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Round Norfolk Relay Thank You

Thank you to the 17 runners that took on Round Norfolk Relay (RNR) over the weekend, it wasn't the best weather that we have had for RNR. Well done to all those that had to run through the strong head winds, rain and muddy conditions.

For those runners that haven’t got their memento from me yet, I will hand this to you, the next time I see you.

Thank you to the support cyclists for providing encouragement to the runners throughout the day and night.

Thank you to the night car drivers for providing light and safety for our runners during the late and early hours.

Thank you all for being at your stages in time, you made my life a lot easier over the weekend and made the weekend a success.

Thank you to Jan for being my assistant timekeeper and taking the reins for 3 stages whilst I was sorting out a deflating issue, you did a grand job with the team. We were spot on with the official timekeepers as well this year.

Thank you to all of you, as you make the RNR special each year for each other and for me. You all make the event easy to manage for me, so I don’t have to stress and make me laugh during the weekend, even when I am struggling to work out the times – due to my lack of sleep.

I hope you all got back home safe and sound.

Hope to see you all and anyone else that wants to give RNR a try next year.

Re: Round Norfolk Relay Thank You

Hi Mate

It was my pleasure,i really enjoyed it

Well done to everyone who took part and helped and of course my wife for bringing me and supporting me at four am on,she is great!

And and a special thanks to charlie for being my support rider and all of the encouragement he gave me.

Also Damien many thanks for the opportunity and thank you for organising it you did a great job (and clearly a lot less stressed than last year :-))

You are all a great bunch and look forward to next year (if not injured or sick)and of course if picked !!?


Re: Round Norfolk Relay Thank You

Well done all, impressive results considering the inclement conditions.