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Ramtha and Omega

Would you like to get rich quick ? Here's a scheme for you !


As he gathered Omega's threads, Esteban "Steve" Sanchez, the assistant U.S. attorney in Urbana, Ill., who prosecuted the case, noticed the Yelm connection. He realized several victims were linked to JZ Knight, the ethereal New Age guru who claims to "channel" the spirit of a 40,000-year-old warrior called Ramtha.

"I cannot tell you what, if any, direct relationship there was between this person in Yelm, Washington, and Clyde Hood," Sanchez said of Knight. "We knew that there were people associated with her that apparently had invested in Omega, but that was not an angle that we wanted to pursue, because apparently it's very difficult to pursue that angle."

Omega was an open secret at Knight's Ramtha School of Enlightenment, four former students say. They asked not to be named, citing the fear of legal retaliation from Knight, who requires students to sign nondisclosure agreements.

"That's how I became involved in it, was through the school," one student said. "I was involved in it and practically everybody else I knew at the school was involved in it. There were tons of people involved in this on just a cash basis. People were sending in cash - cash with no paperwork, no receipt, no nothing. People were promised their money was going to come in before the next snowfall."

The students say Knight never endorsed or promoted Omega. Some recall her telling students to cultivate an "abundance mentality" if the promised fortunes ever came.

Knight did not respond directly to requests for comment from The News Tribune. Greg Simmons, a Ramtha school spokesman, acknowledged Omega was discussed informally among students at the school. When asked whether Knight lost money in Omega, Simmons would not comment.

In the late 1990s, as Omega reached its peak, Shaini Goodwin was living near Yelm, in a gated community called Clearwood.

She had taken classes at the Ramtha school in the late 1980s and later claimed to be a kind of channeler herself, according to those who know her. She sprinkles her daily Dove reports with frequent references to the "Ascended Masters" and "the Illuminati," common figures in New Age teachings.

for full article, read here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/projects/dove/story/4511397p-4236395c.html

Re: Ramtha and Omega

It may be useful for readers to explore the Omega posts on FactNet.

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Re: Ramtha and Omega

An excellent resource for self-education.

Re: Ramtha and Omega

This is a copy of the document which was used to defraud the Omega lenders.


This Private Party Loan Agreement is to be initiated between ___________ and an overseas Trust & Foundation firm in consideration of this sum of ________ to be used for the operational purposes of the project in the interest of the overseas Trust & Foundation firm.

It is understood that these funds will be transferred to the overseas Trust & Foundation firm's project, whereby the loan plus profit will be repaid to the lender in an amount not less than fifty (50) times the amount loaned. Expected time of repayment is calculated to be on or around two hundred and seventy-five (275) days from the date of lending. Both parties understand that financial matters involve risk and no warranties or guarantees are expressed for an exact date of 275 days. It should be understood, this negotiable agreement is for a reasonable time frame thereof.

Whenever funds are disbursed, funds will be in the form as designated by the lender. The Lender will as-ume responsibility for any and all fees and/or taxes on these funds.

It is understood by the lender that he/she has no access or privy to specific details of operations and no hand in the management of proposed operations.

This is a non-recourse agreement between private parties. Receipt and/or signing of this document by the recipient constitutes acceptance of the terms of this agreement. The first Private Party Loan Agreement submitted by each individual or entity is subject to acceptance by the Agent or the overseas Trust & Foundation firm, without recourse.

The overseas Trust & Foundation firm, cannot cancel this loan agreement, once accepted, only the lender has the right to withdraw from this agreement after the 275 days. A full refund will be made upon receipt of a written request at the Wauconda, IL address.

Receiver states that he/she does have promise of financial asets in an amount sufficient to sustain obligatory indebtedness.

An acknowledgment will be mailed to you upon receipt of your loan at our offices. Unauthorized changes to this document Will void the entire agreement.


[Address Given]

Lender: _________________

Or Entity: _______________________________
(Please Type or Print Name)



City: __________________ State: _____ Zip: _________