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you touched upon something that i have wondered about, that seemed another contradiction in the teachings.
on the one hand, we are to become beings who love unconditionally - 4th seal. yet, at the same time, we are to shut out our emotions because they are human and will derail us. it seems to me that in order to come to a place of unconditional love, one would have to fully understand the human emotions, not deny them. experiencing compassion, walking through anger to the other side, falling in love with a newborn baby, all of these things lead to the fullness of understanding life, i think.
some eastern philosophy addresses creating our desires by thinking, visualizing, imagining, and FEELING it into being.
in the early days of rse the emotion component was included. all of the senses were included. create the holographic construct - it's written about in books. but it changed.

Re: Emotions

You are right.... What I realize... FEEL EVERYTING but be WISE in your REACTION TO your feelings...

Emotion or PASSION FOR LIFE... is what keeps the on-goingness of life...

Passion in the union of the father and mother creates new life.

You are not going to be a CREATOR without PASSION... you will become a black hole that sucks on life rather than being a CREATOR that CREATES LIFE.

In my view, the REACTION TO the world is where the problem arises.... FEELING the TRUTH of the moment comes from the CROWN Living in the TRUTH of the moment.

REACTION.... out of Fear... or Suffering can create Self-Destruction.... you can feel many things without responding with a REACTION.

*** FEELING for me, becomes a TRUE EMOTION within self.

This is where making peace with The Good... Bad and UGLY parts of self are important.

It is SEEING CLEARLY..... FIRST.... making wise choices... rather than un-consciousness REACTIONS.

Changing the world.. by CHANGING SELF.... this works for me.... in my private life.

What is real anyway... all of it...are dreams

Experience.... Evaluate..... Expand and Be GREATER.

Re: Emotions




Re: Emotions

Also... This helps you MASTER Self-Judgement

WHY.. Becuase you are making "conscious choices" to REACT not AUTOMATIC un-conscious reactions.

This REMOVES Self Hatred.... Self-Hatred comes from our personal reaction to the the energy... that was later reviewed and found to be less than the glory of god in our personal opinion = self-hatred or self-judgement.

Best wishes to all

Yelm, WA resident, thank you for offering help, to those who choose to grow and heal. We do better, when we know better. I am very excited about this web-site, and will visit often. Giving my opinion re: RSE serves no purpose for me. I look forward to the energy shift in Yelm, as more and more accept their inner power and their own destiny. Happy to be living in Yelm, WA.

Re: Emotions

After arriving in Yelm in April 06, my partner and I read and listened to over 140 "Ram" techings, thanks to Steve Kline and his library donation!We both recognized a strange opposition in the basic tenents of the "teachings" between the older stuff and the newer stuff. The biggest divide appears in the department of "feelings". I am grateful for the opportunity to see this dicotomy and what lies beneath it.
All that I "did" to get here, all I am now doing while moveing on, everything I "gave up", the great experiences I have had, am having, will always continue to have... For much of this I thank RSE. It was my experience of coming to the school that brought me to a GROUP of teachers called Abraham, who have a simple and profound message that involves paying CLOSE attention to what we feel, which of course it all we have to go on isn't it??
If it feels like your innner Goddess/God IT IS!
Shortly after Assay I had a dream in which I said goodbye to JZ, told her I'd always love her & "The Ram" and thanked her for her contribution to my
journey...(it IS my journey that I invited her into)
My glass is 1/2 full and it always has been.It really is a matter of perception. This HAS been a grand adventure and we are ALL on the journey, (ALL of us).
It just FEELS good to feel good, ya know?

Re: Emotions

Hello Dance with the wind.

You know, when I first left these groups... I used words like Grand Adventrue... and other words that were truly NOT MY WORDS... but words that had been PRORAMMED from these group.

My first step in healing began when I GOT REAL... again... set aside all the BS and started being myself again... not some PARIOT that was programmed from my environment.

What words truly belong to me... became my quest for a while... not QUOTING others but IN MY OWN WORDS...

For me, understing what it means to live in TRUTH... starts with SPEAKING MY WORDS... not others. Smile.

I see you.. I see me... long long agon.

Thanks for the reminder of who I once was.


Re: Emotions

All the "words" belong to all of us and when I choose the ones I am wanting to say and then say them...for that moment they are mine. When you say them back, in what ever way you choose, they are yours.
I wasn't the first human to utter "I love you" but that sure doesn't mean that I don't when I say it.
My life is a "grand adventure", AND (smile) how do you know I didn't say it first???

Re: Emotions

Ok... I am not a game player...

you totally missed the point...

What Ever Floats Your Boat.


Re: Emotions

I personally realize... fore me, I can Never work on a situation unless I move above it.

Get a NEW VIEW so to speak.

The SAME Mind that creates a problem can not fix it.. it requires a NEW ATTITUDE... a NEW POINT of VIEW.

If you work on the same level as the past situation you are in, you only continue to put more energy into it... for it is still the same thing.

If you work above it, you change the pattern and take energy out of the past. When we let go of all defending of our emotions, right or wrong, we then can move on.. and BE ... beyond it.

The nervous and emotional systems keep one from self realization and spiritual growth; it keeps the higher psychic nerves and muscle systems from working... they are dormant... and quiet.

This is why... it is often sponken... RISE ABOVE IT ALL... BE GREATER.. Find a NEW POINT OF VIEW.

My point was, To RISE ABOVE ALL ...ISMS... including RSE-isms...and JZ-isms... you must go beyond the points that anchor you're personality and mind to those groups.

For me... The Words, phrases, sayings.., was like an ANCHOR to the past. I simply CHOOSE to move beyond them... it was a starting point... to consider using my own words for a change.. rather than vomit someone elses... that I like.

Using new words .... without the old lingo dug up from the past phrases of these groups... was ONE WAY... to RISE ABOVE IT... and move on.

This is my story... I write it more for others to read...

I do not tell anyone how to live their life... or make any choice...

For me, it was just an exercise of moving on. One Step.

When in Rome, you tend to SPEAK the laguage of the Romans.... To get out of Rome... You leave town.. and change your language... I now speak my words.

Free at last.. Free At Last... thank God I Am Free At Last... I say this with big smiles on my face.

I am much happier away from the masses of the RSE-isms... and JZ-isms.

I live my own ism now.

You want to JOIN MY GROUP... The GROUP of PAMELA-ISMS...

Smile. LOL

Re: Emotions

In regards to the original thread here and in line with my first response, we too noticed in short order that there was a (seemingly) complete change in the teachings of RSE, coming from a place where what you feel was extremely important then to an almost violent denial of any "feelings".And I PERSONALLY was and am extremely grateful that at a time when I was asking MY God to kind-of explain to me what I was seeing, I got clarity and was guided to a body of work that has none of the conflicting elements of JZ & The Ram.
Which for ME is an assist, a great one that I am wanting to keep close to my heart.
Even for my short time with the Ram I recognize how difficult it was to release and let go of what I hoped for thru being in the school. But as you all (mostly) have found for yourselves, the real "school" is much bigger than RSE and none of us were ever left out, or alone in this journey.
In that there is great reason for joy!

Re: Emotions

You talk about the history of RSE teachings as only “seemingly” to change,
that your “God” kind of explained it to you what you were seeing.
You say.. all is well because no body is left out or alone on this journey.
Well I guess that just about raps it all up..
Would you care to elaborate just a wee bit more?


You say "we".. are you speaking for others?

Re: Emotions

The above post is for "DanceTheWind"

Re: Emotions

Hi David, I was speaking for the "we" of my partner and I, in reference to our experience with the RSE material.

Re: Emotions

All IS well and
None of us are alone
and yes that pretty much raps it up.

Re: Emotions

DanceTheWind and partner,

Is your God the same one that JZ Knight listens to?
You know..
The one that taught that the victims of the Tsunami deserved to die….
You arrive on this forum, endorse the "Ramtha" teachings,
Blow off any issues with RSE because your “God” has explained it all.
You remind me of the JZ Knight statement.
In the light of all eternity, What does it matter?
Well in my book of life..The truth does matter,
Especially… In the light of all eternity.

Enjoy your dance with the wind.


Re: Emotions

oh! I see this is the forum for people who believe JZ doesn't qualify for having a connection to God because of "what she's done to us". Thanks for setting me straight and on my way!


Re: Emotions

Dance With Wind..

Smile. You know... your post is a bit silly and made me laugh to read.....

of course every person walking the planet today has a connection to God... Even the people in prison for murder has quiet moments of that realization... and still.. have the ability to touch it.

We are again, only talking about ACCOUNTABILITY of the school..

To make a very long story short...

If you went to college for 25 years... and did not graduate... and in fact... not one student has... you would most likely question..

the approach...
the cost of shool...
and the teachers presenting the wisdom.

We are the prave few... who simply have looked deeply within ourself... and ask... a greater quetsion.

Experience... Evaluate... Expand....and Be Greater...

But QUESTIONS... are the point of power... that opens doors to knowledge.

It is that simply.


Re: Emotions

Hi Dance and David,
watch that sarcasm!
I use the term "my God" alot in my life, and yes I got it while in school [15 years ago!], becasue it feels to so well describe the "highness" of myself, that little inner voice that is my truth, and as well, the consciousness that emulates my "power" and wisest moves....etc...
..hate to see anyone having a problem with that, but thats my Reaction, isnt it?

When I decided not to continue in the school, I felt like it wouldnt be Ram who would Graduate any of us anyway..[and maybe he had commented to that effect at some event].....so, after I missed my required event I even got a LETTER from JZ, saying to the effect that I was missed and hoped I would enjoy using the teachings in my life and would always be welcome back ...[oh I wish I would have kept it, so dont quote me on the text]
but I mean, it didnt feel like a wierd letter, and it also felt loving actually. I didnt feel judged, or like hell fire if I leave, etc...but I wonder if anyone else got such a letter. It was typed, maybe a form letter, but she signed it. That was in '93.
I left the state for the next 6 years, and had a great time whereever I went and used the disciplines to varying degrees at different times....and never missed MY sensation of "RAM".
Certain teachings really still resonate with me as overall "truth", meaning common sense, and also many people who would never go to RSE are spouting same truths that they "recieve" on thier own. That is very refreshing, that one.
RE; Emotions. Even Ram once mentioned...the "light beings feed off of unresolved emotions"...Which to me still means, UNRESOLVED anything is more the problem.
Eeeeeeee!Motion...of the present, expressing without a ton of old charge driving it, doesnt seem to be a problem. You just have to ask yourself if you"re denying something, or just cleanly Choosing, what to 'respond" to emotionally. I did get help from the teachings in regards to learning to discern what I needed to "feel" about, and what was just an old habit of crying over the same drama. I was afriad to "deny" feelings, but I took his advise on one particular occasion and didnt give in to the emotion/reaction, and that night I had a great flying dream...meaning [to me], that "oh, I dont need to repeat that emotion/reaction."
Again, I refer to the Right Use of Will teachings, when it comes to a deeper understanding of the emotional body.
I think Ramtha may have "ascended", but so what, look what he left behind, and why is he back here reminiscing about his PAST so much??
Well, I still like the idea of vibrating at the speed of light instead of turning to a burried skeleton, or ashes...and thats what drew me to come to RSE...because he was teaching that the body doesnt have to die

Re: Emotions

How refreshing!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Re: Emotions

Seeallsides, I have never heard of anyone getting a letter like your and I know many people who left or could not make it back due to financial circumstances.

Re: Emotions


Please post within the context of whatchamacallit’s thread “Emotions”,

My questions for "DanceTheWind" were side stepped with the predicted
“Ramthaspeak” nonsense.
You are obviously a “Ramtha” supporter taken with the calling to keep the “Ramtha” love fest running on this website..
As for your letter from JZ Knight..
A friend of mine still receives them…Yes.. “signed by JZ Knight”,
Ironically.. he woke up to the RSE “Ramtha” fraud many years ago….
He quit the “school” in Nineteen Eighty-Nine...

JZ Knight should at least update her RSE business computer.


Re: Emotions

SeeAllSides stated: "I think Ramtha may have "ascended", but so what, look what he left behind, and why is he back here reminiscing about his PAST so much??"

My comment: If Ramtha ascended, some of what he has left behind deserves question and concern, based on the experiences of certain people. If Ramtha ascending, or existing, isn't even part of your comment, there is still the issue of what is left behind or simply, what has been, period.

SeeAllSides wrote: "Well, I still like the idea of vibrating at the speed of light instead of turning to a burried skeleton, or ashes...and thats what drew me to come to RSE...because he was teaching that the body doesnt have to die."

My comment: Of course, people were drawn to RSE for a variety of reasons. I understand that you shared yours as stated, and I've heard that viewpoint in the school, too. However, to date, students have grown old, some diseased, and all have died so far. Not one has ascended. Giving the benefit of the doubt, if people do not have to die, then that teaching could have been presented with further information such as what the probability of that actually happening to any student, or to any human being on the planet, and additional details. Perhaps, if it's a true statement that people don't have to die, that it is something that we'll evolve to as a collective species...maybe in 1,000 years. To make a statement and insinuate that one has to master their emotional body at LEAST, to even hope to do these things, is misleading at best. Toasting to 200 years without death certainly implies THIS lifetime. Yet, it hasn't happened that anyone has witnessed, and even in the Conditions of Participation paperwork, JZ's death is referred to, at some point in time. Mortality.
You said you liked that aspect of the teaching and it drew you to the school. Fine. I respect that. But, is that not also emotionally driven? It is appealing to us on an emotional level. That doesn't make it fully accurate, though.

Why does Ramtha spend so much time reminiscing about his PAST, you asked ? Good question. Perhaps you want to start another thread on that.

Respectfully, I want to also comment, as has been mentioned, it does seem that you may be happy with RSE and are a supporter of it. If so, that's fine for you. But, the purpose of this message forum is clearly stated, and it is for those who have not had a forum to speak about concerns and questions they have, and have had without being silenced in some way. This is the place for them to have their voice.

Re: Emotions

I too was once enamoured by the ascension ideal that ramtha postulates as a potential for all. why are people in such a hurry to leave earth before they "get it"? By "getting it," it is meant that the purpose of life is to love your neighbor as yourself not to become obsessed with such grandiose ideas as transmigrating to another time space contimuum....that is even assuming that ascending does exist and can become real for someone who desires it.

It's more of the same old same old scam perpetuated by cult leaders...to present a supposedly worthwile goal as something within the students' reach...all the while, ruining their future time line by getting them to get hooked on a delusion, on fabrication, on what is not real and does not matter.

One can waste vast amounts of time and energy recovering from an interdimensional experience before they are ready for it.

And lastly, assume for a moment you could take yourself as you are right now(let's say you're a ramtha student)and transmigrate to another dimension. Being a ramtha student you'd have to be amazingly naive and gullible. And then you show up somewhere with bells on your feet in full gullible garb and guess what - you're lunch for someone. The interdimensional crowd is not full of roses and pretty parties.