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Drinking, Drunkeness and Driving

The issue of drinking is now coming up, so let's keep it easy for folks to find and read these topics, please.

I can share that I have heard "Ramtha" give a lecture to the students about their drinking during the daytime, when not in school (private personal time). They were chastised for drinking too much, for driving, and for risking accidents while drunk driving. I understand that this did occur from the lecture, but I don't recall that detail clearly. Perhaps someone on this list can share more experience with this topic ?

When was the policy of making students who were drinking remain on the premises for 6 hours following the end of a wine ceremony, implemented, relative to the issue of accidents ? Does anyone know ?

The RSE website phone message page clearly states that if a student arrives at an event drunk, they are kicked out for a year.

Re: Drinking, Drunkeness and Driving

The issue of alcohol is the same as the issue/pattern of everything else Judy's Ramtha does - there's a schizophrenia, self destructive dualism, abusive presentation and mind controlling techniques. Wine ceremonies were presented as sacred and holy; wine was presented as a PRIMO enabler of enlightenment. Don't think about elephants. DUH. Ramtha told sober alcoholics to drink. He modeled and encouraged drunkeness. INDEED people lifted their arms to drink other than at wine ceremonies -- their GOD encouraged them. Rules were made AFTER people got in accidents on and off the ranch, probably after people like Dr. Joe got busted for drunk driving. The child who is raped and raped and raped by her parent and grows up a tad deviant in some way --- she's to blame!??!
And - you have see the walking dead - the ones now lost in alcohol - and you're heart has to be broken open with true compassion before, in my opinion, you can pontificate about how it's all their choice and Ramtha said don't drink at home. Unallowable obscenities.!! Judy's Ramtha put the glass and the bottle in their hands and made in Godly to lift them.
That's my 2 cents. David's chuckle, clouded a bit...

Re: Drinking, Drunkeness and Driving

yes, i had heard that the policy at rse was made AFTER the drunk driving accidents, too. but it's not something i had first hand experience about. thanks for sharing.

i was "out" of the "school" for a while, during the height of the wine ceremonies, but i heard plenty from those who were there. eventually, people talk.

i do know there was pressure to fill your wine glass (some of the glasses were quite large; some small). but it had to be filled to the brim and when "ramtha" said to drink, you were usually told to drink the entire glass...GULP. it was common to have your partner (person sitting next to you), check your glass.

well, i have never drunk in my life. i had a little more than half a bottle of wine and puked my guts out (sorry for being graphic). my head hurt so bad i thought i would die. never have i experienced that. how people drink two bottles, i don't know.

the teachings tell you that if you vomit you are releasing toxins in attitude. excuse me ? if you vomit, you are loaded with a blood level that can't handle anymore alcohol and to protect you, it gets rid of what it can't take anymore of.

plastic vomit bags are passed out to students at the door.

it's disgusting to me. i can see how some folks could become alcoholics. my experiences with the few wine ceremonies i was there for, were anything but enlightening.