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Wind of Changes Website

EMF recently received this message from Jim Bergein and Judy Garvey.

Enlighten Me Free
As former followers of Gentle Wind Project, a group that claimed to have an exclusive connection to the "spirit world," we applaud any public service website dedicated to providing alternative perspectives.
While we were involved with GWP we believed that the individuals channeling what they referred to as the "brothers and sisters of the inner world," the "company," the "spirit world," among other nomenclature, had special powers. When we woke up, we published a website titled Wind of Changes to share our personal stories with anyone searching for more information.
We are pleased to note the growing dissemination of information originating from your new website and many others. Enlighten Me Free offers a valuable service that will contribute toward informed choices.

Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey

Jim and Judy’s courage in exposing the deceptions of the Gentle Wind Cult is both inspirational and educational..
I highly recommend everyone to explore their website “Wind of Changes”

"Most often those who became involved...could not conceive of themselves
as subject to authoritarian manipulation.
They saw themselves rather as true spiritual adventurers unafraid
to push against the boundaries of convention.
For them, the very fact that they were capable
of going beyond social constraints was a sign of liberation...That many discontented and innovative people were unwittingly seduced into submission and conformity (visible only to others) indicates the depths of people's susceptibility to authoritarian control...people who are being callously manipulated believe they are freer than anyone else...the underlying message is that they are on the cutting edge of evolution." -- Kramer & Alstad (Resources)