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Regrowing Teeth

See All Sides,
There was a lady in RSE in the arly 90's that supposedly regrew her teeth. The story was she went to put her dentures in one morning and they no longer fit. Another student I had regular contact with claimed he saw the "teeth" and said they were just "buds" and not fully regrown teeth at all.
I had regular contact with another student in Westarn Australia. The RSE students in the area had regular gatherings to practice disciplines etc. The student told me that the lady that regrew her teeth went back home to Perth an alcoholic as a result of involvement in RSE......much to the shock of her family.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

Please read the rules of the message board. Character assassination is not allowed.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

On The Fence, I don't perceive any character assassination in the previous post--just whose character was attacked and how? The one student said he did not see fully regrown teeth--how does that attack the lady's character? If the lady indeed became an alcoholic, that is a statement of fact. If her family was shocked, that is a fact.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

i don't know the woman you are speaking about, christel, in terms of personally, or socially. i did hear her on stage, saying she was regrowing teeth. i understood they were buds and don't know that they every grew into full teeth or not.

i want to comment on the alcholic issue, in general. it is a fact that certain people developed alcohol issues as a result of the wine ceremonies. "ramtha" even addressed the people who were drinking outside of the teaching, and issues related to that, at least once. furthermore, to this day, there is a posting on the rse website phone message board that any student arriving at the school drunk, will be expelled from the school for a year and have to start over again. it is not a rumor that the alcohol became an issue.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

I asked a dental nurse who was current RSE member about those miraculous teeth..
She told me they are called "SPURES" and were not new teeth..
Its about time the record was set straight.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

I recently heard that some incognito members of a tribe in Africa were experiencing regrowth of limb parts that had been severed in the wars. I guess we need first hand accounts of this thing happening.
Point, does anyone believe the RSE teachings are not good to suggest we Can regrow body parts? Or any of the other "miraculous" things RAM[ or whoever] claims we can do? Just with our doubtless belief???
Are the people starring in this forum suggesting that the teachings themselves are a farce?
All the time I have listened and watched the RAM, and contemplated if JZ is doing it all "herself" I have to admit she is quite the Human being to keep up such an act. On that note, I reserve my personal conclusions for the day I find out the truth for myself. And then who would believe me????????

Re: Regrowing Teeth

Dear SeesAllSides; this is a good point re: if any of these capabilities are true. I too almost gave everything up in disillusionment. I finally stopped & realized that I needed to keep the wisdom of my own personal experiences. I've had many personal "mystical" experiences, mostly in the privacy of my own living quarters, very few at RSE (when I was in). I too question the validity of these claims; however, I wonder if maybe we don't have enough and valid information on this. I have had a personal experience in my body being partially healed of a major digestive disorder, but this was as a result of a request to my father after he passed away & came to me wanting to make up for pain he caused in my life. I would like more understanding & info. on what works. How about the rest of you.? M.

Re: Regrowing Teeth


My opinion is this: I believe it is good for RSE to say that we humans can regrown limbs...IF...IF...they put it FULLY in a truthful perspective. If they say that there have been RARE human beings who were able to do such and so, that's one thing. But students are told things like that which they should be doing NOW if they were ONLY FOCUSED ENOUGH (the rub). Then the students chase a dangling carrot, with all their might and fail. Next, they are blamed for failure.
Had they been FULLY informed in the first place, that wouldn't happen.

I can only speak for myself. I don't know that I would necessarily say they are a farce. I think there may be some truth to them. However, if you consider for a moment, the breadth of eastern mysticism and its teachings, the generalities of the RSE teachings are not new. I question why they are copywritten. The core concept, God is within us, is extremely old.

Statistically, abherrant findings, to what we consider the norm, are going to occur. What you mentioned about tissue regrowth, seems to have something to it. Of course it can be further researched (on any topic) when it comes to unusual occurrences in human behavior and evolution.

Does what a tiny percentage of the human population may be able to do, some of the time, justify presenting the information in a teaching format that leads a person to believe that can and should simply put their mind to creating it, and it will be, honest and forthright ? I question the veracity of such a teaching.

Who is to say who would believe you if you knew the truth ? If you started marketing it ... well ...

Re: Re: Regrowing Teeth

I used to participate regularly in a group that practiced a methodology of healing called Body Electronics. Its founder was Dr. John Whitman Ray.

Unusual miraculous healings did occur in this system of healing. I attended a course with Dr. Ray and personally saw a woman that for the last 30 years was totally blind have her sight restored in that eye partially. I was in a group working with her husband. I saw what John did. She was tested to see if she could see anything and she could distinguish some shapes. Prior she could only see a shade of lightness in her eye if the light source was extremely bright.

The man running the Body Electronics group that I participated in was a former Olympic silver medalist in cycling. He enjoyed the abnormal. He told us of a man that always regrew a tooth if an adult tooth was absent. The reason stated was that no one ever told him that he could not do it. The organizer had been to many advanced Body Electronics courses and had witnessed a lot as a result. He stated that people had surgical implants disappear through its application.

In the course I attended a woman said she had sugery due to breast cancer and had a hollow where they took the tumour out. During the course her tissue rectified and her breast was normal. There were lots of other testimonies. I did not see the before and after myself but I did personally witness the rectification of the blind lady and thus I do not have reason to conclude that all of the stories are someone's enthusiasm for unbelievable concepts, or are purposely false.

Due to my interest at the time I saw a news article stating that a woman in her 90's in New York grew a third set of teeth. That was in a mainstream newspaper.

Enthusiasm for these types of concepts needs to be validated and if it is put forwards that multitudes can achieve this then it needs to be observable, within a reasonable time frame, that multitudes HAVE achieved it.

Re: Regrowing Teeth

so it is possible then that a school were lieing desiving stealing has on its agenda produces miracles?i never saw them.i know how i get disqualified now[critic looser victim]i asked many ramsters and exramsters:did you ever see one of the claimed miracles happen?i allways get the no replyed.the closesed is i kmow the peorsen who.....so please help me out of my box and give me a concrete one.