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Here is a letter sent to the Editor of the Nisqually Valley News. To date this has not been published.

Breach Of Safety Regulations?

Dear Editor,
In 1989 Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment conducted a retreat in what is known as the “arena.” In those days it was a dirt floor indoor horse-riding arena. The arena was evacuated during the event and only 50 people were permitted to be seated inside.

I understand this was because the arena did not meet Fire Safety Standards for accommodating the students. The arena had been upgraded by the next event with a maximum seating of 999. Exits had been added and the horse entry modified.
Over the years many events have exceeded this number by hundreds. On some occasions all of the participants had lighted candles.

In the last few months the Thurston County Fire Marshal’s Office was informed of this. A representative stated that they were investigating. The representative, Bobby May, used the term “overfill” referring to arena numbers and yet when questioned has not responded to emails asking him to confirm the lawful limit permitted, nor the outcome of the investigation.

RSE for most of its operation has accommodated whoever is willing to pay for an event. Signups can be at the door within moments of the event starting. So usually the exact number of those attending is never concluded until the event begins. During the verbal presentations it is customary for all attendees to be inside the arena.

A statement from the RSE website: “The Great Hall can accommodate as many as 2000 students seated in assigned spaces on the Astroturf floor.” The RSE administration is aware of this statement. How can it be concluded that the arena (also known as the Great Hall) accommodates 2000 people if the assigned seating limit marked on the floor is 999?

Sitting on the floor in a space approximately 2/12 ft. square makes conditions incredibly cramped and appears to be well over the limit for effective fire safety standards. The lawful limit remains an unanswered question.

I hope my concerns are addressed before an overcrowding tragedy occurs at RSE.

Christel Ricke,


RSE Truths Revealed

Recently an objection was lodged with the Department of the Attorney General against the practices and offerings of the RSE organization.

RSE is a privately owned, for profit, Washington Corporation that offers “education” in the quantum science of creating the material world as the product for its customer base.

Included in this is the instruction of how to accomplish sending and receiving (telepathy), remote view (seeing an object that is not visible to the eyes), bilocation (teleportation), levitation, invisibility, blindfolded archery, seeing through playing cards , healing any known disease and the ceasing of aging. The lure of attending RSE is to accomplish these things with the ultimate view of having these abilities in daily life. Some of these things are taught in the very first class.

The presentation above is in direct conflict with the statement given to the Attorney General by the lawyer employed by J.Z. Knight Inc.

Mr. Douglas Kaukl of Puyallup states, “The teachings are not intended, and certainly not guaranteed, to develop occult powers. The teachings are intended to allow the student to create an harmonious relationship with God and the student’s place in the universe, to the end that in daily activities at school, work, or play the student will achieve a sense of inner fulfillment and equilibrium.”

“Ramtha” has been consistently outspoken against the concept of any religion. It is well known by students and is observable in publicly available material. Mr. Kaukl states, “It is my informed opinion that Ms. Knight’s school, at which the Teachings of Ramtha are presented, is religious in nature”.

Customers need to be aware that RSE’s lawful standpoint of what they offer is vastly different to what is presented at the classes. People are unwittingly paying a very high price for an “education” that in fact offers nothing more than a conventional religion according to the informed words of the lawyer of J.Z. Knight. If it was stated openly and honestly what RSE actually offers, according to the lawyer’s definition, I for one would never have attended.

Christel Ricke,
Former long-term student,


This next letter was sent to sand published by the Nisqually Valley News (the local paper in the Yelm area) later in 2006.

Not one student of RSE or the administration can prove Ramtha’s teaching.

Dear Editor/Readers,
There is always a proliferation of defense of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment every time there is any objection against it. In actual fact there is not one student of RSE, past or present can prove the education given at RSE after18 years of its operation. Likewise the staff and JZ Knight cannot prove it either.

There is almost no consistency of any student to accomplish anything taught and many have been students for greater than 15 years.

Putting forward the benefits of RSE as greater commerce in the Yelm area or the important workplace occupations, or accomplishments, of some of the students is irrational.

An educational institution can be evaluated by the number of students who accomplish a certain level, as presented by the teacher, with consistency. That is what the customers have paid for. In this case a very high price.

The Preliminary Level of accomplishment put forward by “Ramtha” (put simply for those uninvolved) was to become an honest person, free of emotional, ulterior motives for one’s actions; that emotions such as anger, guilt and hatred all have an ulterior motive of controlling other people.
“Ramtha” stated that prior to puberty the thymus gland in the body is large and the energy in the body is sitting in the chest area. At puberty the energy descends and the thymus gland shrinks to the size of a pea. The person also adopts the attitude of their gender.

When a student has transcended all of these emotions the energy rises again. The person becomes an individual adopting an attitude of neither gender. It is described similar to the kundalini of yogic tradition. The thymus gland swells and the body regenerates and becomes youthful again.
Quite obviously a birth certificate, an ID and witnessing the body of a student can prove this teaching.

No one that has been involved can prove this. Not one graduate at the base level since the school’s inception. Words mean nothing unless they can be validated.

Christel Ricke,
Attended RSE for 7 years, applied instruction for an additional 10 years.
Last Attended in 2005.


It's heartening to know that the Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe brought down the Gentle Wind Project for Deceptive practices and violations…

The Gentle Wind Project violates the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act.

AUGUST 14, 2006


Attorney General Steven Rowe announced today that the State has entered into a consent decree with The Gentle Wind Project, a Kittery-based charitable organization, and six named defendants (collectively, “GWP”) who served as officers or directors for many years. The consent decree resolves violations of the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act relating to GWP’s claims about its so-called “healing instruments,” and violations of law relating to the mismanagement of the charity and its funds by those who held positions of fiduciary responsibility.

The “healing instruments” were manufactured and distributed by GWP from designs that allegedly came from the “Spirit World” via telepathic impressions received by the charity’s founder, John Miller. GWP claimed that the instruments repair a person’s “etheric,” or invisible energetic structure, which then improves one’s emotional, mental, and even physical functioning. The instruments were sold to consumers via GWP’s website and through “seminars” for requested “donations” of often hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the design. The research that GWP claimed to have done on the instruments does not support their alleged benefits. The Unfair Trade Practices Act, as interpreted by the Federal Trade Commission and the federal courts, requires that any express or implied health claims be substantiated by objective and reliable scientific evidence. In the absence of such evidence, the claims are deceptive.

The named defendants have agreed to pay civil penalties and costs and to an injunction that prohibits them from making certain health and research claims about the “healing instruments” or from serving as fiduciaries or advisors for any other Maine nonprofit. The parties have also agreed that GWP will be dissolved, and its remaining assets distributed by the Attorney General as restitution to consumers who purchased a “healing instrument” since 2003 and to a Maine charity whose charitable mission is to provide services to those with mental health disabilities.

“We believe that this is a just resolution of the violations of law committed by the defendants. People who give money to a Maine charity should be able to trust in its integrity, and in the integrity of those who are charged with its operation. This charity damaged the public’s trust and it should not be allowed to continue,” Rowe said.

The consent decree and order that were filed in the York County Superior Court late last week will become final once approved by the Court. Attorney General Rowe praised Assistant Attorney General Carolyn Silsby for her work in the case.


Gentle Wind Project http://www.gentlewindproject.org/