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Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

Anyone know what happened to Beverly... she was the origional publisher of Wind Words.

A Very lovely girl. I met her a few times in Seattle.... at some other events.

Re: Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

I had some communication with Beverley, Judi and Michael of Windwords in the early days. Judi and Michael were either not attending RSE anymore or intending not to attend (I forget which....it was long ago now).

I do know that they stated they used to order a whole bunch of books in for JZ and son after the teachings in the arena were about topics presented in the latest publications ordered. That was the amin contention for them leaving.

Beverly set up her business in the bull pen where the Quantum Cafe is now. I heard she had a dispute with JZ but I do not know the details of it. Her business disappeared from the bull pen and was replaced by a book business run by JZ. I do not know what happened to Beverley after that.

I personally stayed for a little while with Michael in 1989. (Both Judi and Michael were employees of the Windwords book store in Rainier. Beverley Dittrich was the owner of the business. )

Re: Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

i remember meeting beverly but i can't say i knew her at all. just remember shopping and looking for a particular book. i did also hear, as christel said, that she had a falling out with jz, and after that, jz had her own book store.

Re: Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

Thanks for the info... she stayed in my Condo after an event in Florida for a week.... that I had.

I was living in my home with my hubby at the time... the Condo was at another location... but did get to talk quite abit with her.

Very Nice Girl.

Re: Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

What I know/heard from many - including Beverly -- JZ owed a lot of money to Windwords for her book orders. Beverly requested payment. As far as I know, that was the overt upset. It's also clear by JZ's repeated pattern of behavior - she simply cannot bear for someone else to be making money. Windwords was growing. Ramtha Inc grew because of Windwords. - WW reached thousands of people and spread the word for a JZ and Ramtha who continuosly declared he didn't need publicity or the usual media coverage. It was a mutual feeding. The difference being that Beverly sincerely wanted to share what she thought was truth.
For whatever reason/need, JZ set out to destroy Windwords - by no longer allowing Ramtha's teaching to be printed in Windwords, and by selling the same books at the Ranch. Windwords went out of business.
It's probably been 10 yrs or more that I saw Beverly in Olympia, WA. She'd moved on with her life. I think she's still in the area.

Re: Wind Words - Beverly Dietrick?

Hi. This is my first post in this wonderful forum and exchange of information. You may call me Onehand...my name refers to the story about the blind men all touching a different part of an elephant, each one having their own, unique, but not total perception of the truth.

Beverly's last name is correctly spelled Dittrich. She was the editor/publisher of the Windwords newspaper, which was published in Rainier from 1986 to early 1990 (I still have all copies). The first paragraph of the last issue explained: "In July 1989, when Ramtha requested that the teachings no longer be openly shared due to the progressive sensitivity of their content, the Windwords newspaper found its purposeful completion and Windwords began a new phase of its journey. Now, without the newspaper, Windwords continues on as a full-service bookstore, including mail order services to customers throughout the world."

I fondly remember the Windwords bookstore as a warm, friendly gathering place. I don't know where Bev is now, but I clearly remember what she told me and several other people first-hand, several years after the bookstore's demise. She said JZ, in a seemingly casual way and over time, asked her many questions about how to run a bookstore. Because Bev had been in JZ's "inner circle" of staff, Bev trusted her and answered every question. Then, without saying anything to Bev beforehand, JZ opened her own bookstore in direct competition with Windwords. Without editorializing, I can say that Bev expressed some strong emotions over this.

I will also share one more thing Bev told us from her days on JZ's staff in the 1980s, which may explain a lot that is happening right now with the recent shakeup in the RSE staff. Bev said that whenever JZ read even one letter that criticized anything about JZ, Ramtha, the teachings, etc., JZ would overreact so intensely that she would be in a "blue funk" for the rest of the day. Bev said JZ's staff learned to hide such letters from JZ for that reason.

That is all I know about Bev.