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The Days To Come Still Unfolding

The Earth is still rotating on its axis, and life goes on.

The adults in the school have been (many of them), so affected and controlled by their beliefs about the End Times. This is also prevalent some religions and militia groups, too. In any case, I never did buy into that. I don't have an underground house; never did; never will. I don't have a zillion years of food stored, either. Or water.

I heard through the grapevine, that just this past New Year's Eve, the teaching included talk of the end times and horrible weather conditions everywhere this year. So, the fear was planted. Again.

Of course, as almost always, children hear these teachings. In one audience, a freaked out kid asked "Ramtha" about his future and safety. The poor kid was scared. "Ramtha" told the kid not to worry as the earth would move beautifully and sleeking into the new age. Oh, really ???????? So, when the folks that I believe are fanatics in that "end times" regard, would hassle me because "You haven't moved here yet ????", or "Why are you living THERE, it's SO unsafe?", I would enjoy responding to them that I wasn't creating a dire reality for my earth's future (hello???), and would remind them of "Ramtha" making that comment, to that kid.

I don't know why he didn't tell the kid to go dig an underground house like the adults.

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

It is interesting that all one would have to do is get a copy of the 2007 Farmers Almanac and then "prophecize" storms that are a vison of the "End Times", according to the info therein.I think they're about $1.49 at our local grocery stores...

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding


The Farmer's Almanac is probably more accurate !

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

And HEY the price cant be beat!!!!! PLUS when your done with it you can start a fire on those chilly evenings in your wood-stove, I am still tryin' to figure out what we can do with those Back Jacks, my cats like um alot...

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

While playing ball with the kids this evening I was thinking (ohoh) about the whole end times deal.When we first got here and started looking for a home we looked mostly at Ramsters and x-Ramsters or Ramsters-on-the-MOVE homes. Off the grid, UG, water supply, all that. And for the most part I like he idea of being soverign.The UG deal was a bit hard to handle, 2 years in the hole, 2, then 5 then 10 years of food supplies, dadada I was having a hard time knowing where I might want to store the doggie-doodles, as I am a multi-dog-mom. Let alone how or WHY I would even WANT to hide in the hole in fear and terror drinking as much red wine as I could ration out to myself and my partner, for 2 YEARS OR MORE.
I mean I once read death is like taking off a tight shoe and I rather like THAT analogy... I mean I am eternal right???? Im not gonna die at all now or ever RIGHT? So whats the big deal???
So I was still thinkin' OK so lets say this all happens, how do I want to spend the time between now and then? I mean it really doesnt sound like its gonna be too pretty UPTOP when we come out of our holes... Maybe I'd rather be on say Alpha Centauri, at that juncture. So would I rather spend my time, between now and then, hungry and wet and cold and in a tent at the ranch learning how to tough it out, and rise above the body and BE MORE (hungry, wet, tired, etc)to learn how to not go nuts in the hole???
OR would I rather play ball with my kids, walk in the woods, eat great food, sing beautiful songs, see the bright side, play on the swings, DANCE DANCE DANCE, laugh with my buddies,?? (You get my point)
Lets see, which should I choose, sounds like a no-brainer to me!!!

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

Oh, my goodness !!! That post is just hysterical!!
It's so true - all of it. I am too embarrassed to think about this. Hubby just read this thread and he's laughing. He is so sweet he just HAD to remind me of the gazillion buckets of wheat we had stored. HAD being the operative word here.

Yes, it got so outrageously idiotic when he said we needed two years worth of food supply for EACH family member. Then it was moved up to TEN years supply.

I was so scared my kids would starve to death - that maternal instinct going on. Then, I stepped back from all of that and saw a new horizon...and it didn't have doom and destruction.

Gee, why would Ramtha create the reality of coming to save His Beloved People, and not be a big enough guy to make the path straight and narrow for them to survive destruction ?

If we had a nickel for every hypocritical statement, filled with discrepancies, we'd pay off the national debt.

Oh...the rice. Do you want to know how many buckets of white rice I had ? No, nevermind.

Going to hide my head in the sand now, from the shame of it all.

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

The Shame, yes... This afternoon after I really let it sink in what I DID in the name of, what was his name??? Matha, no fuMa, wait I'll get it, RaMA... YIKES. Oh, you know who I mean.
Shame is the CORE the absolute CORE of the teachings. And who else better than an entire country, (now the world)of not-to-satisfied-to-be-Christians to "Enlist" in this fiasco?
Hell, I had 18 years of "sobriety" QUALITY sobriety, no dry-drunk for me no no. Oh I could (and probably will!) go on and on (and on)
Suffice to I had my POOP in A GROUP!!! Hey I am absolutely sure we all really DID KNOW EACHOTHER in a previous life, poop-in-a-groupers. Yep.Around the campfire... oh the story still sings in my heart. I mean it, I still have a place in my heart for the story. Its like those xMas cards with the picture of the family, say about 1940something, the sleigh,the snow, the chruch and the steple in the distance, the dogs running around the feet of the little children...
Us Ramsters we just decided to go BACK farther, screw the 1940's!!!
We're back by the fire-pit and we aint roasting wieners baby!
Oh yea, Viking Diva Warrior Goddess, that's me for sure...
There's no shame in this. None what so ever. We are Gods after all. THAT was not a joke.

Re: The Days To Come Still Unfolding

To whatchamacallit,

I want to thank you for your wonderful sense of humour - I laughed so hard with your comment about the white rice - we do silly things like that because WE CARE about our love ones - Reading this post tonight helped me shift from the dark mood around me -Thank you - I think that was reason I never got into Ramtha during the 80's was because I did hear about those end time stories but got still got hooked in 2005 - I still ask myself WHY was I attracted to the school ........I will share with you all when I know some of the reasons.......