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David pointed out to me how some words were given new/different meanings at Judy's place. For example: the word "Humanity" - as in referencing 'one's Humanity' - indicated the best of a person. At Judy's place, "humnanity" became almost a curse word - indicating the lowest of a person.
Without doubt, in one form or another, our brains were influenced at Judy's, insidiously. Even 13 years later I can recognize words and phrases I use unconsciously.
From my perspective, it seems one of Pamley's primary points is awareness. Awareness is essential to spiritual growth; I join her in encouraging us to become aware of the words we use - are they ours? what definition have they be given.
To all who view here - what other words have become redefined by Judy?
p.s. heretofore - JZ Knight/Ramtha/the Ranch will be referred to by me as Judy/Judy/Judy's place.
Meanwhile - thank you each and everyone who read and respond here - there is Life After Judy's place!

Re: Words

Hi Graced..

I Love Your NEW FOUND Name for this group.

This is wonderful.... thanks for this post.

Smiles, Pamela

Re: Words

judy's place - I like it - I vehemently argue that it is not a school - is it licensed by the state? do people graduate with a degree or a license? it is not a church - is it a tax free federally recognized entity? no, it is a business. a very profitable business. much like a corporate retreat. and actually, from what I've gathered over the last few years, that seems to be the latest direction it's taking - maybe now that she's taken all the locals for all the cash they have, she's looking for greener pockets. hourly, amusing, thought provoking seminars across the globe can bring in more money than the yelm welfare checks.