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I would like to share an experience here, as a former RSE student. When I had seen so many red flags in the "school", I found that I had nowhere to turn to talk about my experiences. Even if other students had felt the "something is wrong", they didn't want to talk much about it. It really goes against the grain there, to express any level of dissent, and you are blamed for it. I felt that I was NOT to blame, and that in fact, we are ALL responsible for our words and deeds. Therefore, when others do/say things that are inappropriate, THEY are responsible for it, and I am, if I say/do those things. Yet, those in "authority", were never accountable and always blamed students for any wrong.

If the teacher verbally blasted a student, or physically hit one, they were not accountable ? It's the student's fault ? The student controls the words/deeds of the teacher? An ascended master cannot control such harsh words/actions? Why would an ascended master choose to teach by berating a student in front of an audience? Because they needed it, they were told.

This did not make sense to me. Other students, when questioned, either shut down, did not want to talk much about it, or asked students to give their power and discernment away, by responding, "Don't you believe the teacher knows what is best for you?"

No, I don't.
I believe we can learn in a loving, RESPECTFUL environment. An environment where swearing, threats, hitting, drinking until drunk, in front of adults and children, is something that, in their lingo, "the universe can provide if you manifest it" is what took place too many times, in my opinion. If our reality is a choice, then the choice to teach students in a loving, respectful manner was also something that, as is claimed, the universe can provide if you manifest it.

In that school, I did not see that the teacher manifested the choice to teach in a loving, respectful manner, on a consistent basis. Because those things just mentioned, did occur, then they are responsible for it.

I left. They lost a sincere, longtime student, and I know I am only one of many. It is my personal desire that more of us continue to connect, across the globe, and this forum is just one way to do that.

I have FACTNet to thank, for helping me out of the ditch. I read the posts there, and met many people that educated me FREE. To them, I owe sincere gratitude. All of them.

Thank you !