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I am still in shock...

I was a student at RSE for 15 years and this website is a godsend. Thank you so much for doing this, FINALLY.
I left the school 3 years ago and I am still reeling with disbelief that I actually attended for so long (going to virtually everything and always in the most advanced group: blue college, assays, etc.)
This forum is important because it allows for dialogue without the fear of being chastized or discredited for questioning. We were never able to question in the school while all the time thinking we were. There were endless "abstract" discussions about quantum physics, the nature of reality, "unresolved issues", etc. but we were not allowed to EVER question "our teacher" or what we were instructed to do at the events.
It is extremely difficult to have an open sincere conversation with anyone just starting out in the school who is convinced that their dream has come true and they have finally found a place that can answer their burning life-questions. We all believed this but 15 years later I have more questions than ever before and for the first time in my life -- I DON'T WANT ANSWERS from anyone else. I am happy with the grand mystery of Life and I absolutely know, thanks to all my years in the school, that no human being has any answers for me.
I would love for those just beginning to seek out RSE to at least listen to experience. It counts for, to my mind, far more than JZ's marketing.

Re: I am still in shock...

hi quixotic !

thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

you're not alone with your feeling of disbelief over how long you were actually in the school. i was there a few years longer, myself. it's all surreal to think about now.

i'm reading an excellent book.
take back your life
by janja lilich and madeleine tobias

they were in cults and ended up writing a book about it all. excellent information. you can look the book up on amazon.

yes, this IS a forum where we can all speak our minds without being censured to maintain the control of the rse status quo. it's OUR forum.

and i agree it is long overdue. but, it's here now!

fly free....