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I'm wondering, with all the time, energy, money, hard work, effort, dicipline, emotion, YOU NAME IT that everyone has put into their RSE experience...WHY would you choose to have it be a thorn in your side, a chip on your shoulder, a pain in your butt or your heart???
Do you really believe you are powerless after ALL THIS???????

Re: Choice?

Dear DancetheWind -- I too thought like you when I was in RSE, which you seem to be, or are obviously sympathetic to. I would only like to give this Native American saying, which is to walk 10 miles in their shoes before you judge or criticize. I too thought I had all the answers so glibly on my tongue & thought I was "together". I can tell you after having anxiety episodes/panic attacks and a nervous break down, even before I recognized the problem and still defended RSE, was a major lesson in humility and humiliation. When I saw a counselor for the 1st time and she asked if there had been any abuse in this school; it's when I had to answer "yes" that the fascade began to crumble. Compassion & understanding come at a high price sometimes. I hope you don't have to go through what I & others have gone through to gain this perspective. Blessings & peace to you. M.

Re: Choice?

I believe you are not reading these post correctly... many of us aver still very successful in our life and have moved on... but we desire to tell others about it.

I give NO CREDIT to RSE for my success. I was a SUCCESS in life long before that...

I lost everything in the name of God Realization... and was on the street for a while and started over again by my own WILL.

No writing of List...... No C & E...just hard work and folling my own guidance system within.


Evil can only continue when educated men, KNOW the truth... and CHOSE TO SAY NOTHING... and look the other way.

Knowledge is POWER.

Re: Choice?

Knowledge is POWER... pass it on...

You have a load of WHITES to wash... and you see the children putting the new blue jeans in the save washer load of cloths....

EXPERIENCE SAYS... it will turn the whites BLUE....

You INFORM the children to seperate the WHITES from the Blues... and tell them why.

Seperating the WHEAT from the Shaft...


Re: Choice?

yes all the time, energie,money to find out you get scamed.a scam works because of all the convinced people not because of the original crook.its hard to make your stand when everybody needs to hold theire other belivesystem together and try to make you look wrong.again how would i have needed a forum like this a few years ago just to save some money,time and energie.i had to watch 5 years to find out that nothing is the right thing.everything comes and goes just as long as it fashionable and brings in money.even the eternal teachings changed in littel details.politics and opinions change quicker however it suits the income.

Re: Choice?

Does the RSE groups produce people who can give life and have creative energy that Ads to the Glofy of God.... On Earth as it is in Heaven.?

My husband and I have talked about this many times... it seems that these types of groups that are very selfish... are like a BLACK HOLE SUCKING... energy rather than emitting energy.

We see it in our local community... and the funny thing is... they tend to come to people like myself... who GIVE constantly.... and we just continue to create more and more...

I don't mind giving... becuase I know, just like a fruit tree... more and more will come forth... I have an endless supply...

But have you ever noticed people who are real selfish... they tend to be in poverty and lack the fruit... they do not mature.... and the gifts of the spirit can not be spread.

Poverty abounds becuase in selfishness there is no GIVING the FRUIT of their spirit.

The Universe seems to notice supply and demand for those who surrender their fruit.

Oranges Tress Produce Fruit... and give it freely to all... it does not WITHHOLD it's fruit... or worry there will not be enough.

Look into nature... you see the FRUIT being given FREELY.... nature is NOT selfish....

and these new age groups... only give freely to their teachers... they go home to their tent... wondering where the next buck will come from.

I speak from experience... I have watched this happen over and over in the New Age Community.

There is a MAGIC when you give your fruit to others... it makes room for more to come.

The only time in my life that I have had trouble making money was when I became selfish after being with the RAM.

When I left ... and started over again... I gave again, even when I had nothing to give... but in giving... even when you have little...there is a Secret that happens.... it opens the door for more to come to you.

Now that is a Secret Door To All.

and it is FREE.... you don't need to do C&E or a LIST... or DEMAND... just live your life in peace and freedom...be relaxed.

Re: Choice?

Thanks everyone, for the input.For the record, I am not a student of RSE and it's because, like most of the people here in these forums, I made a choice to leave.The only answers I have are the ones that are best for me and really that is all that was ever required of me anyway, even though it may have taken me some time to recognize and implement this truth.Whatever "happened" to me or thru me in the labyrinth of my story, is my creation.
As I have read the posts I can see that most of you feel empowered and uplifted by the choices you too have made,and that's cool.
It really is amazing how we each, in our own way, just keep coming into deeper and deeper clarity.
Thanks so much for confirming what I felt about RSE.