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Speak out about the negative effect pollution has had on you and those closest to you.

Express your thoughts to those who are making the decisions to allow the pollution into your air, water and soil without any regard for your health and safety.

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ACE Community Forum
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ACE... A detriment to Pottstown

When will ACE realize that all they do is complain and use twisted "facts?" When will they realize they are not welcomed in Pottstown? When will they realize the only people interested in ACE are the people at ACE gatherings?

ACE is viewed in the eyes of many as a negative group of complainers, which is correct.

When will ACE be responsible and admit to being over zealous? I guess it makes them feel good.

Ohhh.... and what happened with DAN DUI WEAND? The Mercury may have put this one under the carpet, but don't think it will not surface soon. The Mayor should be very ashamed, although she was probably acting as "herself" and not the Mayor when she bailed Big Dan out.

Re: ACE... A detriment to Pottstown

How do the cliché’s go??... 'Stones should not be thrown in glass houses'... 'when pointing a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you!'. Everyone has skeletons. WARNING: ya just have to look to find them! -JD

Re: ACE... A detriment to Pottstown

Thank you!
And I'd love to point out that while Occidental has been closed for over a year (a fact which ACE likes to credit itself, which is completely untrue; the plant was just old and production was down), they still continue to have their problems with and petitions against occidental up on their website. Not only that, but they also continue to mention it as one of the main contributors to Pottstown pollution in the beginning of their presentations, which is completely irrelevant seeing as it was shut down. Then, later on in the presentation, they go on to say that THEY have gotten 2 (nonspecific) plants to close down themselves(again, not true), saying it like it was a fantastic thing; do they know that over 200 citizens of Pottstown lost their jobs when it did shut down? I mean really, I thought that cardstacking was something that only that the big bad corporations did.