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Ngo Cho Kun in Chicago IL USA

Hi guys nice web site. I was wondering if you might now of any Ngo Cho Kun sifus who teach in Chicago. How far is Ngo Cho Kun kwoon from Quezon city because im visiting this winter and would like to witness it first hand very much. Thanks and take care

Re: Ngo Cho Kun in Chicago IL USA

I do not think there is any ngo cho kun club in Chicago I know there is one in New Jersey under Sifu Boni Lim.

Quezon City is not that far from Manila, depends where in QC you are. I suggest before you decide to visit Kong Han in Manila call in first.

944 Zacateros Street Sta. Cruz, Manila City

Re: Ngo Cho Kun in Chicago IL USA

Konghan main is only 1 hour from QC. and is located at 944 zacateros st sta cruz mla