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Self defense and the body

When we talk about martial self defense the immediate thought is that it is about fighting against another person.

But in reality, in ngo cho kun the first self defense that is being emphasized is protecting one self against internal threat, threat from bacteria, diseases, viruses and all kinds of germs that would be attacking our body system more often then ever.

The first thing we want to do in ngo cho kun is to learn how to stay healthy and the first area that we want to concentrate on is our internal organs. It is about keeping our internal organs beautiful and strong.

A healthy body will eventually allowed one to develop good martial skill that can be use to fight & defend against external threats.

This aspect has always been neglected by many martial schools, that is why in ngo cho kun the forms alone like sam chien which concentrate a lot on deep breathing and muscle tensioning is primarily to help develop our “qi” or internal strength that would help keep our internal organs healthy.

This principle has been the main focus of ngo cho kun for centuries and now many health clubs are cashing in on health conscious people by introducing all kinds of work outs that promised a healthy body the only difference between traditional ngo cho kun training and modern health clubs is that health clubs focuses on building a beautiful shape body neglecting the internal aspects and the external self defense areas.