that perhaps Mr. Kaukl is doing intentionally for some profitable idea.

Just what is Ms. Knight paying him for ?