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Intentional Sabotage

"but i do have an issue with someone being on here if they are not honest and are really intending to be a saboteur, and are "pro" rse. that is clearly not what this forum is for, and that should be respected."

Well stated Whatchamacallit.

Those who are "pro RSE" cannot substantiate the teachings and yet they defend them and then accuse others and try to make them look bad. In reality they endeavouring to control other people by making them conform to their own standards instead of allowing others their own vision.

If they were honest people they would go and do whatever makes them happy and that most certainly would not be on this website.

It appears their mandate is not "Make Known The Unknown" but rather to "Assimilate the Earth and Prosper." Resistance is Futile.

Re: Intentional Sabotage

This piece of writing taken from the Nisqually Valley Newspaper on the 29th of September , 2006 is a very good example of trying to make an editor of a newpaper conform to someone elses vision by using manipulative dialogue.

"Speaking on behalf of Knight, Flick said the story in last week's Nisqually Valley News about Sunday's meeting was "over hyped" and shouldn't have been on the front page of the newspaper.

"It's unfortunate that a small group who have not been in school for 10 years get the front page," said Flick."

The attitude of not respecting another's vision proliferates in many involved with the RSE organization.

It conflicts with the unseen RSE Mission Statement of converting the whole of the Earth to the brand of happiness produced by the RSE education.

The level of happiness produced by involvement in RSE is abundant in the Yelm area....the leaky trailers: the miserable low paid jobs; the absence of annual holidays....except the latest event ; the sickness; the daily drudgery and that is for starters. I am sure others can add to the list.

RSE is not an education. It is a conversion process.

For those who have better paid jobs, or better financial backing that are so proned to judging others in lower paid occupations as "poor manifesters" or not understanding the teachings I would recommend that they PROVE their life is happy for the other wordly concepts that they got into RSE for in the first place.

When you can show your snapshots of your latest vacation to Andromeda then perhaps you will be more convincing.

Re: Intentional Sabotage

Christel wrote: "RSE is not an education. It is a conversion process."

Well, that just sums it all up ! "Ramtha" has even said we need to have our brains taken out and washed (brain - washed). Talk about being in your face with the truth of the agenda behind the agenda. Ironic.

"When you can show your snapshots of your latest vacation to Andromeda then perhaps you will be more convincing."

Oh, that's so good. Show me the evidence. That's a chuckle !

Re: Intentional Sabotage

Christel wrote
"The level of happiness produced by involvement in RSE is abundant in the Yelm area....the leaky trailers: the miserable low paid jobs; the absence of annual holidays....except the latest event ; the sickness; the daily drudgery and that is for starters. I am sure others can add to the list."

Oddly ehough, it can also be said that;

The level of happiness produced by involvement in 1.(fill in the blank) is abundant in the 2.(fill in the blank) area....the leaky trailers: the miserable low paid jobs; the absence of annual holidays....except the latest event ; the sickness; the daily drudgery and that is for starters. I am sure others can add to the list.

1.Any group I hope will guide me (or show me "The" way)

It's a great statement, and it really helps clarify an important point for me. I came here not just hoping but actaully believing that I had found a "true" path, within a community of like-minded entities. People I could look up to and recieve objective guidance from, in areas that interested and excited me.
And once again, although THIS time I see it, wherever I go ...there I am.Coming here in the manner that I did it was intense, extreme and life changing, some of the choices I made in the transition were wise...many were not.
I was on the edge of a precipice and I dove. My dreams of the "future" were beautiful.
During my RSE adventure, I saw, experienced and caught wind of all the tales written in these forums.It was like hitting a wall, like being in the tank, actually it IS the tank!
When I decided to stop attending RSE, for a while I felt as if all my beautiful dreams were gone too. That was the scary place. But the truth is they are and always were MY dreams.
They still are! and now I know I dont need a group to actualize them, because I actually DID (actualize many of them)and the group I thought was there "for " me wasn't really a part of that.
So it WAS my creation. Now that's a teaching of the highest order.
Someone said there are many people reading these forums that aren't posting.
I would really apprieciate it if when I post I could be heard for just who I am and not be told I am a "Ramster" because I may not sound like the 5-7 people who mostly make up this "group".
I am a person who came here for many of the same reasons some of you probably did.And I choose to leave the school because of many of the descrepancies I saw.
I am still coming to terms with what this whole experience has been about for me and how I will remember it. It's good to get a different perspective from a variety of people. Thanks to all of you, again.

Re: Intentional Sabotage


Your post shows a maturity of spirit that even when confronted with
“The Tank” of this EMF website you are still shining..

Perhaps I will join you in your “Dance with the Wind” after all..



Re: Intentional Sabotage

I like your analogy of the tank, Dance. I said something to my husband, years back when the internal conflict of what I held in my heart about RSE and what the reality there was. What I said was, "Who needs that tank ? I'm living in it every day, so all I have to do is LIVE my life !"

I cherish the good times, and I am not going to be silenced about the bad times. That would be tyranny. I don't have to carry a silent scar because "Ramtha" or JZ CHOSE to carry out business in the ways that they did. That "school" could just as easily been a place that disseminated teachings in a 4th seal manner and higher. I'm not interested in having a a school, but if it were my school, I would have done just that - not allowing debasement and abusive tactics, among others.

Someone once said to me, "You don't have to taste a dill pickle to know that ice cream is sweet." That is one of the most helpful comments I've ever heard. Using that viewpoint, you can see where it could be applied to RSE.

Thank you for your post.

Re: Intentional Sabotage

Hey Dance,
Nice post.
All this talk reminds me of this idea......
Everyone Justifies thier own personal position
on whatever they are on.
If you didnt internally,
mentally, emotionally "justify" your position on any issue
youd immediately be in another position!
That idea always leaves my hands up, and with no emotion to be judgemental or comparing of one another. Everyone is in thier right place, or else are moving to another.
Also, this "Creating Your Reality", always makes me want to say
No. we CO-Create our reality together.
Thats why on some days I have adversity with people or places [because they are trying to create Differently than me]. If I create my day in a big Perfect way, its just because we were all alligned. Its not so much like "I" made everything around me the way I wanted, unless of course I happen to engage unconsciously aware beings who are more apt to go with the flo of other more persuasive influences.
Maybe thats why people get manipulated by RSE stuff, because they go so open and surrendering to percieved power of "The Ram".
So to be clearer, my rave on the other thread was actually a lighthearted chide, believe it or not, lighthearted anger that me and someone else were gossiping about out loud...its not like I was sitting here seriously upset..
David, of course I know this is for those who have a beef with the evil, and believe me I have a ream of stories that had me wondering about it all too.
The last event I attended ['93] had such a "programming" feeling to it. I remember I was on cleaning/parking staff during that retreat, and after everyone left the arena,[before astro turf] there was a tape playing of a "dialogue", and sitting against the wall was a local girl I still see in town, and as the Ram talked, the girl was mouthing every memorized word with that blissful smile and closed eyes, and for some reason it creeped me out...to be so "in Love", with "him"..
my point being, I have always felt this strangeness, and seen the hypocracy.
I met another woman in Eatonville who told me JZ offered her a "job" once...to Share her Shamanistic abilities with her so she could use them in the School.
The woman flatly refused, having no desire to let RSE take credit for her own innate wisdoms..
Anyhow, I am in between the views expressed here, and, in a calm way, I do FEEL those who claim "cultism and-thats-it," are expressing for that side of things, and sometimes not acknowledging thier own neurosis.
Mind control has affected us all, and it makes me wonder if the RSE experience isnt a trigger for some other memories of "group cultism" that have adversely affected certain people.
I gently refer here to those whose mothers and or Fathers abandoned them and left them to grow up in orphanages, for example. Certain early childhood experiences really do shape the way we see the world, and define where our sore spots are.
My overall RSE experience was like a crash course in quantum learning, and I dont regret any of it, nor feel like I was "tricked".
I do feel like I was "weeded out", as Ram said he would do, but it was in a good way, and maybe after all "he/she" was wanting to get rid of those who wouldnt become fanatics...?....
But I guess I must confess I am a little "Pro RSE",
so if thats a problem, someone let me know and I wont bother writing in anymore.

Re: Intentional Sabotage

This nasty piece of writing appeared on Amazon.com regarding Dr. Joe Dispensa's book.


It is someone's review of Dr. Joe's book: Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind

Here is the review:

Derivative Derivative Derivative, January 16, 2007
There is not one single piece of new information, nor is there any original research produced by this chiropractor within the contents of this book. The only reason this book exists at all is purely for the fame, glory and profits of the author.

Most of this information was extracted from the good works of hard-working scientists and researchers. However, the bulk the ideas and concepts he represents as his - actually source from his years of study at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, WA, yet he writes as if his perspective is original and the concepts source from him. They do not.

It is one thing to organize ideas and concepts into a good read, it is quite another to take credit for the ideas and concepts. In this book the chiropractor author leans heavily on taking credit, when, indeed, this book is nothing more than derivative derviative derviative.

If a person really wants to truly understand the science of the brain and what the mind actually is, they must EXPERIENCE the knowledge, the same way this author experienced his knowledge - through the training and practices taught at RSE in Yelm, the source of this knowledge. Anything this author does purely for fame and glory, you can do even greater for your own life with simple knowledge given and the proper training to bring it alive into your life. This book is not even second best.

The writer persecutes other people because they are subservient to a percieved god they worship.....as though they need to be the god's "protector."

Dr. Joe has obviously put together a book from his long term "education" at RSE, his knowledge, his experiences and his own research. it is well known he did a lot of is own investigation.
He has a way of putting the information together that is creative. It is his own version. It is not in breach of any copyright laws. To deny another their expression is against the US Constitution.

The attitude of many RSE students is to undermine other people so that their own spiritually, politically correct viewpoints rule supreme.

They can't prove their viewpoints so they must dominate and persecute and conquer others.

I do not know Dr. Joe personally at all. I just object to the offensive treatment of someone's sincere endeavour.