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ACE Community Forum

Alliance For A Clean Environment offers this forum, open to the public, as an opportunity to discuss concerns, issues, questions, advice, opinions and comments relating to environmental issues.

Speak out about the negative effect pollution has had on you and those closest to you.

Express your thoughts to those who are making the decisions to allow the pollution into your air, water and soil without any regard for your health and safety.

Offer feedback regarding the ACE website, suggestions for improving it, problems you've encountered, technical or other errors. Your comments are appreciated.

ACE Community Forum
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Welcome To The ACE Community Forum

This is the new Alliance For A Clean Environment message board. It is here for your convenience and enjoyment.

In an attempt to keep you informed and up to date on ACE activities, we will also, from time to time, post current events, newsletters and action alerts through this forum.

This is your forum, all we ask is that anyone who posts messages use proper decorum. Please respect other posters by refraining from name calling and the use of foul language. You may not agree with what someone is saying, but please respect their right to say it.

Thank you again for participating in the ACE Forum.


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