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Club Kit - Sub Committee

Hi All

At every social gathering, race and just when I am trackside I am being hustled about a refresh of our club kit, both for competition and for general wear.

As this seems to be close to a few peoples hearts I propose that we set up a Club Kit Sub Committee. This committee will also help go out to tender and source the best materials to ensure a more comfortable and up to date kit for both on and off the track while ensuring it is affordable.

Already sitting will be; myself, Jamie Webster,Stu Goodwin and Paul Cooke. Who else would like to join us?

I appreciate that Mandie has just put in and is about to put in another order for hoodies etc and I do not anticipate the hoodies to change.

I am not looking for people to comment on here what their suggestions are, I want you to contact me at secretary@biggleswadeac.org.uk if you would like to sit on the sub committee or post below if you want to get involved.


Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

I would be happy to be on the sub committee

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

I would be happy to help too if needed.

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

I may feel it little close to it all ( my eldest daughter was the designer of our current kit)

I was not part of the deciding committee last time because my daughter was part of the submitting competition

However I may he able to help on suppliers as the county AAA team manager I am in regular discussion with current ans potential suppliers of the county kit

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

Do the sub-committee's "terms of reference" for the "kit refresh" include the possibility of changing the colour/pattern/layout of the competition vest?

I.e. If this is changed, will every competitive athlete need to purchase a replacement vest?

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

Discussions haven’t got much further than: who would be up for sitting on a sub-committee? so far.

Wider implications of any changes on the table are definitely something we’ll be keeping at the heart of discussions. It’s clearly something people want us to look at, and that’s all we’re talking about for now.

If nothing else it’s a good opportunity to look around at what’s available in terms of technical kit and to see if we can improve on what we’re offering to members. My instinct is that people want us to look at the fabric first and foremost.

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

Hello, count me in. I would love to help with this.

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

Aren't we getting this the wrong way round.

Surely a Sub Committee is appointed by the Main Club committee, with it's members being appointed by the committee.It then reports to the Main Committee.

It would appear that that this hasn't happened. Then to hear that the sub committee will decide what is to be considered as it goes along is a worry.

Taking this logic further, surely there is nothing to stop any member in the future, setting up a sub committee to discuss any issues/changes.

A very interesting concept!

Re: Club Kit - Sub Committee

It's still extremely early days with this, but there are already three committee members looking to sit on this subcommittee, each of whom have an interest in progress from different angles. Hannah's thread here is to gauge interest from the membership at large.

The specific terms of reference the subcommittee will be working to will, I'm sure, be discussed in due course. It's clear that there are many things that need to be considered, no matter how small any eventual changes end up being, so rest assured that it's not a free-for-all!