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First of all.....

Really well done to all below for competing and finishing the worlds biggest and toughest half marathon i am proud of you....


Name BIB Club Pos Finish Time Gun/Chip
Neil Harvey 9498 Biggleswade AC 10375 01:56:50 Chip Time
Kathryn Juty 17032 Biggleswade AC 12383 01:59:49 Chip Time
Ricky Byrne 41187 Biggleswade AC 25054 02:21:40 Chip Time
Corinne Calligan 38302 Biggleswade AC 26512 02:24:25 Chip Time
Claire Smyth 41435 Biggleswade AC 34639 02:43:17 Chip Time

Also well done to Luci Shenton who must not have registered as a club runner.

Well this was my 8th time and as normal i have had massive disruption to my training in the lead up (illness/injury) and a persistent mystery injury in my left leg!

But i was determined,as i am going for 10 appearances as my most immediate goal.

And despite injury etc the lure of the toon and my Aunty Joans Chocolate cake was the clincher!!

Forecast was rubbish but 15 degrees and rain was more preferable to previous years where temperatures of 28 degrees prevailed.

I prepped as well as i could,and arrived on clarendon road around 09.40, rammed!

Said my goodbyes and disappeared into a crowd of thousands passing Batman,Elvis,The Flash,Gnomes etc

More toilets this year but queues still horrendous and people (including me) male and female communally casually relieving themselves in the trees and chatting what a great event this is......

I joined my pen and carried out my stretching regime again whilst watching all of the history of GNR on the big screen, people you have never met before having a chat, some nervous as its there first and people inevitably asking "whats it like"?

The excitement was building, wheel chair competitors then elite woman,then LOCAL HERO struck up and here we go 57 thousand people...its amazing and for me as a geordie still makes my hair stand on end,

The race was as tough as normal but with absolutely amazing support from the start to finish, and band after band to entertain.

Saw several celebs,one notable was Davina McCall who at mile 10 was just behind me with the crowd willing her on,but alas the last three miles is very challenging and Davina finished 6500 places behind me,the last three miles can take its toll with many at the finish saying NEVER AGAIN!!

I still think she did well for her first time.

I finished strongly (couldent quite catch MO today!!), time was about what i expected (hopefully next year i will be 100% fit)and seeing the family and getting a mention for the club by a BBC East announcer was a bonus.

Yes i did have a traditional paddle in the NORTH SEA (much to everyones amazement)ate Aunty Joans Pic-nic,then settled down to a 3.5 hour 13 mile journey back to the premier inn.

Guys this is an amazing event and whilst i thought London was superb the GNR SURPASSES (i would say that i suppose), why dont you all give it a go, honestly its an experience you will never forget and i would be surprised if it didnt feature in your top three.

Again well done to the guys and hope they had just as good a time as i always do.

Till next year



Yes, I did run this race for the first time but registered as a runner for The RSPB, who I was fundraising for.
Amazing event, fantastic atmosphere and and I never thought I would get so excited to see the Sea!!
Had support from my family which was great- my husband managed to get a great photo of Mo running by but not his wife 😂
Would definitely recommend this event