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"Just the facts"

The intention of the following pieces of information is to clarify, from my perspective, some misperceptions and misconceptions that I have experienced in relationship to the JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”.
There have been a multiplicity of definitions given to JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” - out of JZ Knight’s mouth, written by her publicity staff and her lawyer, and staunchly proclaimed by her customers - including “church”, “religion”, and “school”. JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” has stated that “The School” is not about “spiritual mumbo-jumbo”. JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” have been accused of being a cult, a “New Age” thing, and/or that JZ Knight is demon possessed. According to its legal definition, “Ramtha” and the “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” are none of the above definitions. They are merely aspects of a profit making business. (Since JZK Inc. and its “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” are a profit making business, the word “customer” will be used in the following to refer to people who purchase JZK Inc.’s product(s) – including admission to what is known as JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”. Such customers have previously been known/referred to as “Ramsters”.) Although much of the ‘contents’ and ‘packaging’ of JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” have changed 180 degrees from its ‘contents’ and ‘packaging’ in the 1980’s , its product, so called “enlightenment”, is a collection of ‘truths’ which can be found in a diversity of times and spiritual traditions, as well as contemporary published works. It is evidenced in the audio and video material created and sold through JZK Inc., and experienced by many of its customers, that JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” utilize ancient and contemporary techniques of mental and emotional manipulation; and consistently present its product of enlightenment in a pattern of behaviors closely resembling that which is known as “the Cycle of Abuse” .
In the video set “Two Paths”, JZ Knight’s “Ramtha” uses as proof of “Ramtha’s” existence the fact that the consumption of 4 bottles of wine has had no effect on JZ’s body. Nevertheless, after 4 bottles of wine JZ Knight’s “Ramtha” slurs and mispronounces words, the New Mexico twang accent slips into the former British accented pet phrases of an earlier version of JZ Knight’s “Ramtha”. On the video “Where Angels Fear to Tread” the body of JZ Knight is clearly drunk. It has been reported by attendees of JZK Inc. “Ramtha” events that JZ Knight’s body has thrown up on stage, and has been known to stagger and fall when walking around the meeting arena. It has been reported by attendees of JZK Inc. “Ramtha” events that JZ Knight’s Ramtha has come into the meeting arena at the end of an event obviously drunk and spewing obscenities. JZ Knight’s “Ramtha” explains such behavior as necessary to shock and “wake-up” the “Students”/customers.
Out of JZ Knight’s mouth and in her autobiography have been repeated statements that “Ramtha” and she lie.
For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see the “Life After RSE Gathering” videos, (google search: videoLARSE):
- The “Life After RSE Gathering” was publicly and clearly stated to be for those people who wanted to move on from their involvement with JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”. Common sense would indicate that the opposite is implied: i.e. the “Life After RSE Gathering” was not intended for people who are satisfied with their current involvement with JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”.
- JZ Knight Inc’s staff and customers complained about the Nisqually Valley News’ coverage of an activity for “a handful of people”, which was therefore not newsworthy. The facts are that the “Life After RSE Gathering is the first time anyone has had the courage to organize and publicly announce a gathering for former JZK Inc.’s customers; and the potential number of attendees of the L.A.R.S.E. Gathering was in the thousands.
- Joe Szimhart was the speaker at the “Life After RSE Gathering”. He agreed to come to Yelm WA from the east coast for free, and to accept whatever donations were made in lieu of his normal fee for similar speaking engagements. He has personal and professional experience with organizations similar to JZ Knight Inc’s “Ramtha” and “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”. He is a professional artist. He is currently employed as a crisis intake worker for a state psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania.
He shared his personal experience and his professional knowledge.
He demonstrated that he has information of the essence and history of religions, spiritual groups, and sacred traditions past and present.
He did not proselytize, as accused by some JZK Inc.’s customers, nor encourage nor emphasize nor recommend any particular religion, spiritual group, sacred tradition, school, teacher, master or guru or organization.
He recommended a few books that deal with the phenomena of how people give up their freedom to an organization or person.
He did not, as accused, promote the sale of his book. Joe Szimhart has not written a book.
- Free will donations were requested and clearly stated as optional. There was no fee for attendance at the Gathering, and nothing was sold at the Gathering.
- It was accurately predicted that JZK Inc. would send people to spy on the Gathering.
- Paid staff of JZK Inc. were instructed by their employer to attend.
- Steve Klein sent an email to all JZK Inc.’s RSE customers/“Ramsters” encouraging them to attend, stating: “My trurth is that every local RSE student would wish to attend and assist this group to "'move on' with their lives" by listening, learning and wishing them well in their endeavors. Perhaps there may be an opening to share your personal accomplishments, healings and contemplations with the intent of uplifting the collective from those of you that have broken through your "walls" to share what integrating this work into our lives has meant…”
- As can be heard on the LARSE videos, the staff and customers of JZK Inc. obvious intention at the LARSE Gathering was to sabotage the speaker, by attempting to put him on the defensive – including battering him about his stated Catholicism, discrediting his statements, and filibustering his time.
- Consistently JZK Inc. customers use JZ Knight’s Ramtha’s words regarding people who are no longer customers. For example those who no longer attend JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” are said to be “quitters”, “resentful”, “failures”, “caught in victim consciousness”, “lazy”, “unwilling to do their “disciplines””, and “attached to their image”. The few former customers of JZK Inc. who had the opportunity to speak at the LARSE Gathering emphatically stated otherwise. We former JZK Inc. customers who were gathered agreed that, in fact, we had been sincere and dedicated students and that we had finally awakened, “indeed”, to the fact that we were being fooled; that we had to go through a healing process to overcome the misinformation and misdirection at JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”; that we recognized that we didn’t need a god outside of ourselves to know God Who is constantly teaching us and leading us; and that our lives were fuller and more creative as a result of our healing from our RSE experience. Furthermore, we agreed that although we have been victims of an abusive situation, we have the courage and strength to move on, and to reach out to support other awakened JZK Inc. customers.

The above reflects my personal perspectives and opinions.

Re: "Just the facts"

"Consistently JZK Inc. customers use JZ Knight’s Ramtha’s words regarding people who are no longer customers. For example those who no longer attend JZK Inc.’s “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” are said to be “quitters”, “resentful”, “failures”, “caught in victim consciousness”, “lazy”, “unwilling to do their “disciplines””, and “attached to their image”."

it is my view that those who stay in the school and
the yelm scene are the failures. has anyone noticed
that there is no 'graduation' in the ramster school?
that then leaves only self-graduation. and that
requires a self that is itself. unfortunately many
selves trade the hive consciousness of the world-
at-large for the ramster version of exactly the
same thing.