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Sam chien

SAm chien can be done in two ways;
1. full muscle tensioning combine with powerful movements, this method is design mainly to enhance the muscle memory to stay on alert for combat purposes. The deep breathing in coordination with sam chien movements help develop the internal energy and strengthen the internal oragns to withstand blows and shock.
2. The other method is light and done in circular and rythmic motion in conjunction with breathing and sam chiem movements. This is more design for people who are targetting mainly for physical health. People who are in their 50+ years of age is more suited for this it is also good for maintaining internal organs and give it a good overhaul once in awhile.

Re: Sam chien

Sam chien is the beginning and the end, constant training of sam chien will have long term health benefits and improve internal strength or "qi". SAm chien is another qi kung exercise at its extremist form.

Other chien forms are: tien te lin chien, tien kwan chien and sam chien sip di. Sam chien sip di is the most versatile chien forms. It is almost the combination of di sip kun and sam chien.

Re: Qi kong exercise

The essence of sam chien is that it is also a "qi kong" (internal strength) exercise. Breathing and control mild tension movement will help develop proper control and focusing of energy and stimulate internal organs.

Re: Re: Sam chien for beginners

Many first time ngo cho kun students when introduce to sam chien have diffulty understanding its concept becuase majority of students are expecting more of a direct approach in self defense.

What they don't understand is that, just like building a house it has to start with architectural drawings first, then designing and planning the structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, interiors, exteriors and the finishing touches to have a strong livable and bueatiful house that will last for years. In short, long term effect.

That is what sam chien is, developing the foundation, strengthening the internal organs and developing external power, structure, muscle alignment, coordination, concentration, balance and focusing and vitality.

Without a strong sam chien it will be difficult to execute a fighting technique.

Knowing a technique will be useless if one can not apply that technique properly and effectively.