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My personal insights

Hi All -- I'd like to share some personal experiences & insights for whatever they're worth. I will say that they may be incorrect; however, these come from outside of my personality & from my Soul, and I've learned to trust that part of myself. (The trouble came when I didn't or didn't understand the message.) 1-2 yrs. after being in RSE, I went OOB one night; while flying around I saw a large fierce face of a Mongol warrior against the backdrop of the sky. I wasn't sure what or why I was shown this & thought it a past male relationship. 8 yrs. later at a wax museum as I approached a glassed-in case with a curved sword, my Soul felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. When I got to the case, the curved sword was labeled as the sword of Genghis Khan. It was the same sword on the green banner that was beside the podium in the arena. Ramtha used a "great sword", not the curved small one. 2 yrs. ago 24 hrs. after using the PSYCH-K process to disconnect from the wiring & thoughtforms of "Ramtha", I was shown clearly that "Judy" was working with others that had no love for humanity (namely reptilian entities). I received the insight that she had a contract with them. (I wouldn't have even thought, believed, or accepted this as possible, so that thought was out of character for me.) When I shared this with a friend (not in the school, but on her own path), she said that she'd read a book about Genghis Khan, & this sounded very much like him. The moment she told me this, my "knowingness" suddenly lined up all the previous experiences I listed & showed me the picture clearly. I was being shown the truth years previously, but I didn't know or couldn't see what I was being told at that time. At least 2 other experiences involved my making a firm declaration or statement (in my mind only) at different events. The "entity" stopped what he was going to say, looked directly at me & smiled. There is some form of telepathic communication that goes beyond just "hoodwinking" with spies or electronics. One of "Judy's" previous incarnations was as Joan of Arc; she was very intuitive. This could be this personality coming through, as well as her deal with unsavory E.T.'s, or perhaps her own possibility as being Genghis Khan. I was drawn, in a round about way, to read a book by Stewart Swerdlow, "Blue Blood, True Blood". It's pretty intense, but it connects some of the dots. Thanks for letting me share. This is just to put out some info. that may or may not be of help to others.

Re: My personal insights

its quite a question what a 35 000year old worrier has to give to the world.how the school is run he dident learn much since then.maby he wanna bring back maroding burning headchoping.oh sorry it never was missed in the world?if jz is not the fraud is ramtha the fraud?i wondert in my time whats this beeing so particluar about chacra and seal.black magig circle uses seal.but any way i dont like religion anymore black or white or ramthas.i first laught about somebody telling me about deprograming from school.but now i see this differenly what was your method.the only thing i found out in the last years is adressing all this issues pretty clear helped me.pretty difficult if you do this alone.

Re: My personal insights

To ex: -- re: my personal insights.
What I originally used is called PSYCH-K. This was founded by Rob Williams, who was a psyhotherapist that became disillusioned with the general accepted talk therapies, as they didn't cure anything. He has a website & does workshops with Bruce Lipton. I took a beginning workshop, and it was after I did a "balance" to disconnect from RSE's & Ramtha's thougthforms, that so much info. came through. About 24 hrs. after the balance to disconnect is when I received clearly the understanding of "Judy's" contract with unsavory E.T.'s. I feel that there is a combination of her "acting skills", & at times there are tyrannical entities (? Genghis Khan) that come through her. That would be one possible account for the telepathic experiences. Also, in the last 2 weeks, I've begun to use "Emotional Freedom Technique" founded by Gary Craig. He has a very large website; the basic manual is free for you to download & use for yourself. They want as many people to be able to help themselves as possible.
I too found it's too difficult to do all this by myself. I realized in the last 1-2 yrs. that that hokey "You have to do it alone" is baloney. Part of why we're here is to learn & develop through relationships, not going off to be by ourselves all the time. We can't know & learn everything; we'd literally burn out. We each have our own specialties & skills to share with others & they with us. If my car breaks down, I go to a mechanic. If that mechanic becomes ill, he goes to a health practitioner, for which that is their specialty. When there is more than one energy, there is a magnified consciousness & compounds the thing that's needed. So if I just try to heal myself, then I only have my energy. When I go to another practitioner, or support group, then we have compounded energies that will facilitate my healing & make it easier. Again, all this is just my personal insights & experiences. I do have a background in health/disease issues. I was an RN for 27 yrs; I am also a certified hypnotherapist in beginning & advanced techniques. I continuously demand for the Source to bring to me those techniques that are simple, effective, & quickly change the problems. Since I've done that, I've been guided to things such as the PSYCH-K & Emotional Freedom Techniques. I'm not completely "out of the woods" yet, but my health & emotional status improve more with each tool I integrate into changing the poison from RSE & my childhood. Blessings to you! M.