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There are about 18 long weapons they are:
1. 5 foot pole form
2. liu xing kun (meteor pole)
3. 7 foot pole form
4. Peddler staff
5. Kwandao
6. Mountain trident
7. Horse cutting knife
8. Spear
9. Halbred ( Axe in long pole)
10. Snake spear
11. Spade
12. Pick spear
13. "Ti tah" (rake)
14. three pointed spade spear
15. 15 foot long pole
16. Hook spear
17. Ice pick spear
18. Broadbalde spear

Also there are about 17 short weapons they are:
1. Single saber (tandao)
2. Double saber (two handed left and right)
3. Broadsword (tadao)
4. Thirteen steel knuckle bat
5. Kwai (tofan)
6. Sai
7. Straight sword
8. Umbrella
9. Double tiger hook
10. Nine sectional steel ship
11. Three sectional staff
12. Shield and short sword
13. Double war axe
14. Double short spear
15. Butterfly knife
16. Steel fan
17. Short steel tape

Weapon training is base on traditional actual combat fighting techniques. Now a days weapon training has been regulated into becoming a form of physical fitness in helping toning the body muscles.

For serious martial artist it is the preservation and achieving extra ordinary human fighting skill and discipline in mind, body and spirit that would make him or her a very unique person.