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Catering helpers

Job vacancy spec...
. Some organizing skills required
. Food shopping experience preferred
. Tea and coffee making necessary
. Ability to work in all weather conditions, including lovely and sunny
Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to all of you that have helped me with the clubs refreshments over the last 8 years. The years and family have move on and for me and its time to pass the clubs catering on to new peops. I have any info you may require to pass on to make life easier , but basically if you can give a few hours, make a cup of tea, a cheese roll and sell crisps and chocolate, you are the person for the job.
Also big thanks to everyone who helped me today with the cross country in Bedford, my last event, brilliant when we all pull together, thanks again,
Alison 😀

Re: Catering helpers

Happy 'retirement' Alison. We are going to miss you. A personal thank you for all those cups of tea and coffee and I shall miss the cookies too. I really hope that we shall see you around occasionally.

Re: Catering helpers


Was hoping to see yoy personally to say thank you from myself

Not only did you did the catering bringing in hundreds of pounds foe the club, no thousands of pounds over the years.
Our biggest take was the chiltern cross country at shuttleworth a few years ago over £1500.
Eyal track events brought over£500 sandy 10 and the list goes on

I am very grateful for all these and more.
You have gladly picked up that tape measure and helped officiate been megans taxi before she could drive etc...................

And now you are doing your exercise regime runs with mandy and until recently sonia

Keep up the exercise. We will miss your warm smiles behind the tea urn and bacon butties

Re: Catering helpers

Awwh thank you Ken, even when you actually asked for a tea and got a coffee, and asked for a coffee and got a tea, whoops!!😂

Re: Catering helpers

Thank you for all your help too, we did raise a few £'s between us all as a team , and I'm still around, it's just time now for a new smile to have a go 😀😀😀