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In one of these threads, "Graced" wrote, "Before JZ even read the books out of which Ramtha was born..." Does anyone know what books she might be referring to?
Thanks and please feel free to email.

Re: books


I am not the one who made that post, nor am I saying in my response to you that I KNOW that JZ birthed Ramtha from any book content.

I did hear that there is a series of books by the deceased author, Vera Stanley Alder, whose stories bear a remarkable similarity to JZ's or "Ramtha's" stories/teachings.

The books are sometimes available from the library, and sometimes for a hefty price, from amazon.

Re: books

There is a book called "Morning of the Magicians" by authors of Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. It contains a number of stories that Ramtha told in the classes in the early 90's. The book was written in the 60's I think.
I do not suggest that Ramtha was "born" out of this book, just that some of the material presented was identical.
The story of the Witch Doctor and the Bison was one of them.

Re: books

Vera Stanley Alder released a string of books circa 1938-1946

Did Judith find her “inspiration” from the Vera Stanley Alder books? I believe so.

Most notable is “From the Mundane to the Magnificent”…
The parallels with Judith’s “Ramtha” are obvious.


Re: books

Other books with material similiar to the teachings of the omnipotent "Ramtha"-

The Hollow Earth
by Raymond Bernard

The Lost Continent of Mu
The Children of Mu
The Sacred Symbols of Mu
by James Churchwood

Kathopanisad In Pictures
by P.S. Mehra (blue bodies!)(published in 1954)

Re: books

Masters of the Far East
(which, btw, the author never made a trip
back east until AFTER writing the third book)

Brotherhood of the Third Degree
(many Count St Germain Teachings from
said Ramtha , at that time.)

Transformation of America
On JZ's reccomended book list.
TOTALLY sick, dude!!

The Red Lion
("I, Ramtha, INSPIRED this book and the