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techniques in sam chien

Some practical fighting techniques that I have learned in sam chien are the following:

1. openning fist (qi kun) guard against a front kick
2. guard and counter against low round house kick
3. double high block follow with arm lock
4. kung fu salute = "shutting the door"(pull head in and punch
5. double knife hand thrust to armpit or dig into colar bone thenpull
6. escaping from wrist grab
7. elbow break
8. double low block follow with kick
9. elbow strike
10. kneck break
11. inside block-chop to neck-slice hand (ch'yat)to kidnet area.
12. escaping from bear hug grab from behind

Re: techniques in sam chien

Guard against front and round house kick; use the left hand to redirect or cushion the impact of the kick and with the right hand simoultaneously, striking the shin using the knife hand technique.