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Cycle of Abuse

Those who say that the “RSE” is not a cult, or, as JZ’s “Ramtha” has also said – not a “New Agey” thing, not “spiritual mumbo-jumbo – are in some ways correct. The content of JZ’s ““Ramtha”’s” “teachings” is from valid sources, at the least, published sources. Although many would disagree with the content of the “teachings”, many of the principles presented, if understood and applied in their appropriate context and fullness of understanding, would “indeed” bring about spectacular “manifestations”. The issue, therefore is not the “RSE’s” apparent cultness or New Ageness, nor the information taught. The concern emerges from the fact that the RSE is a profit making business (even in the days when it was overtly a non-profit ‘religion’/church); and the context in which the information is taught is clearly, and consistently a classic manifestation of what is known as the cycle of abuse. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear simply listen to an audio tape or view a video of JZ Knight’s “Ramtha”. It’s obvious – and utterly predictable.
“I love you.” “You are my people”.
“Only I recognize the truth of who you are”.
“You are gods”.
TENSION PHASE “Ramtha” says:

-“You’ve looked everywhere for the truth and haven’t been able to find it”.
-“Your churches have let you down”.
-“I am the only one who can show you the way to become all you were meant to be”.
-“You are lazy”.
-“You are hung up on your image.” “You care about how you look, you care about your relationships, your marriages, you care about your children more than you care about God”. “If you listen to me, I’ll teach you.”
-“If you leave, you are loved, but you will die”. “
-“You have to be willing to give up everything you have considered important”.
-“You criticize me, and look for support from outsiders to deride the ‘disciplines’ – because you think you’re better than the ‘disciplines’ – when in reality
you’re not:
ABUSE STAGE “Ramtha” says:
-(you’re not) committed enough, you’re not passionate enough, you’re not_________ enough”.
- “Ramtha” uses peoples’ human-ness against them and “beats” them with it – verbally, and physically.
- Sometimes “students” are put through 8 to 12 or more consecutive hours, sometimes days, of disciplines with no allowable breaks – after which “Ramtha” tells them they were more concerned with their bladders and their stomachs than they were with attaining ‘analogical mind’ / manifesting / reaching the void / finding their card / etc.
- Sometimes “Ramtha” berates the audience with their lack of will – and in spite of all he has sacrificed to be here, and all his daughter has sacrificed so he could be here and all the ways he’s tried to teach truth, the students still aren’t getting it because they’re not trying hard enough or wanting to enough – are simply not enough.
- One example: In the morning of the last day of a 21 day “event”, “Ramtha” berated the audience for at least an hour because they had been thinking of the animals or children or gardens they’d left unattended (even though “Ramtha” had insisted everyone grow their own food and keep chickens and goats and cows, and have children). We had dared to think outside of “the Ranch”, about something other than “Ramtha” and “the teachings”. The ultimate punishment was that we were to be sent home early. We’d all been so high on what we’d learned and done – as well as in a state of total exhaustion due to sleep and food deprivation – and were completely devastated. Some people broke down in uncontrollable tears.
- The rationalization for “Ramthas” self proclaimed “outrageous” behavior is to “wake” people “up” out of their lethargy, laziness, stuckness in image, blindness to their non-analogical neurotic physical thoughts and acts. If the students weren’t so __________ then “Ramtha” wouldn’t have to act that way.
- “Ramtha” threatens/promises to “bring people down” if they did / thought /said _______________________.
- “Ramtha” makes it very clear that if you don’t “get” “the teaching” you will die. If you die without “getting it”, Light Beings in the 3rd dimension will eat you.
- During the era of “Wine Ceremonies”:
- A “Wine Ceremony” entails drinking 3 large glasses of wine straight down, one right after the other.
- The person sitting next to you is to make certain that each of your glasses is full.
- The instruction is that the wine has a scientifically proven effect on a human beings capacity to transcend their ordinary thinking into extra ordinary enlightenment.
- It was also taught that “The Wine Ceremony” is of a sacred tradition throughout the history of humankind.
- As demonstrated by “Ramtha”, students are instructed to smoke a pipe.
- It is taught that it has been scientifically proven that tobacco, particularly in interaction with wine consumption, facilitates the transcendent experience.
-“The Truth Teachings” during which a drunk “Ramtha” would call upon a drunk ‘student’ and expose their most intimate thoughts and behaviors.
- A drunk “Ramtha” would curse, use obscene language and gestures, mock, accurse and berate the audience for all their humanness.
- A drunk audience were told to dance to loud “1st seal” music as demonstrated by a drunk “Ramtha” and instructed that this overtly sexual dancing by drunk participants was a sacred act of sacred union.
- “Ramtha” acknowledged that sexual activity took place during “The Wine Ceremony” events by discussing the babies born of such drunken sexual activity.
- “The Wine Ceremonies” are defended with a cloak of religious sacredness for the elect and therefore incomprehensible to the uninitiated/ un-elected/ not a “Student” of “Ramtha”.
- “Ramtha” instructed sober alcoholics to participate in “Wine Ceremonies” if they were sincere in their desire to attain enlightenment; and assured them they would not be harmed.
- Once sober alcoholics lost their sobriety.
- Once non-alcoholics have become chronic drinkers.
- Children were present during “The Wine Ceremonies”.
- “Ramtha” encouraged “Students” to start taking the anti-depressant Prozac.
- “Ramtha” taught “the Students” that “Prozac” would enhance their ability to learn, to become enlightened, to be able to control their lives.
- In the video of “Two Paths” “Ramtha” brags that the fact ‘he’ has consumed 4 bottles of wine without evidence of it proves it is ‘he’ “Ramtha” in the body and not “his daughtern”.
- During a “Wine Ceremony” “Ramtha” threw-up on stage.
- “Ramtha’s” “Guards” have had to pick up JZ Knight’s drunk body when it has stumbled.
-Although the RSE has moved on from frequent “Wine Ceremonies”, a drunk “Ramtha” will unexpectedly come into the meeting arena at the end of an event while everyone is packing up to leave and curse and use obscene language berating the event’s participants.
“Ramtha” says:
-“You are my beloved people”.
-“Your churches don’t love you, your spouses don’t know love you, your children don’t love you as I do.
-Noone loves you as I do.
-Listen to “Ramtha”, attend as many “events” as you can, and you will be a manifesting god.

THE HOOK: These techniques to get people to attend as many events as possible have been used for 30 years, and have become somewhat predictable – i.e. when attendance at events is falling off, or near the due date for property taxes.
-“My daughtern won’t be allowing me to use her body much longer.”
-You soon won’t be able to travel to attend events.
-“Ramtha is leaving this dimension.”


Re: Cycle of Abuse

An excellent piece of writing Grace. My comments are in brackets.

Here is an excerpt on the Wine Ceremonies taken from the objection lodged to the Attorney General's Department.

They are the words of Mr. Kaukl, the Lawyer employed by JZK Inc.

(5) Wine ceremonies are held. They result in drunken bacchanalia.
Children are exposed to wine and tobacco. There have been incidents of pedophile assaults. (This part is a very abbrieviated summary of what I presented)

Wine ceremonies have been a part of events. Indeed, wine ceremonies form a core activity of most Christian liturgical activities.

( Have you ever seen a Christian gathering like the descriptions of an RSE Wine Ceremony????? An organization that is thoroughly against the concept of religion finds it appropriate to use it at their convenience.
WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS IS TRUTH !!! Yeah right. Lets start the ball rolling with RSE coming clean and not lying.)

Children are not allowed to attend events without a parent or guardian. The School does not sanction providing alcohol to minors in a manner contrary to State law.

(In the presentation I stated that minors SMOKED PIPES illegally under USA law and that children observed the drunkeness)

This policy was thoroughly researched and is scrupulously enforced.

(It is well enforced when students are abusive to RED Guards. I know someone who did this and was expelled for one year. Scrupulously enforced????? I do not believe anyone carted Ramtha off to the nearest A.A. meeting when he got plastered at the primary follow up in 2006)

Similarly, the School does not sanction overindulgence.

(Yes. It states that on the RSE website. Those measures were implemnted AFTER the worst of it. The school might not sanction it but Ramtha does what he likes and the staff administer accordingly.)

Obviously inebriated persons are not admitted to, or allowed to remain at, events. Ms. Knight maintains a full-time security staff for the protection of event attendees, in the arena and elsewhere on
the grounds.
(i Have heard that they have been drunk as well)

The only incident of pedophilia of which I am aware involved a
former employee and an underage female student ward of the employee, and it
occurred at his private residence, not at the ranch. When Ms. Knight became
aware of the incident from another student, she directed me to inform the
Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's office of the identity of the witness and
to advise the authorities that she would do everything in her power to assist in
prosecuting the offender. She banned the former employee from attending any
further events. As the victim of childhood abuse herself, Ms. Knight is highly
motivated to prevent any such conduct on her premises and the suggestion
that she tolerates or encourages it is irredeemably preposterous.

(My informant stated that most attendees are well known for not standing up for their rights because they fear divulging sacred teachings because of the gag order they are virtually forced to sign. My contact stated that they created a children's tent AFTER children were molested at Wine Ceremonies implying that the changes were due to the molestations. )

Wonder if members of the RSE Corporation are willing to swear their honesty on the Bible ?????

Re: Cycle of Abuse

its quite a phenomen how people excuse their teacher for behaviour you never would get away with.or ignore it.i still strugle with this.your fews help me to get this in perspective.thanks.i witnesed things you describe.most is very accurate.the problem is ramtha acted on other ocasion in the opposit maner.there is allways the excuse of no you see it wrong.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Yes Ramtha does act differently on occasions. I have been fortunate never to attend an event that had a Wine Ceremony in it.

The extent of the drunkeness, debauchery and abuse I found out relatively recently.

At Assay 6 in 2005 there was not one filthy word uttered by Ramtha, no wine and no debased dialogue. The Tank was back in use at this event. It was shut down for many years for reasons unknown to me. Assay 6 was pleasant as far as an event goes.

The only problem was I asked around amongst people I knew attended if anything in their reality had changed afterwards. These were people that had been current for many years. One was in na well paid occupation and went to both required follow ups.
The main theme for the assay was, "I have always lived in my brain in the future." This was focussed on a lot.

Not one person had anything of any significance change in their reality at all. One had "profound realizations." The most profound is for all that money given it does not produce any change in the hypothetically holographic universe.

I met a lady who worked in one of the local coffee shops. People would come in and chat and thus she knew a lot about lots of the lives of the advanced students. She had decided not to attend anymore. She came with financial backing, was reduced to financial desperation and decided she was not going to give any more money to RSE. She had been a student for some years.
It was obvious to her that no one was "getting it." Students were trying to get her to come back. They had a vested interest in it. It would alleviate their underlying doubts..............

Re: Re: Cycle of Abuse

i've witnessed wine ceremonies. i'll write about it on here sometime soon.
i've heard of the goings on at wine ceremonies i have not attended. some of the info is recorded and has been sold, where teachings are given 'under the influence'. they speak for themselves, and it's not pretty.

christel, it's so true what you said about when students leave. there is pressure to return and do so quickly. if you don't, you get shunned by almost all students. what loving, 4th seal masters, hahahaha. one minute they're your "friend" and the next minute, you are like you never existed. i'm so glad i am free of all of that.

i have compassion for their lack of depth. one day, perhaps the lights will come on in their heart. they critize religions, and they think they are superior. but they are just the same as any group who can't or won't tolerate anyone outside of their belief system.
quite hypocritical.

i have a "friend" who is still current, and who will not respond to me anymore. after knowing this person for MANY years, and having them sign their emails, "love, so and so", hahahahaah, it was very shallow, indeed. i have not changed toward them, but they have rejected me.

i'm patiently waiting.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

The abuse is far more covert and insidious than wine ceremonies - I was gone before the wine ceremonies so those of you more 'recent' folks can speak to that. But there has ALWAYS, at least from '88, been the emotional/psychological/spiritual yo-yo phenomena. The:you're wonderful, exceptional, brilliant; you need me /"Ramtha" to reach your full potential; you're lazy, stuck in image, not sufficiently passionate.
Another 'trick' is - one of you is a real initiate. Just think, even now, what that statement does to your insides.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

p.s. During the time that I attended JZK Inc's Ramtha audience, Ramtha didn't curse. In fact, in the mid 80s a VERY BIG deal was made about NOT cursing. There was a specialty tape -blocking the title right now - but to curse was to manifest your words - i.e. say **** and you may end up with diarhea or clogged plumbing or some such.
In the early 90's we danced -but a rhythmic - against the rhythm of the music - at a different beat than what your entire body was experiencing.... Now think about what that does to you --- We didn't have 'specific frequencys' in the 80's or '90's. We had 'analogical mind' as the great carrot in the Void.
There's a clue here to how come the "teachings" don't work -- There is always, in one form or another, a schizophrenic twist to them - a duality is created in the guise of creating oneness. We are taught to impose our will on the universe. Kinda like holding back a tsunami with a paper cup --(understanding, of course that all enlightened students won't be near a tsunami when it hits....) - It's the story of the 3 wishes - known throughout time and culture -- we simply aren't smart enough to know all the parameters of any given situation, moment --- If the flap of a butterfly's wing can effect the weather across the world from where it is -- no matter what kinda "Master" you are, you can't know enough. Ramtha sets people against themselves - feelings vs spirit, body vs mind you vs your family . Somehow all that is pure and beautiful about a (stolen) truth taught by Ramtha becomes twisted dualistic struggle. For example: There's nothing inherently wrong or bad or abusive about sitting in silence. Being threatened into it, being set up for it with the accusation that you're not passionate enough; not having gone through the years of spiritual journeying it takes to arrive at the place of simply wanting to sit in silence - that's abusive. The video set "Two Paths" tells you right in the title. In the 80's the "teaching" was you are loved as you are, warts and all; love who you are; and when you succeed - give thanks to the God within you. It was about the power of. The contemporary Ramtha teaches mind over matter. Dualism. Out of JZ's mouth. Completely opposite of what Ramtha said in the '80's when his words would be true a hundred years from then.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

i am personally very glad to hear that so many
are now waking up.

Re: Re: Cycle of Abuse


along the line of being taught dualism, you have evoked a memory. we were told that the experience of armageddon was WITHIN US.

hmmm. it sure was. it was planted there.

the carrot was always kept just out of reach and the desperate students were always trying their darndest to reach it.

yes, the discrepancy between the old teaching of how one shouldn't swear and the new teaching about how we all swear and we ought to just not think we're too good for hearing the teacher swear, either...it's enough to cause confusion for many folks.

but there are always excuses for discrepancies. maybe not good ones, but excuses nonetheless. some people choose to believe them and others see the bullxxxx . uh oh. did i say that ?

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Hi all! I would like to add to the information on abuse. I took a course, in 2005, in a process to rewire circuits of belief in the brain, called Psych-K. The man who founded this does regular workshops with Bruce Lipton; JZ doesn't allow his book to be sold in her stores. I began using this process on myself to "balance" & change the wiring. One day I did a balance to correct the belief in the subconscious that I couldn't manifest what I choose in life. As I was doing the balance repeating that I can manifest what I choose, a "voice" in my mind literally shouted "YOU CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT". I have come to know my mind enough that I know the voices of my mind or recordings of my parents are either in my voice or that of the person who's thought I accepted. This was a voice I didn't recognize. After, came the "insight" that this was the voice of "Ramtha" or whoever, & it was subliminally downloaded. I then realized that this was the probable explanation why I'd wake up so angry when I used to listen to "The List" during my sleep time. I feel there are other subliminal messages (not for our good) that have been programmed using these tools. Just a warning. M.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Nice website .

I have a question about what someone mentioned up top, and I hope it is OK for me to ask about this .

The statement was
"As demonstrated by “Ramtha”, students are instructed to smoke a pipe. - It is taught that it has been scientifically proven that tobacco, particularly in interaction with wine consumption, facilitates the transcendent experience."

My question is, what kind of pipe does these Ramtha students get instructed to smoke, and is this instruction in any way an imitation of an American Indian pipe ceremony ?

Are any of the pipes used by any of these students, the ones used in American Indian ceremonies that have a red pipe stone bowl and a long straight stem that comes apart from the bowl ?

If pipe stone pipes are used in these instructions, that would be one more type of abuse going on in that school. Abuse of American Indian traditions and ceremonies .

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Louis - it's definitely an ok question. The type of pipe that 'R' uses is just a standard curved pipe, like the old fashioned english kind. Generally, everyone is free to pick what type of pipe they use, could be straight, could be curved or whatever. So, I guess it's possible that someone would choose a traditional American Indian pipe but there are no specific instructions to do so. That said, I haven't been to an 'event' in years so maybe someone who has attended more recently has more updated info.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Littlewiseone has answered accurately and to update smoking...JZ had an emphysema problem as the result of being a smoker. She claimed that she moved to a new part of her brain where she never was a smoker. (We report, you decide.)

Sometime after that an announcement was made that "Ramtha" would no longer smoke out of respect to the channel.

Question...if "Ramtha" is the all powerful, omnipotent entity "he" and JZ claim he is how could "his" smoking affect her body? Could it be that she quit smoking which meant that "Ramtha" had to quit smoking because they are one and the same?????

Re: Cycle of Abuse

the students went to the local wine shops for
look alikes of "Ramtha's" pipes.
Monkey see, monkey do.
(English variety)

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Why didn't Ramtha "cure" JZ's emphysema so that he could smoke till the cows came home, so to speak. I, without a doubt believe they are the one and the same.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

Where is the proof that JZ ever really had emphysema ? I don't mean their hearsay...I mean PROOF. Why weren't the doctor's records shown on the big ol' screens in the arena ? Didn't JTR say he asked for proof/paperwork as RSE says they will share the proof, but the paperwork was never forthcoming, despite asking for something like six MONTHS ? Gee, what's the big secret ? Anything to hide ? Like, maybe there never was any illness TO cure ?

If she did, where is the proof that she cured herself and it's ALL gone ?

Just wonderin'... I've heard so much bologna there, that I don't believe anything they say anymore.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

'Tis true, over the years JZ has come up with one illness after another...she claimed that she had fibromyalgia which just EXHAUSTED her so she couldn't channel so much...this went on for years. One does have to wonder what the real story was because from a "create your own reality" point of view why would JZ create a debilitating illness like that? Couldn't be more emotional manipulation, could it? You know, sympathy for the channel who works SO HARD...not to mention scarcity manipulation - JZ can't channel "Ramtha" because she is exhausted so you had better come to as many events as possible in case there is no "Ramtha" anymore.

Cult tactics 101.

Re: Cycle of Abuse

never occurred to me that she
made illnesses up....

something tells me though, that
chronic smoking did do something to her,
now that she has quit.

and that fine glossy that JZ had printed up
with the documentation from Kathy May.
How many pills a day does she actually
take? Where is the BLue Body healing
in all of that? With all those