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Re: Re: Wuzu Quan USA


Wuzu Quan USA

Hi Dan

I have found an shifu teaching chee kim thong lineage wuzuquan in Mobile AL. He is USA delegate of International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Union. His name is John Grahame, do you know him?

Re: Wuzu Quan USA

Hi Nigel

Yes, I know Sifu John not personally but as an acquintance. I believe he is the vice Chairperson of International South Shaolin Wu Zu Quan Union of Quanzhou, China.

Re: Re: Wuzu Quan USA

We are learning Chee Kim Thong Wu Zu and Pa Kua as practised by the monks at Quanzou. I am starting a Wuzu class in Tampa FL.

Re: Wuzu Quan USA

USA Kong Han Ohio USA under head coach Jeff Yang has officially open a school that teaches traditional ngo cho kun.

Here is an old video of what traditional ngo cho kun is.


notice trhe numerous scissor kicks and mobility especially the pair fighting 1 vs 2.