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just an excuse.english is not my mothertoung and i am a craftsman so i am not so elegant in my writing.dont hold this against me.to audry as a presentable 1 student:this was my eyeopener and i know it might not hold up for many.i attended a weekend at rse.in this time they had a big thing about participation.3 warnings and you were out.we made fieldwork in the morning. there was a lunchbreak.i was in the wrong lines so i dident get my things done[eating toilet]when the bell was ringing i decided to go for my raingear at the parkinglot.when i was coming to the field.everyone had started.10 yards beneth the middelgate a pearson crawled through the fence with the blinder on the forhead.mythoughts to this were:ha someone have to go early to the honeybucked.o sh... thats grandma now i get my firs warning.well its only one .look here is the gate why dont you use it.i went through the gate and somhow i recocniced the sound of the lock and started fieldwork i got away...half a year later audry got cellebrated for transforming from the field.curiously when ramtha anounced it.he made the remarc; or thinks anyone she crawled trough the fence?i dident raise my hand because i saw what happens if you r not conform there.in my opinion the rare evidence they claim to have is staged with the knowledge of jz.this was also on a weekend event.we did archery it got dark and we couldent find arrows anymore.we grouped around audry and she chatted with us.one bigmouth joked audry tell us your tricks.for a moment i saw a strange look in here eyes at this time i thought it was the rudnes of the peorson.now i tipp on guilt.

Re: grandma

hi ex,

thanks for sharing that.

i know that some people had doubts about whether or not audrey cheated, or was paid to be "magic number one". what is clear is that she was dispensable. she went from making one "mistake" (cheating), to being kicked out.
we listened to jz threaten to leave and go to france and just give it all up because she was sooooooo upset that audrey cheated.
in the meanwhile, audrey said she did not cheat. later, she said she did.
it caused a division in the school as sides were taken. "ramtha" was on stage telling students that they should not doubt him, and he said she did cheat.

all in all, pathetic.

i never could believe that audrey was capable of doing all of those disciplines successfully as often as she did. in my mind, it seems that many or most students focused sincerely. that's why they paid their high price of admission - they wanted to do the work and succeed. if the teachings worked, then just statistically, it would make sense to me that the majority of students would "get it". consistently. they did not.

"ramtha" later said that jz was The Magic Number One. from then on, more and more, everything has seemed to focus on her, and even ramtha has been fading into the background as she takes center stage.

maybe ramtha is going to be retiring soon. hahahaha
maybe he's going to be dismissed.

you're right about what you said - that when students are questioned in a manner that is perhaps an "i dare you to speak out", they are not going to raise their hands and admit they saw something suspicious.

the nasty manner in which audrey spoke to you is nothing personal. she was like that with many students, myself included.

i don't believe for one minute that audrey honestly and genuinely bilocated from one field to another. that's just my opinion. given the entire picture, i just don't believe it.

i would like to hear from audrey. i wonder if she's "allowed" to talk. i wonder what the real truth is about what transpired with her, and being fired, and with regard to her alleged cheating during teleportation.

Re: grandma

that all was years ago not recently when she got caught.ramthas retirement:i think jz tried to retire when she hit the jackpot but her gred for attention dident let here.also she must have recogniced that there r not enough eternal teachings to let the school go on without the big show.

Re: Re: grandma

we are not alone in sharing your viewpoint.
now, would that mean that according to the teachings, she's "addicted" to fame and fortune ?

Re: grandma

Before Audrey was known as "Grandma", and before she was on staff, she was the obvious 'best' at finding her card. Posting on factnet gave me a clue I didn't know before - that she'd been in maritial arts-that would explain her ability to focus. I saw her once walk blindfolded from the far end of the pasture all the way to the tank in a straight focused line. Of course she wasn't being battered with a 1000 other people - nevertheless - most of us couldn't walk a straight line blindfolded, even with years of practice.
I wonder if someone other than "ex" saw Audrey crawl under the fence - told JZ/Ramtha/staff so that Ramtha had to bust her. Or, the trick worked tooooo well and Audrey was getting more attention than JZ/Ramtha. It's a clear consistent pattern that JZ does NOT like anyone getting attention. Perhaps Audrey was entrapped by Ramtha - told to cheat, that revealed as cheater.
God Bless you Audrey whereever you are. You were faithful for a long long time.
Does anyone know Audrey's last name?

Re: Re: grandma

Audrey Wolfe is her name.

The theories you posed are possible. There are other possibilities, too. She could have had pinholes in her blinders so she actually could see quite well.
There are others in the school who are proficient in the martial arts but they can't do what she seemed to be able to do.
Yup, could well be JZ felt upstaged and we all know THAT can't happen !
My personal theory/opinion is that Audrey was paid and used trickery to do those feats she did. Why? To dangle the carrot for the other students. One time out on the field, I do recall a time Audrey was talking to us about "how do you do it?" and she said she did this for us, as a proof it could be done. Perhaps. It just made me wonder if it was all staged.
Having said that, perhaps she really and truly was able to perform those feats. If so, then all the more weird to me, that because she "cheated" one time, they would get rid of her. She should have been held accountable, but is anyone else's record so clean that Audrey couldn't make a big mistake and then work toward fixing it, without being ridiculed in front of the entire audience, repeatedly ? Many students shunned her. That's just how mature that crowd is. You don't conform, and/or if Ramtha or JZ speaks against anyone, others are afraid to be "guilty by association" and that person is done for. It's disgusting. They are SO controlled and they think they are open minded and free. They're not.

Re: grandma

I am not a current student although i was for all of 2005, attending 54 events and then i graduated myself. I was at a beginner's weekend in Santa Fe,nm in February, 2005 with Audrey showing up to do card work in the hotel room.

65 of 200 people got at least 1 card in less than an hour...by far, the highest % I ever saw in the 5 events i attended. I attributed it to the fact that Audrey simply assumed for the participants that they would get their cards...and they did.

Re: grandma

oops. I meant 5 events not 54.

Re: Re: grandma


first of all, my reply to you is meant only with kindness. but i do have some questions.

have you asked yourself why, if audrey was so powerful and in control of her thoughts and creating her reality, she was fired from her job and accused of cheating to succeed in her discipline of teleportation?

have you researched the statistical probability of 65 people finding 200 cards in an hours time ? out of how many times they "hit the fence" is it probable that they would find a card?

i'm glad you graduated yourself. i'm also glad you took the time to post.

thank you.

Re: grandma

I don't know anything about statistics, whatcha, all I know is that in 2005 I was a beginner, and went to assay 6 and future now which was mostly advanced students and nowhere near that % of cards was found...and i did another beginner intro with Mike, Joe & Gregg and hardly anybody got a card...it's just more enigma of that wild and wacky place called rse.

One thing I dound especially weird at the Future Now event was that its focus was on creating your future and manifesting was the main thing...I manifested 5 quarters in my palm with a witness who sat next to me and by the end of the event, no one asked anyone in the audience if they manifested anything...I came to the conclusion that they did not expect anyone to manifest anything...more enigma.

Re: grandma


Perhaps you also think that if enough people
believe your manifesting story while adding your caveat that RSE is an simply an enigma..
they will ignore the warnings on this forum…
Either way..
If you support RSE and have no issues with JZ Knight then you have no business here.

Enjoy your $1.25 manifestation…….


Re: Re: grandma


i've seen enough at this point, in rse, and heard enough, that i'm skeptical.
there are stories from former staff who have experienced placing things in the laps of students. those students are blindfolded. they assume they manifested those objects.

you said you don't know about the statistical probabilities of finding a card. you also don't appear to care. i would think, if it's possible there is a mathematical explanation for some percentage of folks finding cards, one would want to know about it.

if you do experiments with coin flipping, and you state in advance what you think the coin will be, heads or tails, there will be a run of flips where you are correct, correct, correct....and the you will be and you won't be...and another run where you're wrong, wrong, wrong. i say this to reply to your view of the "enigma" you mentioned in regard to why at some events cards are found a lot, and others there are hardly any found.


you are free to accept the enigma, or to question and dig deeper and find out if there is actually no enigma at all.

Re: grandma

go and claim your 1000000$from the amazing randy and his sceptic club.i will accept then that i am a misserable looser and not somebody who looked through a scam.i think you have your place here too.that was my start too beeing an entusiastic student.beliving what they state.two years ago i asked somebody from staff to give me the sientivic proof of ramtha because that came allways up in disscusions that its veryvied.no problem the staffmember claimed.i havent seen it yet.just recently caroll stated that it not even exist yet.so there is only jzs and some close friends word what realy was told at her pool.i am not doubting that manifestations r possiblle but i dont just take anybodys word for it.

Re: Re: grandma

I listened to a radio interview with Audrey Wolfe (Grandmother) just after she was accused of cheating. She was also accused of trying to impress a man. During the interview she stated that she genuinely did not know what Ramtha was talking about and she had not a clue about any man she was supposedly trying to impress. Perhaps someone in the audience? She did not know and appeared genuine.
The interviewer from Beyond the Ordinary made a stement "that we all know that Ramtha does not lie." Audrey agreed with her. Both seemed perplexed. Some time after there was a second radio interview on BTO that was related to me by a friend. Audrey apparently confessed cheating but I do not know the details. The interviewed berated her for "misleading our listeners."
I have observed in a long term close associate of mine that if the teacher says this is the way it is then it must be.....because after all he is the All Wise Knowing Intelligence. This person would rationalize away her own honesty in preference of what the teacher said and assume she had "something more to learn." If the teacher said this person cheated she is so influenced she would begin to believe it even if it is not the case. I suspect something similar happened with Audrey. I may be wrong. She could have been intimidated into "admitting it." Both radio programs were erased from the BTO archives shortly afterwards.

Re: grandma

there is something stinky going on for sure.
its sounds like obt is having a breakdown and
shooting her own troops.

the following is according to nancy on 7 april 2006:

"Please everybody try not to add to this what is not there, nobody is on a
witch hunt, of course there are consequences to Audrey's actions! She
could have been expelled outright, however Ramtha is a loving God, she
remains a current student and on staff at RSE, but she does not officially
represent RSE at this time therefor it is appropriate to remove her
teaching interviews from BTO for now."

and bto claims to be independent - hah!

Re: grandma

...oops that should read 2005 above!

Re: grandma

there is no mystery here.
i was in the audience and "ramtha" TOLD bto to remove audrey's interviews IMMEDIATELY.

bto independent ? bullxxxx

audrey was shaking and crying when she "succeeded" in her teleportation discipline. she talked to the entire audience about "how did she did it". i saw and heard her myself. she could have been faking it. or, she could have been set up to be kicked out. when blindfolded, if someone dropped her card in her lap, she would of course, believe she manifested it. there are people who believe that is what happened - that is their opinion.

there were shifts in the school at that time. less ramtha, more focus on jz AS jz, and jz in the limelight. audrey was, in my opinion, let go down a slippery slope. she was the subject of discussion in front of the entire audience...which i feel is inappropriate. what boss would discuss personal faults of an employee in front of others ? that is for behind closed doors. she was used and abused. that's my opinion.

"ramtha" has admitted he will lie to the students, and that he is not above or below doing ANYTHING "he" feels it takes to move us. pretty creepy. if you read scientific psychological studies on how people react to being "rewarded inconsistently", it creates almost a paralysis, and a confusion that will lend toward conformity.

......shut up and do what you are told. you are a god, but only your teacher knows what is best for you, so shut up and don't question my authority or you'll be berated in front of the entire audience. you should be your own source of power, so go to the field and sit on the beach and i will come and get you in a few hours.......or a few days.....

ring a bell ?

caveat emptor (for those who don't know, it means buyer beware)

Re: grandma

Audrey had a great deal of authority in RSE due to her accomplishments. The one's on the field could be observed by many. she taught at many Beginning classes and helped bring in a large income for RSE.

It seems she committed a criminal offence.............

Re: grandma

When I think about my observation stated above perhaps Audrey's initial public denial of cheating had consequences. After all her statements are in direct contradiction to the Supreme Authority, Mr. Wonderful.
A teacher of RSE that condradicts his authority could be considered inapproriate for their position under the Dictatorship.
Perhaps Audrey was coerced into admitting that she lied about what happened in order to keep her occupation. Audrey was not just a teacher but was also employed as part of the administrative staff of RSE.
Perhaps she was sacked anyway as it is unthinkable for an official in RSE to contradict the Ultimate Authority. The hypoocrisy of an organization tha preaches mercy and forgiveness.

Re: grandma

you raised an important point as well as triggered a memory.
i remember in an audience after audrey's alleged cheating and what happened later amongst the students. there was a divide - those that believed audrey did not cheat as she said she did not cheat (though later changed her story when she was told if she told the "truth" she could still be employed). hmmm.
anyway, "ramtha" was in audience and yet again talking about audrey,and yelled at the students who believed audrey's word, over "ramtha's" word that she did cheat. the audience got quite a talking to over that ! "ramtha" was not pleased that, as you said, HIS word was questioned over some students. after that, audrey consistently faded away into the woodwork, more and more. then, she left.
i hope she is moving on with her life, alright. but, in my mind, i always wonder if she felt she could say she did not cheat, because she had been "bought" all along. sad that my thoughts have arrived at such a possible conclusion, but it was not without cause.

Re: grandma

When I think about it she probably could not really remain as part of the teaching staff if she admitting to cheating either because of the impact of the alleged offence on her relationship with students.

Thus she might have been in a position where she could not deny it nor admit it either.

Perhaps the real reason for all of it has never been told to anyone.

Re: grandma

sounds to me like you guys pretty much nailed it.

audrey didnt cheat. old sourpuss accused her of
cheating. she went against sourpuss. bad audrey.
audrey repents.

so now audrey is a bad student who cheated and
lied and crossed sourpuss. goodbye audrey.

barring some prodigal return in the future - god
forbid - audrey may have in a strange way found
her freedom.

go audrey! dont look back. write a book about it!

Re: grandma

I have had, or "made" material things appear and dissapear [no winesses], and other such things ram teaches we can do. I also walked in a straight line the first time we had to go from the high end of the field to the tank [back in the old days], I followed an ultra violet blue Line that kept appearing in my frontal lobe [Ram didnt SAY that was supposed to happen, I think it was just My Gods way of getting the idea]. Also, does anyone remember Lloyd Hopkins School in Spanaway called Mindsight, where he taught blind people how to see clearly without physical vision? [There was a great video and he was NOT affiliated with RSE]. I know all Rams teachings are real, and we can DO Them, but its really a time thing we best not be attached to...I thought I could grow all my teeth back, but not yet...darn....So I heard on the radio one day that a man in India started growing his back and he was over 100.... I know we are as powerful as Ram tries to get us to believe, and demonstrate. Its just a slow process. I never cheated in school and was surprised to find out people did. But I did hear JZ Blame her first husband for all the troubles she was having in court, and I wondered why she wasnt fessing up to how he was her MIRROR, or how it takes 2 2 tango. You know what I mean. Im glad I dont go there anymore because its so much more refreshing to be alone, and with everyone at the same time. IM still trying to figure out how to prove the aliens are involved in my love life. I cant wait till 2012, hmm? Whatever......

Re: grandma

Blindfold Billets from the many FAKE Psychic .... they are quite impressive... and use both tape and cotton under the blindfold....

Here is the SECRET to SEE.....

Billet-reading, which can be done with eyes taped like a mummy's, You can merely squinted down the side of my nose and read the billet by maneuvering them close to the body where you can catch a glimpse of them.

Sounds childishly simple, perhaps, but it is a helluva impressive performance. I used to watch mentalists on television and in clubs you will not take a back seat to any of them with this message.

TRY IT... you can see.

Next you mark your card with either a dent on the top or bottom corners... very slight... enough that you can FEEL IT. That is all you need.

Then go easter egg hunting for your index card.

Re: grandma

JZ Blame her first husband for all the troubles she was having in court...

Interesting... you mean...

JZ does NOT create her on reality?

She is mere mortal?