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ACE Community Forum
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Corrupt Mall owner and city council member Frank Diccico

Dear people,
I am living in a life thretining situatiom having the misfortune of having the new world mall in back of my house ,a mall tha was voted down by a 2/3 majority,a protest 60 strong at the Zoning board that was never presented when the somewhat less than Hounerable Frank Di Cicco entered the board room with an elderlady who said"I think the mall will be good for the neigborhood." The varience was granted,the mall was built,and the neigborhood knows now what it is like to live in hell. The Hallo slop shop is directly in back of my house. They hide a dumpster Filled to overflowing and and clean it with a very strong smelling detergant. The stench is in my home . Last month, the sanitation police removed the dumpster only to have them bring it back the next week.They have been fined several times buy a fine to them is not a deterent just the cost of doing buisness.
Just when I thought it could get no worse, a state inspector gave Mr Robert Riojas tha ok to make a loft on an abandoned gas station and he started it by digging and replacing the sidewalk and removing the stand pipes and the fillvalves but not the tank.
I was over run with mice. Then early January of this year they stopped work for about two weeks leaving the building unattended and their water pipes froze and burst flooding my basement and destroying my heater and hot water heater. my sewer pipe was broken and had to be replaced. I had no heat. or .hot water for 11 days. I could not use my sink tub or toilet etc for 27 days. I was breathing the stench of raw sewege and rotting garbage for 27 days.
I became very ill. I lost bowel and bladder control, and my bload pressure went sky high, I tried to reach mr Rieojas but his phone is disconnected.
Any help in closing these restaraunts will be concidered a blessing
Thank you
William Prince