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Ngo cho kun and san shou

Applying the Five Ancestor Fist of:

1. crane = hand techniques of whipping power and chin na, takedown techniques ( jab, one-two combination punches, leg grabbing)
2. monkey fist = quickness, mobility and agility ( moving side to side, fustrating your opponent and keeping him /her off balance from landing a good shot)
3. Ta cho = powerful kicks (round house to the thigh, side kick, counter leg sweeping and taking down opponent after grabbing their legs)
4. Lohan = fast and good footwork (staying light, and fast move in and out, hit and run)
5. Da Mo = energy focusing and control ( penetrating strikes that would knock your opponent down with either a punch or kick or stunt them)

All this are powerful tools to become succesful in san shou competition.