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You are SOOOooooooo Important..... and SPECIAL

You are SOOOooooooo Important..... and SPECIAL too..

The many years I studied with Ramtha, Mafu and then with many fameous and unknown Gurus's from India... I noticed one thing that they ALL had in common.

You are Sooooooo Special....

I find that interstings, as in addition to that, they each give LIP SERVICE that we are ALL One... and come from the same source.

Seems to me, their own BS is NOT congruent.

The above statement is a wonderful thing for the human ego.... it LOVES the reconition and SEPERATING it's self from the masses.

But wait, just wait until you LEAVE one of them.... then the RATH of how un-impportnat, and all the other nasty little worlds.... are spued at you and are continued by the current students... who are STILL living in the ego of "They are So Special"...

Smile... it is all quite funny when you take at look at it up on the stage of life.... the actors and the roles we/they play.

I notice here, the many who come to DEFEND their position of still being involved with Ramtha... continue to MAKE SURE... their POSITON is known... and they come to MAKE SURE you KNOW how wrong you are for your life choice.

It is all like a moving being played on some great TV Set in the sky.

If the words these teacher speak are true, then I would say, what is the problem if you stay or leave these organizations, YOU ARE....WHAT YOU ARE.... regardless of who you agree or dis-agree with.

This is the GAME of life after all.


Re: You are SOOOooooooo Important..... and SPECIAL

you are soo special is allways conected with but you have to learn .....and thats the hook i saw everywere.