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Need for personal connection with others

Hi! This is my first time posting on this website. I was at the gathering David had in Sept. and would like to say that I'm grateful for this website. I was in RSE for 9 years and left at the beginning of 2000. 2 years later I had a nervous breakdown along with my physical health deteriorating. My physical & emotional health has slightly improved, however, not enough. During the last 7-9 years, I finally realized that my Soul had a dream, which I had put aside to go into RSE. As I began to integrate that into my life, almost nothing moved. I had burned out of nursing & couldn't stand to work with sick, old, & dying people anymore. My financial situation became dire & still is. Finally in Oct. my friend, who's very intuitive, showed me a book she felt the need to read, which is about decluttering and our relationship to our material things. I've had my material goods stored on her property for 5 years & keep ending up here. A section explained about any material items from past associations literally hold our energy physically in the past & our thoughts as well. It was like an epiphany for me. I am now slowly going through these things & getting rid of almost everything. My car broke down in Nov. so my connection with others is minimal, except the friend on whose property I live. I would very much like if someone would like to communicate (by email for now) with me. I feel very disconnected & have been starting to have anxiety epidoses again. I feel I need the support emotionally of others at this time. My email is angeliquenewswoman@hotmail.com.
Thanks for allowing me to share. M.

Re: Need for personal connection with others

hi margaret !

are there any support groups that do things you are interested in, that you could go to in the area ?

i hope others are emailing you offlist ! i know you...you're for real, if anyone is wondering. met you in "school" long, long ago !

anonymously yours,

Re: Need for personal connection with others

Hi watcha... Thanks for validating me as real. There is one person who is emailing me off list. I would like to communicate with you privately in email if you're open to this. I remember a lot of the people that I met & partnered with when I was in RSE. That you remember me may be remarkable. I have a pretty good memory; however, I was amazed after years that when I'd partner with someone for 3days or 2 weeks (telling them my dreams & sharing), I'd meet that person a couple months later at an event & they wouldn't know me from adam. (Pardon the pun!)M.