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Shaolin Weapon

Check out this site for real Combat Wing Chun Kung Fu

Lineage: Yip Man > Ho Kam Ming and advanced Shaolin

Weapponry system from Master Sonny Le.


Re: Shaolin Weapon

Welcome combatfight, the wingchun site is nice.

Weapons training has always been part of all kung fu curriculum. Weapons training help develop muscle coordination, proper posture, cardio, strength and flexibility.

Martial weapons training application in actual self defense can be adopted to other available materials that can be use as a weapon example the sword, broadswords & sai can be substituted with a stick or baseball bat. Kwan dao, spear, trident or any long weapons can be substituted with any available pole or if one is proficient in pole weapons then no adoptation is needed it will be a matter of understanding and absorbing the weapons training and know how to execute them naturally and instinctively.