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Alliance For A Clean Environment offers this forum, open to the public, as an opportunity to discuss concerns, issues, questions, advice, opinions and comments relating to environmental issues.

Speak out about the negative effect pollution has had on you and those closest to you.

Express your thoughts to those who are making the decisions to allow the pollution into your air, water and soil without any regard for your health and safety.

Offer feedback regarding the ACE website, suggestions for improving it, problems you've encountered, technical or other errors. Your comments are appreciated.

ACE Community Forum
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This is such an important and pressing issue in our community now and it seems as if it is the "grass root" organizations who are the only ones to watch out for our health and our children’s health.

It is so discouraging to see many elected officials put our communities well being second to monetary gain. What price can be put on my child or your child’s health?

I have forwarded your website to other community parties who are working to clean our air/water/environment in hopes that together we can help fight those who think they know what is best for our families. Thank you for providing such an invaluable service to residents of the Pottstown area!