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transcending ramtha = enlightenment

transcending ramatha = enlightenment

in no way do i mean this allegorically. i have been
saying this for 8 years now. i dont think anyone
ever listened to me. they screened what i was saying
out. transcending gurus and schools (including
jesuses and buddhas and so forth) is the key to
enlightenment. people are very reluctant to see
that, to even consider it. they have umbilical cords
woven tight around their necks. carroll, for example.
he had a total enlightenment experience in the
seventies BEFORE he went to ramtha. did he accept
that? no. he went to ramtha for 23 years. we are all
so stubborn.

leave ramtha. neutralize ramtha. completely. that
is the ticket to total freedom.

some want to make the experience a crucifixion of
sorts. as you wish. i applaud freedom. period.
some go to other gurus. like gangaji. too bad. but
maybe they need a transition phase. the best thing
in my opinion is to just get up and leave. in an
instant. i truly love what erika (carrolls partner)
did. she stood up in an event and shouted across
the arena, "**** YOU RAMTHA". And she went out the
doors and never came back. bravo.

Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment

that's interesting about erika standing up for her belief in such an environment. it's the first i've heard of it. it's also a rare bird who has the courage to do it.
as for folks who get hooked and hang on for a loooong time, i am sure it must be frustrating to observe as an outsider looking in. but, it's just one of those things - you believe the basic teachings and want to do your best to realize them in your life. in the meanwhile, all the red flags ARE there, but everyone that i've talked to as an ex-student has said the same thing - they rationalized things until one day, there were just too many flags flying too high to come up with one more excuse to justify it, anymore. that's the day that some of us have called the cracking of the egg. it's a dreadful experience, though it's a freeing one. it's just OVER and there ya go !!! ~~~ FREE ~~~ even with the tears, we are free. then it's just a matter of time to heal and move on.

Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment


Thank you for a lively and powerful post..
Just to remind everyone..
There are former RSE students who made the EMF website possible,
Who wisely chose to remain anonymous..
Sadly, as predicted.. The Queen Bee is attempting to sting anyone that appears to threaten her RSE honey pot….
The Golden Rule of all dictatorships is to divide and rule,
This is moving into full swing in the Yelm RSE community.

For those that enjoy and support “Ramtha” just remember to take your blinders off should you visit the EMF website…
Who knows.. Perhaps..
You may find yourself stung by the Queen Bee and need some healing balm too?

And we will be here for you.


Go Erika..


Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment


for myself it all comes down to a single thing. in
the example of ramtha, the primary and intrinsic
teaching so-called was 'behold god'. well, if one
really and truly takes such an ideal and goes all of
the way with it, then where does that leave you?
that leaves you with yourself, your essence (or
whatever we choose to call it). does such a one
need a school or a teacher or a community (cult)?
hardly. the school then would have no more intrinsic
value to you than any other feature in the landscape.
even less. to choose to be a student is not to
choose to behold god. that is rather the age old
game of choosing to chase god. and to do that is
to suffer. the value in rse is if one can use it
to at last cure themselves of their own schism.
there is no behold god in the school. and there is
no behold god in any other school either. it is all
a trick that we play on ourselves.

caveat emptor.

it's really pretty funny when you think about it.
ramtha's own teachings themselves point to the
need to disown ramtha. sovereignty IS sovereignty.
but we all seem to automatically fall right into
the waiting game, the game of progressive liber-
ation (there is no such thing), and communal and
parental modalities...without even thinking about
it (or questioning it). obey ramtha (or jesus).
why? because you are not god?

to stay is to lose. to go is to be free. it doesn't
matter whether ones experience there was nice or
it was nasty. that is not the point, in my opinion.
personal freedom is the only thing.

i am a proponent of ragnarok. in ragnarok all of
our demons come to the surface, and all of our gods
die. in the end, you are just left with yourself.
a bit tattered and torn perhaps...but real.

Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment

hey david-

last night was truly strange. a freaking windstorm
came thru here around midnight from the south, the
likes of which i had never seen. there was the
weirdest neon green-blue lightning bursts (or some-
thing) in the clouds, that lingered and was not
followed by thunder. power was out all morning.

i live about 3 hours north of you did. did the ****
hit the fan down there last night? did the whole
gang liberate themselves in one fell swoop? is the
charade over at last?

Re: Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment

hi nyk,

i partially agree with what you're saying. i don't agree with your position that whether the experiences at the school were "good or bad" doesn't matter. in my opinion, certain experiences there are abusive, and that's never okay. and when children are present, it's really never okay.

so that's the line i would draw with that.

if adults choose to attend rse, they are free to do that, and they are responsible to do that. to a point. there is also a responsibility on the part of the rse admin. they have failed to have a business that aligns itself to the percentage of the teachings that say masters are noble, virtuous, compassionate, loving, above ALL first three seals (that would include all disrespect, wine swearing/drunken/hitting/sexual experiences that the teacher facilitates, stealing, competitiveness, control issues, lying, disregard for human life, etc).

that the teachings also contradict themselves 180 degrees at times, is also not okay. that causes confusion in people, at least.

i really do understand your point and what you're saying in terms of making the realization that we really do have our own essence. that realization is a gift of life, and the freedom inherent in it. but it doesn't justify the means to the end.

"ramtha" said years ago, "i will love you info life."

that simply does not jive with the goings on at the school - unless - to justify the abusive behavior, one says (as some of them do), that the teacher knows best, so they then equate love with abuse, and it's encouraged that they do so. i have heard it said there, myself, that "it's for your own good that i swear at you, etc."

so if my spouse says to me, "but i just slapped you silly because it will do you some good" am i going to justify that as for my own benefit ? of course not. if i do that to my children would it be true ? of course not. so my position is it isn't true for any individual or group.

a friend of mine once said that we're here to LIVE our lives and she doesn't think it's wise to get too caught up in the trappings of the metaphysical. i never agreed with her until the last few years. if reincarnation is real, fine. but right now, THIS is what i am doing - living this life that i am aware of and i want it to be to the fullest.

and to the loss of rse, that doesn't include being a student in that abusive school.

i'm okay with not fully agreeing. that goodness we are free to do that ! i'm just explaining for the sake of sharing viewpoints, why i feel the way i do.

if rse and whomever is "real" and in charge there, genuinely cared about the evolution of its students, it could have been above reproach from start to end, because it exemplified the epitomy of godliness from the 4th seal up. but it is FULL of humanity. don't need to go there to know what that is all about, or to experience it.

i see more truth in myself, and in the eyes of my children and in my own back yard, than i ever did in rse.

Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment


It seems we are not the only one cleaning up the neighborhood..
Gaia… blew through last night…
Another wave coming through tonight, time to buckle up..fill the bathtub with water… and buy essential supplies..

will post later


Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment

anyway the wind blows.a phenomen like this got reported during the storms down here bevore new year.xetk

Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment


i believe you present the best arguments i have yet
heard in these forums for the public neutralization
of rse. you are lucid and balanced. such an integral
approach, without too much selective bias, will
be of great service in the advancement of this
educational mission. a sober approach.

Re: Re: transcending ramtha = enlightenment

thank you.
...and it's free...
in more than one way.