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Training routine for the first 4 months for beginners (base on 3x a week program)

Twice a week; plan 1

1. warm up exercises that include joint twisting; shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
2. stretching; none ballistic this means holding a stretch for about 30 seconds.
3. push ups
4. kicking drill; front, side, round and axe kicks.
5. punching drill; single punching, one-two punching combo
6. kick-punch drill
7. bag work, full power punching and kicking
8. sam chien 5x
9. sam chien two person set 5x
10. tien te chien 2x
11. di sip kun 5x
12. di sip kun set drill 5x

Once a week:
1. kah goh ki (forearm conditioning)
2. everything on plan 1 reduce by 1/2
Once a month:
1. contact sparring (30 minutes)
2. all bag and sparring drill workouts.